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Ghost In The Shell Live Action Movie!
Hey Everyone! @nimm14 here bring you some special news! This will probably be a relatively short card, but hopefully it will answer all your questions! So let's get this party rolling! Media Monsters Squad CEO: @amobts Media Monsters Team: @Qilin94 @KokoroNoTakara @Helixx @Thekreviewer @nimm14 Monster Bloggers: @PrettieeEmm @SimplyAwkward @BBxGD @VeronicaArtino @CynthiaForeman Executive Media Team @stevieq @@SugaKookieV None of these images belong to Media Monsters Writer @nimm14, Lead Anime Monster Earlier this month the official trailers for the live action movie "Ghost in the Shell" were realised. This movie is based on the 1995 anime "Ghost in the Shell" and has well known actress Scarlett Johansson starting as the main protagonist, Motoko Kusanagi. So far I have high hopes for this movie. Though being made in the U.S. it has promise. Let's hope this movie is good and not a flop like others of its kind. Trailer: "Ghost in the Shell" 2017 I hope this card was informative! If you have any questions please comment them down below and I will get you an answer as soon as possible! Media Monsters Taglist A: @AaliyahNewbell @AshleiRyals B: @BTSxEXO  @Bangtanss C: @CandyApple22 D: @deeeDUH E: @EvilGenius  @EmilyGardner F: @FalseLove @Foxxyjinxx J: @JessyRay19 @jungkooknovieka @JohnEvans @JasmineGregory K: @kouvarisb @KassiIverson @kimchikpop @KwonOfAKind L: @LadyL  @Leolaring M: @Mightymuffin @merryjayne13 @mbg3t @mycreativename @MelissaGarza @mrsax2018 @MorganAlys N:@nimm14 @normabm7 P: @PierceHorizon R:@requiem101 V: @Vay754 Y:  @YessicaCardenas Z: @ZakariahForbes @ZoilaObregon DO NOT COPY TAGLIST If you want to be removed please message us and we will untag you! If you want to be added comment below! My Taglist @LuffyNewman @KurosakiJess @HunnaBallue @ChrisStephens @DevilsSon @OtakuDemon10 @doggyrainbow88 @hikaymm @AimeBolanos
A Bionic Magic King Original Draft: Taking Care of Nagato!
*Mutsu and Nagato have just arrived back at home after protecting the Eastern Coast of the Tokyo Area from an Abyssal defense mission to find Zakku who also just returned from a Land mission that involved him Slaying a large Zodiac Gastrea that threatened a local village, Zakku walks down the Hallway in his robes with the top halfway down to the bathhouse, Nagato and Mutsu turn the corner of the hallway and they are now staring at incredibly toned and muscular body, They both blush* *Mutsu looks at a Beet red Nagato and says* Whoa Hottie alert, He looks so toned what do you say we go spy on him in the Bath* Nagato begins to freak out* A-are you crazy that would be an incredibly shameless thing to do!*Mutsu whispers into Nagato's ear* I have an ever better idea, Why don't we have a little game of Rock paper scissors whoever loses best two out of three has to go in and ask to help wash his back, Come on this is the perfect opportunity to get closer to him, let's do it it'll be good for you!* *They both start their little game Mutsu wins the first game and Nagato wins the second game, They are both focused on this final round, Nagato Loses the last round, Mutsu smiles devilishly in defeat* Looks like he's all yours for tonight come on let's go get you ready* Mutsu grabs Nagato's arm and takes her to her room* *Zakku is sitting on a stool washing his hair when he hears a knock on the door, Nagato and Mutsu are standing outside the door* Come on Nagato you're adorable, I've always been jealous of you and a bit jealous of the Admiral since before we met him, you always saw his attacks through to success and there he is standing inside that very room, if you don't take this opportunity I'll do it!* Nagato is nervous* Are you sure I can do this, I haven't taken a Bath with a man before* Mutsu replies* Just don't think about that, try having a conversation and mention the Back thing, I'm sure he'll say it's alright, he's taken baths with a couple of the his wives, remember?* *Mutsu looks at a nervous Nagato with a smile as she walks in*Do your best, I'll be waiting* inside her mind she says* I'll let you have this moment with him to yourself, I'll have my moment with him soon, I want you to see how gentle he is, you don't have to be so nervous around him. *Nagato opens the door quietly and steps in, She sees Zakku washing his hair, she nervously moves closer and taps Zakku's shoulder, Zakku jumps out of his skin and turns around* Nagato, This is a surprise is there anything you need to talk about?*Zakku smiles Cheerfully* You don't have to be so shy, ask away. *Zakku sits motionless on his stool with his eyes closed, Nagato notices the scars on his body* *Nagato opens her mouth to speak when she also looks and see that Zakku has his eyes closed* Um... can...can I.. Would you allow me to....wa-wa-wash your back* Zakku opens his eyes to see a very nervous Nagato hiding her face behind a washcloth, His mind is wandering* She's usually so domineering when it comes to battle, but looking at her nowadays she's been incredibly shy when she's around me, she doesn't need to be I don't mean any harm* Zakku replies* Sure I don't mind the help, if you want I can keep my eyes closed thru the whole thing that way you wouldn't get any more nervous* Nagato pulls the washcloth down to her eyes and inches closer, Her nervousness seems to fade little by little, in her mind* He's gonna keep his eyes closed? That's pretty sweet to be honest, but How did the women wash his back when they were in here with him? What body wash does he like?