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Napa BottleRock Festival Preview!
I'm really excited because one of the newspapers I freelance for is sending me to the Napa BottleRock festival at the end of May! So many incredible bands and acts to see. If anyone is in Northern California, this is definitely a festival you need to see. Though it's sold out, you can attend aftershows and pre-festival events in downtown Napa. Here's a fun summary of what you can expect if you visit this festival: Summer in California conjures up images of happy people hiking, winding road trips to Big Sur and of course wine country. Napa Valley is world-renowned for its vineyards and wineries alongside Sonoma County, it is the world’s premiere place for hospitality. On the heels of Coachella, the biggest musical farce since the Monty Python Musical, BottleRock brings some serious musicians and even more serious wine. Naturally music and wine go together, and nothing sounds cooler on a hot summer day than sloshing around to the world’s best acts with your Pinot Noir. That’s where we get the BottleRock Napa Valley music festival, a three-day extravaganza hosting some of the most legendary acts of today. One of the most diverse festivals, BottleRock has gained a reputation for good food, great wine, and incredible culture. This year’s line-up seems to cater to hipster crowds and yuppies alike with three famous and unique acts. By the way, Gordon Ramsay will be giving a cooking demonstration too. I'm obviously excited for that. Friday’s kickoff will be finished out by none other than Stevie Wonder, the Motown legend who has been churning out hits since 1963. He was just 12 years old when his first song “Fingertips” hit airwaves. Since then his career has taken a legendary shape with over 30 top 10 hits. Supporting him will be guitar virtuoso and legend in his own right, Lenny Kravitz, synth-pop indie darlings Grouplove and crunchy granola-rock mainstay Michael Franti and Spearhead. Buddy Guy will lend his talents during a midday slot. And as always you can discover new music in the morning. Grammy winners Florence and the Machine will grace the headlining slot Saturday night. Their hits “The Dog Days Are Over”, “You Got Love”, “Shake It Out” and “Ship To Wreck” are sure to rock the normally quiet vineyards of Napa. Florence Welch’s unique vocal style coupled by the gypsy-inspired rock flare of her Machine have made the band a live act to watch since their debut in 2007. Earlier in the day you can catch sets from English rock and rollers, The Struts who boast a sound influenced by indie legends The Libertines as well as Queen, The Rolling Stones, and Oasis. Definitely an act I wouldn’t want to miss. I absolutely will have to drop in on them. Any association with The Libertines gets me excited. Of course the pop darlings of last summer Walk The Moon will thrill younger crowds with their number one hit, “Shut Up And Dance” which didn’t leave radio stations until, well, never. Ziggy Marley will give a stellar performance as always and for the aging emo fans, Death Cab for Cutie will play on Saturday too. The last day of a festival is usually the best because organizers want fans to purchase weekend passes. If you have three stellar acts headlining, you’re sure to sell out. California natives the Red Hot Chili Peppers are always a good choice. They’re loud, brash and can really play their instruments. Bassist Flea is one of the best who ever lived as well as drummer Chad Smith. His resemblance to Will Ferrell is irrelevant. Of course, there’s Anthony Kiedis, whose lyrics and incredible stage presence make RHCP a must see live act. I hope that Kiedis is better, as he was hospitalized for "severe stomach pain" right before the KROQ Weenie Roast, where they were supposed to play alongside Panic! At The Disco and Blink 182. Mumford-style rock act The Lumineers will fulfill the hipster quota for Sunday and gypsy-punks Golgol Bordello, who appear on nearly every festival docket each year despite not having released a record since 2013 will inject some energy into the afternoon. One of my favorite artists Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness will bring some indie sincerity to the afternoon and give all the wine-drunk people something to raiser their glass to. Although BottleRock has sold out completely at this point, there are still after shows featuring Cheech & Chong (perfect for those old school stoners who happened to wander into Napa), Gogol Bordello, San Fermin and others. Chichi & Chong will play at the Uptown Theater in downtown Napa on Thursday, May 26th. They are the true kickoff of the festival. All artists aside, summer music festivals are really about letting go. The sun comes out, the music is played, and everyone around you is either drunk, high or someone’s dad. Either way, this festival is sure to be an incredible time. I mean, what can go wrong with wine, beer, music and sunshine? Are you guys attending any summer festivals this year!?
Panic's "Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time" Is Delightfully Bizarre
This video shocked me. The first minute or so was amazing. Anyone who wouldn't want to experience a night on the town with Brendon Urie is totally lying to themselves. I'm totally on board with this song being the next single. After the first few videos, it's clear to see that Brendon Urie intends on making most of these songs into cinematic videos. "Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time" features a sample from the B 52's and gives us a new wave / punk feel that is a bit different from the rest of the album (which in nature is totally eclectic). It's definitely a stand out on "Death of a Bachelor" and asks the question, "How much is too much?" This video...well I'll just let you decide for yourself. Well, what do you think? The shooting style really stood out to me. And upon further inspection of the behind-the-scenes photos you can see that both Brendon and the girl who played his opposite were using body rigged cameras to achieve that "you're in the video" kind of feel. Of course, one would admit they'd love to be in the first minute of the video, and then just kind of avoid that whole tentacle monster thing. We all like to go out and party, and upon occasion if someone really attractive is into us, we love it. Although, things don't always end well. Right? Have you ever been out with friends and realized that the boy / girl of your dreams is actually a flesh eating tentacle monster? Nah? Me neither.
5 Blink 182 Side Projects You Need To Know About
With all of the hype surrounding the new Blink 182 record "California", it got me thinking about all of the side projects that have come and gone since word of a break up hit the streets. The addition of Matt Skiba makes sense. He's seasoned, he can play and his band hasn't released a new record since 2013. Of course, Blink will always hold a special place in our hearts, but for a moment let's appreciate the music that came out of the "in-between" periods in Blink's career. 1. Boxcar Racer This Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker side project was born out of dissatisfaction in 2001 when the recording process for Blink's "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket" proved to be less than stellar. Tom and Travis didn't want to get locked into anything, and Boxcar wasn't meant to be a "real band" but their debut cracked the top 20 on Billboard's top 200. Essential Tracks: "I Feel So" and "There Is" 2. +44 My personal favorite Blink side project is Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker's +44. Their record was a direct reaction to the infamous "indefinite hiatus" of 2005. The band went on tour with Fall Out Boy and released, in my opinion, the best Blink side project record: When Your Heart Stops Beating. It's pop-punk perfection with a dark, contemplative edge and updated electronic elements. Essential Tracks: No It Isn't, When Your Heart Stops Beating, Lycanthrope 3. Angels and Airwaves Tom DeLonge's reaction to the hiatus was the highly controversial and equally etherial Angels and Airwaves, which he formed with former Thirty Seconds to Mars bassist Matt Watcher. It was considered a "supergroup". Anyway, the band released way more albums than +44, although some of us wish it were the other way around. More commercially successful they had a lot of hits. Essential Tracks: "Everything's Magic", "Secret Crowds" and "The Adventure" 4. Transplants This hybrid-super group consisted of Tim Armstrong from Rancid, Skinhead Rob (A friend of Tim Armstrong's) and Travis Barker was incredibly versatile and new for each member. There's elements of rap, rock, hip-hop and hardcore. Their songs were edgy, violent and had a tinge of bitterness to them. Easy to say all members were coping with splits from successful bands during this era. Essential Tracks: "Diamonds and Guns" , "Gangsters and Thugs" 5. TRV$DJAM The late DJ AM and Travis Barker became fast friends and released quite a bit of music together. It's hyper intense EDM with live drums. What more could you want? Essential Track: Phantom/Wonderwall/I Got 5 On It