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Kpop Groups That Are Hard For You To Stan Or You Can't Get Into
Here is the link to the source --> [here or here] (first one is through Facebook.) These are the most seen Kpop groups that people have been mentioned. I personally did not make the list. This is all their opinions. And yes, I did count them all. I will copy and paste what some of the commenters have wrote down. Please do not be angry. This is their opinion on the certain group or band. Girl Groups Top 10 Most mentioned: 1) TWICE 2) Gfriend 3) SNSD 4) AOA 5) Lovelyz 6) 2NE1 7) SISTAR 8) Mamamoo//Red Velvet//EXID 9) f(x) 10) Apink Some Comments: "Gfriend- Not interested. Twice- I don't see why they get so much hype, would of probably been a fan if they had good vocals. Jungyeon and Momo are pretty cool though. Snsd- They have some good songs, and I like Taeyeon's solo songs, but i don't have much interest in them otherwise." "Twice. Don't get the hype, especially after hearing mr-removed vids. All I like is Momo's dance break in Like OohAhh that's it. :X" "Red Velvet. I just don't know why... they're kind of talented, I like some of their songs, but they seem fake to me , and their fans annoy me so much" "TWICE - hype + no vocal talent whatsoever (members are gorgeous though) Apink, Gfriend - cute concepts much? Lol I'm not into those concepts Lovelyz - anyone who knows about that Jisoo scandal would avoid this group (spoiler: she may be kpop's first bisexual & psycopath lol)" Boy Groups Top 10 Most Mentioned: 1) Ikon 2) EXO 3) BTS (Bangtan Boys) 4) BigBang 5) SEVENTEEN 6) GOT7 7) Super Junior 8) NCT (U) 9) INFINITE 10) BEAST Some Comments: "Super junior - just like... No boring band boring songs. Seventeen - boring all round" "Got7; the members seem nice but their music is way too boring (except for just right, that's a masterpiece right there)" "Bts I've tried...." "iKON for sure. I like some of their music, but I don't like their personalities/attitudes. Not saying their bad people (I do acknowledge they're extremely talented once you look past the main two) but their personality just doesn't go with me." "iKon, NCT - hype overkill imo EXO - I like their music, but something about the members seems oddly off Seventeen - too many members + overrated" "Twice and BTS (I used to be a BTS fan, and they have great songs, but the fans)" Always remember that these are personal opinion of people. Lets share the love and not start random fanwars. BUT!!!! What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this is accurate? Are some of these groups just not up to the taste of your music style?
Okay guys and girls. I know there are many many doppelganger** out there. But this is solely based on my opinion. These are my thoughts on who looks a like for male Kpop idols. I am just naming a few, and some may be more than 2 people. And, yes, it's a long list. Please read through it lol or go at least go through the pictures. Pretty please? ** Doppelganger - an apparition or double of a living person. B.A.P DAEHYUN & GOT7 JR Gosh, now I know another reason why one is my bias and the other is my bias wrecker! BTOB MINHYUK & BTS JUNGKOOK This is completely my opinion! I know a lot of people say they don't look a like. But for them I got them so confused! Even though I was a BTOB fan before BTS, I still got them confused. My sister laughed at me a lot because of it lol BLOCK B ZICO & WINNER SEUNG YOON Allkpop or Koreaboo (one or the other) brought my attention to Zico and Seung Yoon. I'm not a huge WINNER fan so I don't really know the members but Zico and Seung Yoon do look alike. B1A4 BARO & VIXX RAVI & WINNER MINO I was surprised at Ravi. I didn't think he looked like either Baro or Mino until Google lol. Also, guess who's who is the 4th picture! Lol I got so confused! EXO-K BAEKHYUN & BTS V Widely known to look a like. I don't even need to describe anything lol SUPER JUNIOR SUNGMIN & B1A4 SANDEUL They're just the cutest little puppies ever! Even though one's married already. RAIN (BI) & 2PM JUNHO & MBLAQ LEE JOON Well, damn. I was pretty shocked at how much Lee Joon looks like Rain. But I always thought