* *Zakku gently calls out* If you're wondering which body wash is my favorite it's the one to my right called MAXE Snakeskin Exfoliating gel* Nagato looks over and grabs the body wash, she reaches out and slips in a puddle, Zakku hears her slip and quickly catches her, Nagato is now burning up due to embarrassment**Zakku looks down at Nagato and asks* Are you alright Nagato? You look red and you're burning up! Hang on I'll go get my spare robes* Zakku quickly goes and gets dressed and brings in his spare robes and wraps them around Nagato and Carries her to his room, He passes Mutsu on the way out, Mutsu smiles and laughs in her mind* She really is a nervous wreck when it comes to Him, it's pretty adorable to watch!* Zakku carries Nagato to his room and lays her on his bed and he feels her forehead for a fever, he gets burnt* Owowowow, that's definitely a fever, and a high one at that! I'll be right back* Zakku exits his room in a hurry and Mutsu slows him down* Oh hey Mutsu, can you do me a favor and grab some pajamas from my closet and help her into them, I mean I wouldn't mind doing it myself but I'm trying to hold back the urge for her sake!* Mutsu nods her head and walks towards Zakku's room* Look at You Nagato, despite being incredibly nervous you somehow got him wrapped around your finger...* *Zakku returns with small cloths and a bucket of water just as soon as Mutsu is done dressing Nagato* Alright I think I have everything I need here!*Zakku dips the cloth in the water and puts it on her forehead, Mutsu smiles as she watches Zakku take care of Nagato * He's could be such a perv some of the time, but he is still a sweet, loving and caring person, I can't wait till I have time alone with him.* Zakku looks at Mutsu and smiles* Thanks for your help! I have a small question I'd like to ask?* Mutsu replies* Go ahead, fire away!* Zakku asks* What is Nagato's favorite thing to drink?* Mutsu replies* Hmm, her favorite drink... Ahh she likes Warm Lemon Tea with a little ginseng in it!* Zakku asks again* How about soup? I thought I'd make both to make her feel better!* Mutsu replies* She does like Niko Niku Ramen... alot.* Zakku applies the second cold compress to Nagato's forehead and exits the room* Lemon Ginseng Tea and Niko Niku Ramen, huh? Alright Let's get cookin.* Mutsu sits bedside with Nagato and looks down at her* He'll be back soon. He's got a surprise for you to make you feel better!* *Zakku is in the kitchen gathering ingredients for Niko Niku Ramen and Lemon Ginseng Tea, He begins to prepare the Tea and he begins to bring each pot to a boil* *Zakku is hard at work on the Ramen when Akio walks in, Zakku Takes notice, Akio notices Zakku has a concerned look about him* Is everything alright, Beloved?* Zakku replies* Yea I'm alright, Nagato just suddenly fell ill in the bathhouse right after asking me if she could wash my back, and after she grabbed the the body wash she slipped and and I caught her. After that she just began burning up with, my guess she was quite nervous being in the room with me she just fainted.* Akio replies* I see you were very worried about her health, so amidst all you panic and Concern decided to make her something to feel better* Zakku replies* Exactly, Since you're here would you like to give me your opinion on this Niko Niku Ramen, it's Nagato's favorite food and this is my first time making it* Zakku Holds out a sample of the broth for Akio, she leans in and tastes it* This is incredible Zakku, I think you perfected the flavor, the meat looks like it would melt in your mouth. Hmmm how about I help with the presentation* Akio pulls out a Green onion and begins to chop it up and sprinkles it on top of of the finished product* Alright that'll do it, how does it look Zakku* Zakku looks down at the Ramen* Thank you for the help, Akio, you are the best ever!* Akio blushes* I didn't really do anything* Zakku kisses Akio on the forehead* That's not true, you've done alot for me and I really would like to return some of my love to you when you have a moment of your time* Akio leans in and whispers * I'll be waiting for that moment, you might get a special surprise from me* Akio winks and kisses Zakku on the cheek* I love you Zakku* I love you too Akio!* Zakku puts the bowl of Ramen and the Tea on a tray and he looks back at Akio* I'll be looking forward to spending time with you Beautiful!