Superhero Workouts
Superhero Workouts
Work Out Like Spider-Man
Last time I made a workout for Deadpool, so it only makes sense to make a Spider-Man workout. They are bros after all. Spider-man was bit by a radioactive spider, which gave him some pretty nifty powers, but that doesn't mean he can skip the gym. I don't know if anyone out there is trying to fit into a Spider-Man suit, but if you are, you definitely need to check this out! And if this isn't enough for you, check out the rest of my superhero workouts. The Workout Lots of legs, abs, and arms for this routine. Swinging around on a web would probably require a lot of arm and core strength, so it only makes sense to focus on those areas. And you need strong legs to be able to jump off buildings like Spider-Man does! If your gym has a rock wall, add that to your weekly routine to diversify your workout. Pro Tip To bulk up for Amazing Spider-Man 2, Andrew Garfield's trainer had him doing Olympic lifts almost every day, doing workouts that incorporated all of his muscle groups at once instead of focusing on one at a time. To begin with he would come in and do stretching and warm-up exercises and then we would move into a very heavily weighted exercise, usually an Olympic lift. It was always very multi-functional, so there was nothing like a regular bench press or shoulder press—the whole body was being used. After doing something very heavy we would then move into several sets of different types of exercises, changing the levels of difficulty. One move would be fairly hard and then the next would be of medium difficulty, then we would do bodyweight exercises toward the end. Finally we would close out with core and abs work. (Via). The Music This song is amazing. Totally gets you moving. The Cool-Down Finally, make sure you treat yourself after the workout. You'll need to re-hydrate and replenish essential vitamins and proteins. This tangy smoothie should help! INGREDIENTS: 4 – 6 kale leaves 1 banana (frozen is best) 1 handful of strawberries (Yes, even the tops. The more green the better!) 1 handful of blueberries 1 large orange (juice first if desirable) 1 cup (235 ml) unsweetened almond milk DIRECTIONS: Peel orange and Juice before adding it into the smoothie. If you decide to not to juice the orange, the smoothie will still be delicious but a bit more pulpy. Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend, serve and enjoy! Happy workouts everyone!
How to Work Out Like Deadpool
It's been a little while since I posted a superhero workout, so I thought I'd do one for one of Vingle's favorite Marvel characters: Deadpool. The merc with a mouth has a body that regenerates, but that means he probably has to do a lot to keep himself in peak physical condition. New muscles need a workout! Luckily, there's a great workout for Deadpool (and those of us who just wish we had his abs). Follow my Superhero Workouts collection so you don't miss the next one! The Workout If you want to diversify your normal routine, check out this Deadpool-themed workout! You'll get a well-rounded session, and because a few of these techniques are uncommon (reverse plank kicks and seagulls for example), you can get a more intense workout. Pro Tip Early in his career, Ryan Reynolds (who is playing Deadpool in the upcoming movie) said that he was very unhealthy in his habits, but that diversifying his workout helped him achieve his fitness goals. He also begins and ends every workout with an ab circuit (you can see the technique here- it's the second image on this block). The Music Because we all know Deadpool listens to upbeat pop music. Blast this in your headphones the next time you lift. The Cool-Down In true Wade Wilson style, you should definitely treat yourself to a chimichanga! Check out this recipe for a healthier version of this favorite dish (via): 10 brown rice tortillas or whole wheat 1 pound lean ground turkey or beef 1 cup chopped onion 1 cup mushrooms, sliced 1 garlic clove, minced 1 teaspoon dried oregano 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cup tomato sauce 1 cup shredded Mexican Blend style cheese, reduced fat Optional: 1-2 teaspoons chili powder Instructions Preheat oven to 350 degrees. [Skip this step if not using brown rice tortillas] Saute brown rice tortillas until softened, using non stick cooking spray in a saute pan, set aside. Spray a baking sheet with nonstick cooking spray. Set aside. In a saute pan, add ground turkey, onion, garlic, mushroom and cook until meat is browned. Stir tomato sauce into the beef and veggies, add oregano and chili powder if using. Bring sauce to a boil, reduce heat and simmer about 5 minutes until sauce thickens. Remove from heat and set aside. Spoon about a 1/2 cup of filling down center of each tortilla. Add cheese to each. Fold in sides and roll up to enclose filling. Bake for 20-30 minutes until crispy. Top with salsa, scallions, or tomatoes. Wo-hoo! You're officially ready to start kicking some serious butt.