that Junho and Rain looked alike. FT ISLAND HONGKI & MBLAQ MIR Another popular look alike. I can see why though. K.WILL & BIGBANG DAESUNG Lol I cracked up on this one. Idk why :') BEAST JUNHYUNG & BTOB ILHOON I didn't think they looked alike until I started reading some comments saying that they do. INFINITE SUNGYEOL & EXO-M KRIS & CROSS GENE TAKUYA I, personally, didn't think Kris and Sungyeol look very much alike. It wasn't until I saw a photo of Kris upside down looking like Sungyeol. SHINEE ONEW & SONG JOONG KI & LEE WOO-GEON Lmao, when I first watched Sassy Go Go I got really confused. I thought Lee Woo-Geon was Onew for the first like 2 episodes. H.O.T KANGTA & SUPER JUNIOR SIWON & SUPER JUNIOR-M ZHOUMI & EXO-K SUHO & EXO-M TAO I was kinda if-y about this one. I didn't know if Tao and Suho fitted along with Siwon, Kangta and Zhoumi. But I guess? B.A.P HIMCHAN & IKON BOBBY Okay, I also, didn't think they looked a like until BAP came back lol. But now I can see the similarities. U-KISS KEVIN & TEEN TOP CHUNJI For the longest time ever, I always got confused with Kevin and Chunji. Lol, I think it is because I discovered them at the same time. PARK BO-GUM & UP10TION WOOSHIN This tripped me out! I'm a HUGE Park Bo-Gum fan and when I saw Wooshin. I was like "OMGT**!" ** MADTOWN's newest song called "OMGT", Oh My God, Thanks NU'EST REN & SEVENTEEN JEONGHAN Bruhhhhh, do I even have to say it? Everyone [(who's a SEVENTEEN fan (and maybe NU'EST fan)] know that they look alike. SUPER JUNIOR HEECHUL & SEVENTEEN JUN No words for this one. Both sides just has to acknowledge it lol also, Heechul's good at Chinese so he can easily have a conversation with Jun. BTS SUGA & SEVENTEEN WOOZI Tripper here again! When SEVENTEEN first came out we all thought Woozi was a Suga baby. Who can deny it! They look so alike! Also, thei swag runs deep in their family lol. Woozi must've got it all from his daddy Suga and Mommy CL. ___________โ˜†โ™ก~โ˜†โ™ก~โ˜†โ™ก~โ˜†โ™กโ˜†__________ Sorry for not having as much photos and idols as I wished for. I was limited space. But thanks for stopping by and looking at this card! ์—ฌ๋Ÿฌ๋ถ„ ํ™”์ดํŒ…!!! ์‚ฌ๋ž‘ํ•ด์š”!!!
If yall's don't already know I am a K hip-hop addict. I love hip hop and rap! Can't get enough of it. I've seen all the SMTM (1st and 2nd season sucks by the way) and both Unpretty Rapstar. In this post it is all about Korean Rappers! This post is based on my opinion only. I am not ranking them. Some of these rappers may not be up to your taste I also didnt add some other Korean rappers that you may like. I am sorry. Also, some of them are Hip Hop groups, not soloist. Most of these rappers are well known. I ALSO DID NOT PUT ANY KPOP IDOLS ON THE LIST. JUST A HEADS UP. Also, these are just a few of the songs that I personally like, there are many more songs out there for you to listen to. ***WARNING!!!!*** These tracks may have some cussing (swear words). Most if not all. But just to be warned, please do not listen to them if you do not like swear words. MFBTY Group consists of Tiger Jk, Yoon Mi-rae, and Bizzy. They are signed under FeelGhood Music. Tiger Jk ans Yoon Mi-rae are a married couple. Both are featured quite a lot in each others single releases. Also, both have been featured in music with various rappers and idols. Songs: -Buckubucku (feat. Rap Monster of Bangtan Boys, EE and Dino-J) -Bang Diggy Bang Bang -Angel Masta Wu Signed under YG Entertainment. Was on SMTM 3. Songs: -Come Here (feat. Bobby of iKON and Dok2) -Everything's All Rite Epik High This group consists of Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz. They were signed under Woollim Entertainment but snow under YG Entertainment. Songs: -Born Hater (feat. Bobby and B.I of iKON, Mino of WINNER and Beenzino) -Spoiler Verbal Jint Signed under Brand New Music. Songs: -Doin' It (feat. Sanchez of PHANTOM) -Walking In The Rain MC Sniper Signed under Universal Music Korea and Sniper Sound. He has made a lot of diss tracks towards Outsider. Songs: -Where We Were (feat. Choi Young Tae) -Go To Sleep (feat. BK) Simon Dominic Signed under AOMG. Co-ceo of AOMG along with Jay Park. Songs: -WON (โ‚ฉ) & ONLY (feat. Jay