* Zakku leaves the Kitchen and heads down the hallway to his room* *Mutsu is sitting beside with Nagato, when Nagato begins to open her eyes, Mutsu smiles and say* Evening sleepyhead, have a nice nap? *Nagato feels something cool on her forehead and then she looks at what she's wearing and she blushes, Mutsu says* Don't worry I was that put these clothes on you, Zakku was the one who was changing your cold compresses for the most part, He left to make a surprise for you* Nagato opens her mouth and replies* A surprise f-for me?!?* Mutsu replies* Yep just for you I took the liberty of telling him some of your favorite things you liked since he asked first because he was concerned about you. He really is a genuine gentleman!* Nagato's mind* I wonder what the surprise could be! What did he make?* Zakku knocks on the door and enters, Nagato's smells something heavenly, Zakku notices Nagato is awake* How are you feeling Nagato?* Nagato replies shyly* I feel a little better.* Zakku looks at Nagato and replies* Thank goodness, you gave me a scare in there I almost didn't know what to do so I had Mutsu help me out, by dressing you up in my spare pajamas* Nagato replies* Yea... she told me that, thank you for telling her* Mutsu Slowly and quietly leaves the room* Go for it Nagato, you know have his undivided attention!* Zakku looks Nagato and says* I made a surprise for you, I asked Mutsu what some of your favorite were and she gave me an idea* Zakku opens the lid of the tray and the smell of Niko Niku Ramen and Lemon Ginseng Tea fills the the room and Nagato's eyes widen* This is?* Zakku replies* Yep I made you your favorite Tea and Your favorite food Niko Niku Ramen!* Nagato's heart begins to race* *Nagato's mind is racing* He did all this for me?! He made my favorite drink and my favorite food just to make me feel better. Not only that when I fainted from nervousness he carried me here and he did the gentleman thing to do and Asked Mutsu to help with the clothes! Maybe he isn't as bad as he seems* Nagato smiles shyly* Thank you Admiral* Zakku replies* Sure no problem, How does the Ramen taste?* Nagato takes her chopsticks and takes a piece of meat and puts it in her mouth, her eyes light up* This is Absolutely Incredible, the most amazing Niko Niku Ramen I've ever had, He really is amazing* Nagato finishes her bowl of Ramen fairly quickly* Zakku looks at Nagato and asks* Did you enjoy it?* Nagato replies* It was very good thank you for making it, you really are a nice person* Zakku looks at His watch and looks at Nagato* Alright Let's check and see if your fever went down* Zakku puts a hand on his forehead and her forehead* Hmm it's still faint, and I just ran out of cloth I'll be right back* Suddenly without thinking Nagato Springs up behind him and hugs him shyly* Don't go I don't like being alone by myself, I don't know why I just did this but I don't want you to leave!* Zakku looks down at Nagato and smiles* Alright, I'll stay with you for however long you need me too.* Nagato blushes as she smiles shyly* *Nagato* I Love you Admiral... *Zakku* I love you too Hey Guys I'm sorry I've been on a Hiatus from writing, and I've been working on Packing up and moving to my new apartment and starting a new chapter in my Life... A 4 year university!! Anyway I hope you Enjoyed reading this little Story I've written!! Tagging: @Aimebolanos @Boinx @NeckoNecko @SimplyAwkward @SAMURXAI @SimoneSanders @littlemaryk @DestinyAgnew @SaveNatsu @ElaineMcGarden
The BIG Truth Behind The Recent AMAs Kiss
"Keep going!" they said... It was the most unexpected ending at the American Music Awards however there's a truth behind every story. This past Sunday at the AMAs, Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor had a huge make-out sesh at the end of their "Marvin Gaye" performance. It was SO long and SO awkward that it's still being talked about while trending on every social media platform known to man. The big reason for all of the hype is because it was completely unexpected! "I wanted it to be a quick thing, but [the show's producers] kept yelling in my ear 'Keep going! Keep going!' And I wasn't going to back off... I didn't want it to look awkward," Puth says. "Maybe in theory I should have done that." In an interview with Fuse, Puth confessed that he thought it was going to be a quick kiss and that would be that. Trainor originally came up with the idea to have the two of them kiss inspired by creative direction. However he didn't want a kiss to spark relationship rumors and completely overshadow the performance...which it did. "[But] I got the idea of what they were going for in terms of the creative direction, and it just made sense to tie it all together. I realized that that’s why I made 'Marvin Gaye.’ I made it for people to instantly react and feel like they’re falling in love with each other.” Though Puth was "irked" by the insane media coverage over the kiss, he was "so happy with the performance." "We both looked at each other and thought, ‘Well, we better clear this up immediately. It was record timing, one hour later — ‘We’re just friends!’ I also don’t want people to see me out with other girls this week and be like, ‘He’s cheating on her! He’s a pig!’ No, I’m not!" Do you think the kiss was necessary?