YeseniaLira's Collection
YeseniaLira's Collection
Vingle: A Tribute!
In Vingle you won't be single, You will have people, who support you, who guide you, who make your day, In vingle, you get a family, A family of people, from around the world, who are your friends, who give you advice, and give you something to hope, to dream, that even if we are different, we are one, a one gigantic family! Here you get moderators, who are strict, but are perfect fit! Here are talks and profiles, where we can express, our thoughts, our feelings, our dreams, our hopes! Vingle is a common ground, where we chat, from harrypotter, to spiderman, to news, to sports, and it's easy to host. Write what you want, express your thoughts, what more could anyone want, That's why we love Vingle... In Vingle you won't be single! That was my tribute to Vingle Creators! LADIES N GENTLEMEN, Please comment on my card.. especially @AlloBaber @VeronicaArtino @shannonl5 @NerukaWong @alywoah @barbiemoo1 @buddyesd @thePinkPrincess @ChriSingularis @jcl4rks0n @nicolejb @Arellano1052 @RaquelArredondo @AprilMorales @luna1171 @JPBenedetto @deefran @RogueLeigh @InPlainSight @MukulSharmaa @ButterflyBlu @myguardian @sarahpjane @MarkoKaRiambo @danidee @Gacrus @MissB82 @jordanhamilton @DeepakAswal @VKookie47 @Lizzeh @Kyokeo @gijan0298 @catchyacrayon @TerraToyaSi @ninjamidori @Emealia @paulisadroid @CurrySoop @baileykayleen @DestinaByrd @bunnyybooo @JessAS @KpopQueenaBee @Zxenna @SatinSkies @lolImbetter09 @hobisprincess @MadAndrea @StephanieDuong @monicacerroblan @ladygdragon @KaiTakashima @Jiyongixoxo @ToriHashimoto @StefaniTre @SarangRavi @ChelseaAustin @HarperKennett @malibella @TracyLynnn @Dabaesaplayer @LexTay327 @BBxGD @SamanthaRae19 @Alyessiazavala @xxxtina @glo86 @PamelaPenaloza @Ligaya @KpopGaby @fleaisms @herreravanessa9 @agirlwholovesV @kaylie1597 @Helixx @StephersTaylor @ARMYStarlight @xsandos17 @lovethuder1025 @MischiefK1ng @MaruDangel @BtsIsLife @xojuliettexox @kat121 @CassidyCathell @krin @netchtiBates @beckiboop1996 @celeste2655 @emilyanpham14 @aabxo @YeseniaLira @reyestiny93 @dancingdazzler @TerraToyaSi @JustinaNguyen @aleeejandraaa @KWellnitz @SharayahTodd @terenailyn @KellyOConnor @ChaErica @TheMdWhitworth @BeannachtOraibh
Hopeful Mondays
This is the first installment of Hopeful Mondays provided by one of your local BTS community supporters! They will provide you with a full serving of sunshine and a heaping spoonful of good vibes on drab Mondays that seem to drag on! And from now on they won't be so late in the day either ^_^ and look for other cards from the rest of the Bulletproof (Moderator and Support) Team! Including our weekly challenges and J-Hope's Daily Bangtan Scout cards which are clipped in my collection titled Daily Bangtan Scout Cards "J-Hope"! Hopeful Monday cards will all be clipped in this collection, titled Hopeful Mondays These are called Hopeful Mondays because as Bulletproof J-Hope, it is my job to brighten your day! My goal is to give everyone a little pick-me-up to get your day going; or if you see it in the evening, then to end it on a pleasant note ^_^ And these cards will generally be a bit more creative; but again, this is an intro card so we'll keep it simple-ish. One thing to expect is the previously mentioned Daily Bangtan Scout cards, or DBS cards for short. Each member of our team has taken on the job of putting out a card on certain days each week starring our bias; these