Park) -Simon Dominic -Cheerz Jay Park Was signed under JYP Entertainment but now is under AOMG. Co-ceo of AOMG along with Simon Dominic. Was the leader of 2PM under departing from JYP Entertainment. Songs: -On It -Level 1000 (feat. Dok2) -BO$$ (feat. Yultron, Loco, and Ugly Duck) Basick Winner of SMTM 4 Songs: -Stand Up (feat. MAMAMOO) San E Was signed under JYP Entertainment but is now im Brand New Music. MC of Unpretty Rapstar Songs: -#LuvUHaters -Body Language (feat. Bumkey) -Break Up Dinner (feat. Sanchez of PHANTOM) Dynamic Duo This duo consists of Gaeko and Choiza. Signed under Amoeba Culture. Choiza is dating f(x)'s Sulli. Songs: -AEAO (with DJ Premier) -Hot Wings (feat. Hyorin or SISTAR) -Guilty -BAAAM (feat. ๋ฎค์ง€ of UV) Gary In the group called Leessang. Signed under Jungle Entertainment and Leessang Company. Known for being in Running Man and the infamous Monday Couple with Song Ji Hyo. Songs: -Get Some Air (feat. MIWOO) -JOA (feat. Jay Park) -Your Scent (with Jung In) Flowsik I do not know what Korean music entertainment he is signed under as of right now. But I do know he was the first Asian-American to be signed under YMCMB (with Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj). He was a member of Aziatix before the group disbanded this August. Songs: -The Calling -Stay Strong (feat. Jooheon of MONSTA X) -Yah, Nuh I hope you enjoyed this card as much as I did! I can't wait for BAP & iKON comeback on the 15th, LEGEND comeback on the 17th, BTS & WINNER on the 30th!!!!
This post is dedicated to all the new and old Kdrama fans and to a friend @kpopandkimchi In this post, I'll be putting pictures/gifs of the main couple (and a second lead). Also, my favorite OST from the drama. NUMBER 3: HEALER This drama.. Ugh so many feels. Ji Chang Wook. Why why you gotta do this to me. Park Min Young is such a great actress too. The genre of this drama is: Thriller Romance Comedy Drama ______________________________________________ This drama is basically about a night errand guy who is a really good fighter his coded name is "Healer" (Ji Chang Wook). He goes by a lot of different names (i.e. Seo Jung-hoo/Park Bong-soo/Healer) so people can't quite catch him as easily as they hope. As he meets a reporter, Oh Ji An (Park Min Young), they slowly try to unravel the mysteries of the past. And how that all ties up with what is now happening in the present and future. As things begin to click in place they now have ordeal with the conflict of truth versus fate. ______________________________________________ Seriously though, you can't go wrong with this drama. So many feels. It's mysterious yet romantic. Asdfghjkl! OST: You by Ben Bebe Mignan NUMBER 2: KILL ME HEAL ME Yes I am a little bias and so when I found out that my two most favorite actors, Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon, was going to play in drama!!! Ahhh, fangirl mode was on full blast. Also, my favorite actress, Hwang Jung Eum, was also the main lead!!!! The genre is: Romantic comedy Suspense Medical drama Mystery (There's gonna be spoil alert! Just so you know.) ______________________________________________ This drama will have you falling for one guy with 7 different personalities. He, Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung), is your normal average business working Korean man who likes to help others, but he suffers from a serves case of personality disorder. In order to extract these personalities he hires a personal psychiatrist, Oh Ri-jin (Hwang Jung Eum). Ri-jin slowly but surely starts falling for Do Hyun. But at the same time you start noticing that Oh Ri-on, Ri-jin's twin brother (Park Seo Joon), is in love with her too. ______________________________________________ The personalities: 1) Cha Do Hyun - listed above of what he's like. 2) Shin Se-Ki - He comes out whenever Cha Do Hyun experiences violence. He may seem tough but he never hurts children or women. He also wears eyeliner in the drama. 3) Perry Park - 40 year old man who likes build in bombs. Wears very floral clothing. 4) Ahn Yo-seob - Suicidal teenager. He is intelligent and artsy. Wears glasses. 