SudaneseWoman's Collection
SudaneseWoman's Collection
Authentic Weddings Are Best!
Have you ever been to a wedding where you just cried? Where the bond of love, trust and respect between bride and groom was palpable? I'm talking about a ceremony where your heart was swollen with joy, admiration and love for the two people standing, committing their lives to each other. For forever. That's the kind of wedding I'm talking about. Where, long after the wedding day, you look back, in quiet fondness, and get that unmistakable lump in your throat. All of that, comes not from expert planners, not from designer clothing, not from Michelin Star cuisine, nor does it all come from exotic venues. It comes from the essence of authenticity between bride, groom and guests. It comes from taking the particulars of your wedding and incorporating what's most valuable: your heritage, your traditions, your culture, your faith, your passions.... Nina and Sebastian tied the knot on Masai Mara, a protected territory that, part of the Serengeti, contains that last of the living lions in the wild. It is here that they corralled out-of-town guests to witness their union among the Masai people, the land and the wildlife. By incorporating the customs of the Masai into the wedding, Nina and Sebastian essentially grafted their African life into one that will endure forever through their generations. The point being, if you want a memorable wedding that will leave an indelible mark on those who attended, then you absolutely must be honest and true to what and why you are incorporating. Nina and Sebastian didn't set out for an "African Safari" themed wedding. The were bent, however, on sharing the life they have for the wild that they have lived among the Masai with the people they cherish and love--their family and friends. Since I know you're dying to see the rest of these stunning photos of Nina and Sebastian's wedding, then you MUST check out Jonas Peterson's online journal. The reception pictures and those of the Serengeti wildlife are beyond words. Jonas Peterson is a world-renown photographer based in Australia. If you are interested in contacting him to photograph your wedding or epic event, then you can do so through his website.