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AKUVOX - Smart Intercom Solutions Expert
AKUVOX (XIAMEN) NETWORKS CO., LTD., is a global leading smart intercom manufacturer.  Akuvox is well-positioned to provide overseas mid-to-high end markets with innovative intercom solution.We are recognized as ‘A State Innovation Enterprise’ and owns multiple product designs and technology patents. We are specialized in producing indoor monitor with voice control and android video intercom, such as ip video door phone with Android. Our products and solutions are well received by the market. For example, our Android indoor monitor is one of the few massively-deployed systems on the globe.  Meanwhile, we are the professional smart intercom solution provider. 1.Emergency Intercom Solution Akuvox’s Video Emergency Intercom Solution provides a reliable and secure calling system for people in need of urgent help in public spaces. 2.Home Intercom Solution Akuvox’s apartment intercom entry systems offers not only comprehensive security, but also convenience and comfort of living. 3.Commercial Door Intercom Akuvox’s wired intercom systems for office equips office buildings inside out, enhancing workplace security, reducing management cost and eventually creating a peaceful and convenient working environment. We take pride in the milestones achieved along the way.Our products and solutions are well received by the market. These achievements are deeply rooted in our core values of innovation, quality and service and our vision of opening a smart world with the newest technology. Tel:86-592-2133061 ext.7694/8162 Email:sales@akuvox.com Headquarter:10/F, No.56 Guanri Road, Software Park II, Xiamen 361009, China Hong Kong company:Unit09,20/F,Millennium City 2, 378 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Baggage Scanner Informs Security Workers in Real Time
Baggage scanner has been widely used in security departments as one essential part of the invisible intelligence security system. This actually takes place against the backdrop of terrorism and violence on the increase with the passage of time all over the world. Even though on the micro level, a great deal of measures and procedures have been taken to guard against malignancy, on the macro level, the arrangements of security to control potential hazards still have a lot to improve. With the metal detector for sale on sales, auto lock door practice can be carried out in no time if any security threat is detected so as to help the security workers to distinguish between friend and foe in an easy manner. In many ways, a baggage scanner system is similar to a smart security system that is flexible in the handling of such situations as purposeful blasts and suicides attacks that may result from terrorism. As a matter of fact, in the eyes of a number of security experts, a security inspection equipment is one of the unique ways to operate metal sensors in a secretive way. To be more specific, a xray baggage scanner is mainly composed of an infra red transmitter and the electric gates at the closing or opening port is installed with an infra red receiver so that a baggage is scanned and its owner has no idea of what is going on. This is because advanced baggage scanner, unlike previous massive scanning systems that is installed at the entrance gate of an organization or a port, is simply invisible to a human eye so the scanning results can be more reliable. What is more, a baggage scanner machine system will automatically scan a piece of baggage while it is passing above an array of metal detectors that are installed beneath the ground of the gate. As a matter of fact, if any kind of metal or even weapon is detected, a baggage scanner system will not be opened and alarms will be set aloud until the security guards come. This is also true with the discovery of any radioactive material since the gate will remain closed as the reprisal against the possible danger or hazard. On the other hand, when a friend enters the gate, the baggage inspection will automatically recognize and make use of his or her password and send signals to open the gate immediately. Within a certain organization, any changes of the baggage scanner technique which would be informed in real time to ensure one hundred percent security and there is a kind of manuscript every day in order to address any practical or technical issues concerning the baggage scanner.
Portable Metal Detector Brief Introduction to You
As is known to all, sensitivity is the most parameter to decide the quality of a x-ray security machine. A high sensitivity means a strong detecting ability. And the best portable metal detector can even detect 0.13g gold metal. As a metal detector specially designed for security, portable metal detector is convenient. The convenient hand-held metal detectors own special surface. It can detect large areas quickly with high scanning speed and extremely high sensitivity. The shell of the portable metal detector adopts ABS engineering plastics, which results its strong antiknock capacity and light weight. It can detect all kinds of metal objects hidden on human’s bodies, including jewelry, electric components and parts. It is easy to use it. Firstly, you should open the power switch, and when you hear “beep”, it indicates that the portable metal detector is on, and at the same time, the green light will lighten. If the green light does not lighten, it means that there is no battery or the battery contacts badly. If the detector sounds continuously or vibrates continuously, it means that you should change new battery. After turning on the portable metal detector, you should handle the handle and detect around the checked objects. The luggage inspection will vibrate or sound when there are metal objects, and the green light will turn to red light at the same time. Stop detecting and the red light turns to the green one, and alarm or vibration will stops at once. This portable metal detector is artificial intelligent. You can conduct low sensitivity test when you want to exclude the metal objects with small sizes. What you need to do is to press the low sensitivity switch and detect around suspicious objections by handling it. When there exists large size metal objects, the detector will alarm and vibrate, and its green light will turn to red one. Apart from it, you can adjust the sensitivity of portable metal detector. Using a small slot type screwdriver to rotate a small hole in the handle until it arrives your satisfaction. Portable cheap metal detectors is a development product of metal detectors. I am sure that it will be improved better and better.
Brief Introduction of Hand Metal Scanner
Hand metal scanner is used to scan metal objects. It can scan weapon, bomb, little pieces of metal objects hidden in parcel, baggage, mail, letter, fabric carried by people. It owns extremely high sensitivity and can be used in many places, including in prison, hospital, bus station, airport, examination room, etc. Compared with other airport luggage scanner, hand digital walkthrough metal detector has light weight and simple structure, making it easy to be carried at any time. It is used to check the specific location of the metal objects carried by human bodies. It can also be used matching with metal detector equipment. When other fixed detector equipment discovers metal objects, by using hand metal scanner, security inspection department can uses it to find the exact location of the hidden metal objects. This hand metal scanner adopts rectangular detection head. When scanning human bodies, it can accomplish the inspection quickly, which saves time. It is quiet easy to be operated Hand metal scanner . Before using, you should open the battery compartment cover of the hand metal scanner first, and then place battery into the X-ray baggage inspection system cover. Please make sure that the battery you put is 9V. Hand metal scanner costs a little battery, and each new battery can be used for 50 hours. When the battery is not enough for work, the machine will alarm and remind us to change new battery. When using, security staff should hold the handle, and press the starting key, then loosen it. At this time, the signal lamp of hand metal scanner is lightening, which indicates that the machine has entered working state. Security staff handles the machine and scan the back and forth of human bodies, and if there are metal objects on bodies, the machine will alarm. After finishing checking work, users should press the key to turn off hand metal scanner, in case of battery waste. However, apart from scanning metal objects, handheld metal detector can also judge different sizes of the metal objects. Human are dull at distinguishing changes of volume, and are kind of sensitive to distinguish tonal changes. According to this situation, hand metal scanner is designed to make users judge the size of metal objects easily. When the machine gives out deep sound, it means that there exists a small metal object, like buckle; if it sounds extremely shrill, it means that there must exists a large metal objects, like gun, dagger. As a kind of metal scanner, baggage scanners is much more convenient than other metal scanners. This convenient hand metal scanner is more accurate than fixed security door. It uses the principle of electro-magnetic induction, which is reliable to ensure safety. Through electro-magnetic inducting to metal objects, it can give an alarm by acousto-optic alarm, vibration, and earphone. With hand metal scanner‘s obvious advantages including high sensitivity, light weight, little energy consumption, and other advantages, I am sure that it will have a bright prospect and will be improved greatly in the near future.