Some Books Coming Out in Early 2015
As if I don't have enough lists of books to be read on my hands (see my newly formed collection here if you don't believe me: ), I decided to research what books are coming out in 2015 that I might be keen to read! And, no surprises here, there are a lot! So, here are some of the books I am most looking forward to getting my hands on this year. Did I miss any that you're anticipating? 1. The Darkest Part of the Forest - Holly Black Releasing on January 15, 2015 Basically, it's a twisted fairytale (i.e. the guy is Sleeping Beauty and the knight is a girl!). Sounds pretty good to me? You can read an excerpt here: 2. Etta and Otto and Russell and James - Emma Hooper Releasing in January 2015. This book will tell the tale of a woman, an elderly woman, who decides to walk 2,000 miles to see the ocean for the very first time. It sounds a little unlikely but also like a fun "last adventure" tale I'll enjoy (and likely cry) my way through. 3. Trigger Warning - Neil Gaiman Releasing in February 2015. Apparently, a story of old gods clashing in modern America. It's by Gaiman, so it's a must read for me! 4. We Are Pirates - Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) Releasing February 2015 We Are Pirates is a novel about searching for happiness within and beyond our ordinary lives. It's also about a pirate of sorts named Gwen. I'm in! 5. Visitants - Dave Eggers Releasing March 2015 If there's one thing we know about Eggers, it's that he's seriously traveled the world. This book captures some of the people and stories from his travels, spanning many places including New Zealand, Idaho, Cuba and Thailand as well as Croatia, Egypt and Papua New Guinea. 6. Seveneves by Neal Stephenson Releasing May 2015 A sort of "Noah's Ark" tale, but set 30,000 years in the future, and taking a totally SF approach. I've enjoyed Stephenson's books before, and that's the main reason I'm interested in this one!