will be starting on January 10th. Mine is J-Hope, so on Tuesdays I will put out a J-Hope card that follows a weekly theme. On Mondays I'm free to put out one that is about whatever I choose. The themed days of the week go by the ages of the members, Jin on Sundays, Suga on Mondays, and so on, ending with Jungkook on Saturdays. And our creative cards will be on other days of the week. Our members are as follows: Bulletproof Jin better known as @thePinkPrincess puts out a lovely Jin inspired card on Sundays Bulletproof Suga aka the awesome @SugaOnTop will be putting up swag-alicous cards on Mondays Bulletproof J-Hope is me and we've talked about that enough haha expect mine on Tuesdays Bulletproof Rap Monster is creative @CreeTheOtaku and she will be delivering us a nice Rap Monster filled card on Wednesdays Bulletproof Jimin is the delightful @amobigbang and she'll be presenting us beautiful cards about Jimin on Thursdays! Bulletproof V is none other than our BTS community moderator @KokoroNoTakara who will administer us a dose of alien each Friday Bulletproof Jungkook is the wonderful @VKookie47 who will end the week with golden cards filled with maknae love on Saturdays Lastly, each week we will be putting out a weekly challenge that we want all members of our community to participate in! It's more fun when we are all involved so don't be afraid to make cards! There, whew, I'm done! Sorry for a long-winded speech but I want to make sure no one misses out on the awesomeness; so I hope you all took notes! If you have any questions you can leave it in the comments! This concludes the first Hopeful Monday card! If anyone would like to be added to my tag list say so in the comments and thy wish shall be granted ^_^ @thePinkPrincess @Emealia @CreeTheOtaku @B1A4BTS5ever @destiny1419 @Bitterlimelight @kpopandkimchi @SarangRavi @YeseniaLira @KokoroNoTakara @KPopFandom @justcallmekyki @musicmofo @LilySilver @CassidyRoush @carolinaquito14 @VioletaDelRio @AliciaStransky @minimonkey07 @AmandaOwnbey @UnnieCakesAli @JazzyJazJaz @Rhia @JasmineWilliams @bangtanella @SugaOnTop @ToppDogg @nerdy3000 @SusiBosshammer @TLeahEdwards @Lizzeh @Jiyongixoxo @moonchild03 @herreravanessa9 @Maddie27 @funnelcakeboo @rosajlm2 @AnnieGoodman @vyntnguyen24 @SunshineChang @StephaniePoore @MichelleIbarra @Onenonlybovie @rapmonsterous20 @MinDeji @ArielaPicazo @Gizzy2002 @CocatolaOtaku @TiffanyBibian @Stefany17 @hobisprincess @JasminPerez @Simba14 @raenel @ARMYStarlight @Meeshell @sugakookie @jiminsabs @tinaechle @OnLarrysCloud @tannyo @JessicaFigueroa @VeronicaArtino @DesireeChucklez @jazgaara33 @ILikeHisFace123 @krin @SkyRollins @Kyokeo @SunnaWalo @MandyNoona @Angelblue @Roxy1903 @DreaG1518 @aliciasalinas @KeziahWright @Kpoplover20 @KpopGaby @AlmaRangel @vlargos @fleaisms @DamarisCisneros @SierraBecerra @poojas @ElniWyatt @JelliBelli111 @CassieWarens @KellyOConnor @kpopbunny9 @VIPFreak2NE1 @pkhyeri @JadeNarine @ccebox47 @Kpossible4250 @amobigbang @SilentPianist @thatoneoutcast @NelyLovo @XionHeart @SamanthaRae19 @Ligaya @AdiaJasinskin @emilyanpham14 @luna1171 @MaricelvaRomero @squishyseokjin @xxxtina @CandaceJordan @TeaeraHarrell @nenegrint14 @kmeier230 @MZDawson31508 @ChavaBerry @11erinmims @Ticasensei @Taehyungie @LaurenStrayhorn @gummydragon @brirodriguez412 @ShimJooKyung @blackirishawk @TaehyungKey @shelbiisonfire @sarangseoltang @Britneygraham @torchix @MischiefK1ng @Helixx @JohnHomampha @yewookyu @VKookie47