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"Sociality Barbie" Shows Us How Plastic Our Online Lives Are
Everyone embellishes their lives on Instagram. Shots of us on vacation, at work or showing off a new outfit are "artistic" and "painfully cool". We all want to appear successful, happy and totally thoughtful and deep on our personal, social accounts. We're all guilty of trying too hard sometimes. And this brilliant parody account dubbed "Hipster Barbie" gives us a big, plastic finger in an attempt to get us to see how inauthentic our "#authentic" lives are on social media. Barbie has always been the pinnacle of perfection. Her body and look are still envied to this day. Now that big online followings are newly in-Vogue, barbie has to keep up too. Are the hip and cool personas we use to communicate online making us plastic too? The social commentary gained from these staged photos of a barbie doll doing tragically hip things is actually profound. Just look at the hashtags, #livefolk, #liveauthentic, #adventure. It begs the question...how long did it take for her to get that photo? We all know how many failed selfies we have trapped in the depths of our iPhone camera rolls. How is that living authentically? Paying for overpriced coffees and selfie sticks in order to achieve an aloof photo like the one above makes us all realize how ridiculous some of our online habits are. Another thing this account does well of making fun of, is our affinity to "pseudo-deep intellectual" quotes. Here Barbie boasts, "We must have adventures in order to know where we truly belong." Garbage. I'm guilty of this kind of thing too. I like to use song lyrics because I feel like they express who I am...but am I just trying too hard? That's what this account does beautifully...it makes us examine why we put so much effort into our online lives. I was on a rooftop in Seoul, South Korea the other night, and instead of looking out and really taking in the things around me, I was asking my friend to take a picture of me looking wistfully off the roof, with the skyline in view. Was I trying to document my trip, or just trying to look cool? Look at me. I look deep, stylish and effortlessly moody. But there was a lot of effort behind this picture. Does that make me fake? I'm not sure how to answer that question, but this account has sure got me re-evaluating some things. If we were really "having adventures" and "living in the moment" we wouldn't even have our phones with us. And we sure as hell wouldn't spend all of our time editing and filtering our photos to make us look cool. We'd actually be doing these things we talk about. It's actually kind of brilliant and ironic that this parody account brings up these revelations. We all want to present the best versions of ourselves. Whether that includes a staged espresso drink, a pretty vacation photo or a tragically hip selfie, nothing we do is without consideration. Will this picture make me look cool to my friends? Will I get a few new followers? Likes? Am I living a "hip" and "free" live that is enviable by all? Maybe those questions aren't that important, but that still doesn't alleviate the pressure to impress and fill the little holes we have with likes and comments. I am guilty of searching for approval online. Hell, look at my ridiculous pictures. I'm sure you've got some of your own. I don't exactly know how to fix this behavior. Maybe we need more confidence and spontaneity. Maybe we just need to be cool with who we really are. What I do know, is this new obsession with making ourselves cool on the internet is anything but authentic. I am just as plastic as Barbie. And so are you. But that doesn't mean we're bad people. We just might be trying a little too hard. Our internet selves may be really hip and cool, but do they really represent us?
Sign A Contract With Yourself
"I the undersigned promise not to beat myself up too much." Change is necessary. In order to make your life worthwhile you have to hold yourself responsible. Make it as formal as possible, use the right language, and treat your relationship with yourself like an investment. Get serious about caring for yourself, and make it count. If you don't care about yourself, how can you expect others to care about you? This is a contract, which means you HAVE to follow it. Date: 8.4.15 Weather: Cloudy, Humid as Hell Location: New York City Time: 2:18 P.M. The Undersigned: Tess Stevens The Proprietor: ========== I, Tess Stevens, understand that the obligations below are non-negotiable. By signing this contract I give myself over to the demands of my new life. I will follow the following to the best of my ability and give it my best shot. If I fail in any of the endeavors below, no harm will come to me; however I must hold myself accountable. I, Tess Stevens, understand that things are about to change. In order to make life better for myself, my family and my mental health I am prepared to carry out the following actions: -Take everything in stride, even the bad things -Perform to the best of my ability on any given day -Work as hard as possible, without wrecking myself -Give myself room to make mistakes, and correct them accordingly In addition I promise not to beat myself up if things go wrong, and instead welcome change with open arms and always look to the future. I also hold myself accountable for destructive behavior, and will not engage in things that will propel me backward, for that is the way to certain failure. I, the undersigned will not be as hard on myself, and when life gets hard I will take my own advice. I will hold myself to a high standard. I also recognize that I am worth respect and kindness. I will not hold back my creativity, be afraid, or go into things timidly. In like a lion, out like a lion. I will not change myself to fit a mold. I will utterly be myself...whoever that is. Addendum: I will still, unfortunately, deal with unrealistic expectations and will have to find balance. Not all of my problems will be solved by signing this, but I will ultimately gain more awareness and respect for myself by doing so. The dreams will never go away and I will learn to respect the processes of life. It will not be easy, but I will keep trying. I accept that things will happen, and I may not be able to control them. In conclusion, I, Tess Stevens will learn that life is a gift and not a chore. I will remain an outlaw, but I will do my best to make things work. I, the undersigned, am fearless. I state for the court, the world, God and the Devil that I will and do understand that nothing is certain, and everything can change. And that's just fine! Name: Tess Stevens Date: 8.4. 15 If this applies to you I'd love to see what you want out of your "Contract With Yourself" @lizarnone @buddyesd @TerrecaRiley @alywoah @jordanhamilton @BPF1916 @allischaaff @VinMcCarthy @paulisaversge @skee292