Vingle My Summer
Vingle My Summer
Emoji Nail Art - DIY
I just think this emoji nail art is TOO CUTE AND FABULOUS! I wish I would have seen this sooner because this would have been cute to wear this past Summer! Good thing there's still a bit of time to sport this look! Supplies Needed: -white nail polish -clear top coat nail polish -Rub-Onz Film Paper -scissors -tweezers -popsicle stick or a coin -emoji nail decal (Click to download for free) 1. Start by painting your nails with a few coats of white nail polish. Then, follow the instructions on your Rub-Onz film paper and print your emojis onto the matte side of your frosted film paper. The downloadable images are already flipped backwards so they will look correct once applied, but if you make your own design, be sure to reverse the image before you print them. The Rub-Onz kit comes with two kinds of paper: one type of frosted film paper that you print your design onto and one type of paper that has an adhesive film with a white liner to transfer your design. 2. Once your designs are printed onto your frosted paper, cut a piece of the white backed adhesive paper that is big enough to cover your emojis. Gently peel back the white backing from the adhesive film and place the clear adhesive film on top of your emojis. Make sure as you peel the two layers apart that the sticky adhesive layer is sticking to the clear film and not the white backing that you discard. Use a popsicle stick or a coin to rub the clear adhesive and printed layers together and remove any air bubbles between them. 3. Use scissors to cut around your emojis, getting as close to the printed edge as you can. 4. Peel off the clear liner layer on top of the design to reveal the adhesive lining, flip the design over, and place the design onto your nail. Use tweezers for this part since the decal is rather small. Press the design onto your nail and use the popsicle stick or coin to rub the design in place. There is still a protective layer on top of the design, so keep rubbing until the corners on the protective layer begin to lift and separate from the decal. Once you see the corners lift, pull the protective layer off and finish the nail with a layer of clear topcoat to seal the decal on the nail. Repeat the process until you have all the desired nails covered. To remove, just use regular nail polish or acetone remover and it should come right off. I hope you like this. If you have any questions, just ask away! For more cute projects, click here.