Work Out Like Hawkeye
Last time @buddyesd requested a Hawkeye workout, and I'm happy to oblige! Often, it feels like Hawkeye doesn't get enough credit. Sure, he doesn't have any powers, and he's running around with a string and a stick from the paleolithic age. But, he keeps up with the Avengers anyhow. Totally normal guy, in good enough shape to run with a super soldier, a Hulk, and a man in a metal suit. Yeah, you wish you were on his level. Fortunately, this workout is here to help you get there! This card is part of my Superhero Workouts Collection, follow so you don't miss the next one! The Workout Another routine from darebee, this is a great full-body workout. This is definitely the kind of routine you want to be doing if you're planning on keeping pace with a bunch of super-powered heroes. Your core will be engaged, and you won't be sacrificing attention from your legs and arms. If this workout feels like it's pushing the edges your endurance, maybe you need to adjust your diet... Pro-Tip Jeremy Renner, who's played the character in two movies, has had to keep in shape for the role. He also recommends eating five times a day instead of three, and drinking lots of water to speed up your metabolism. Here's a sample of one day's meals: 8.AM: 3-4 egg omelet cooked in coconut oil, avocado and orange slices. 11.AM: Apple slices, mixed nuts. 2.PM: Grilled chicken breast, sweet potato, spinach and protein shake. 5.PM: Green salad, cheese, unsalted mixed nuts. 9.PM: Turkey burger, salad, broccoli and salad. Lean meats with fruits and vegetables are the way to go! Workout still feel like a drag? The Music This song will definitely get you in the Hawkeye head space. Yeah. The guy really likes arrows. He's really good at hitting things with them. And of course you have something awesome to look forward to when you're all done... The cool-down No, not pizza. If you're like me, getting all those veggies into one day can be kind of challenging. So definitely check out this smoothie recipe! It's got lots of vitamins, and it's Hawkeye's signature color too! Recipe: ½ cup raspberries ½ cup blackberries 1 large banana 1-1/2 cup red cabbage, chopped ½ cup red beets, chopped ½ cup baby spinach ½ cup Chobani greek yogurt (plain non-fat) ¼ cup Simply Orange Mango juice (or any other flavor you like) 1 cup water Are you ready to walk out that door and be an Avenger? Heck yeah! Happy workouts Vingle!
How to Work Out Like Loki
I really liked doing a Catwoman-inspired workout last week, so I decided to keep up with the villain trend and design a workout routine based on everyone's favorite trickster, Loki. He's not a character known for his brute strength, but Loki's no slouch either. This workout is designed to increase flexibility, so it will definitely bring out the devious villain in you! I've got a whole collection of superhero-themed workouts, follow so you don't miss a card! The Workout Like I said, Loki isn't all about brute strength- that's his brother Thor. But Loki is incredibly powerful. He's the kind of opponent that knows how to use the strength that he has with precise skill. A good way to balance this routine is with a cardio workout during the week. Running or cycling will get your heart rate up, and increase your stamina so that you can get the most out of your workouts. Or you can do this routine really fast with no breaks- your heart will really be pumping after that! Protip To prepare for the role, Hiddleston explored a variety of workouts to make sure the experience was never dull. His favorites: yoga, rock climbing, hiking, and dancing. Scheduling one day to cool down was also essential: giving his body a day of rest triggered the healing process for his muscles, which made them much stronger. The Music So we all know Loki is a bad guy, right? Has his heart set on world domination, plus a lot of confusing baggage regarding his family. If you really want to channel his attitude, check out this bad-girl pop anthem. The Cool-Down After a taxing workout, treat your body to a comforting bath. Cool water will accelerate your metabolism, but hot water will ease tension, so decide which is best for you. These bath bombs are actually Loki-themed, so you can even bathe like the Crown Prince of Mischief! I hope you enjoy your devious new workout routine! Let me know if you have any requests in the comments. :D @buddyesd @loftonc16 @PC15 @OhmaCharly I hope you like this.