5) Ahn Yo-na - Ahn Yo-seob's twin sister. She loves idols and comes out whenever Cha Do Hyun is in a lot of stress. She always putting on lip gloss and loves wearing pink. 6) Nana - Mysterious little girl who has a bear named Nana. 7) Mr.X (Mystery X) - Well he's a mystery, you won't get to know him until wayyy down the drama. You seriously wil not be disappointed in watching this drama. OST: Auditory Hallucinations by Jang Jae In (feat. NaSha) NUMBER 1: SECRET (2013) The best drama hands down!!!! Well, at least for me. I saw this drama about a year after the release (so around sometime in 2014). My babies!!!! Hwang Jung Eum and Ji Sung!!! If you know me you should know I love them and their chemistry together. lol But this particular drama will make you hate the main guy (Ji Sung) and the main girl (Hwang Jung Eum) at first. But later on their chemistry is no joke. Also, you will hate Hwang Jung Eum's finacee (Bae Soo Bin) and the girl Ji Sung is enaged too (Lee Da Hee) Also just a warning you will cry a lot. A LOT!!! The genre is: Melodrama Action Romance ______________________________________________ This drama revolves around a woman named, Kang Yoo Joon (Hwang Jung Eum) who sacrifices her future for her fiancee, Do-hoon (Bae Soo Bin) after he killed a woman in a hit-and-run. While in prison she gave birth to a healthy young boy (yes, she was pregnant when she went to prison). Raising him in prison until he was about the age of 2. He was suddenly taken away because of a misunderstanding and that lead to secrets being unraveled. After getting out of prison she tries to start a new life and live differently. But little did she know that the woman her fiancee had killed was actually pregnant with Jo Min-hyuk (Ji Sung)'s child. Min-hyuk is a haughty rich boy who has everything but a good personality. Seeking revenge for the death of his girlfriend; he stirs up some unexpected feeling and secrets. ______________________________________________ I wish they would date in real life but that'll be wrong because Ji Sung oppa is already married to his beautiful wife, who is also an actress, Lee Bo Young. <sad and happy tears> But after watching it the first time I decided to go for another round about a year later and ohhhh boy! My tears were falling like a river. OST: Incurable Disease by Navi (feat. Kebee of Eluphant) Hope you enjoyed this post! I will openly suggest these dramas to you if you haven't already seen them! They can be watched at Dramafever, Viki, Myasiantv, Dramacool, Dramafire, etc. If for some reason they are not listed, please Google them. Thank you! And enjoy!
I'm just gonna put this here cause Jiminie won't be on here. I know I know. Sorry sorry ARMYs. Jiminie is still there but he's not there. I still love him though!!! These abs are not gonna be in any order. Some might be grouped together, just saying. Also, there might be some hip thrusting, HIP THRUST, included lol. EXO's baby face XIUMIN!!!! Seriously though, he went from squishy baby fat Xiuxiu to: BAM!!! This!!! But a lot of EXO members are getting abs... First it was Kai then Xiumin and Lay. Now even Suho and Sehun has abs!!! 2PM I mean, was an ab card without 2PM right? 2PM are known as the BEAST idol (no pun intended) for their abs. Especially, Nichkhun, Taecyeon and Chansung. I threw in Junho and Wooyoung cause their abs are ab-tastic. lol Former leader of 2PM, Park Jae Bum or more known as JAY PARK! Jay Park, known for his rapping and entertainment, leaving 2PM, his tattoos, and his chocolate abs. BIGBANG's Taeyang!!!! No words are needed lol but Beiber you got served lol sorry Belibers. Do you see that tease on the last photo?! BIGBANG's TOP I mean com'on I just had to. He showed his abs once! His whole upper body once! This was like once in a life time!!! The first photo (upper left hand corner) is real... the others... idk lol BTOB's Minhyukie!! Seriously, this little boy is crazy with abs lol he the most muscular outta all BTOB. Most muscular, most athletic and just an all rounder. Oh!!!! and a special appearance of my Hyunsik lol VIXX's Hongbin and Ravi Seriously, Hongbin acts like a shy boy but beneath that is such a freaken (excuse my language) sexy boy. And Ravi! Omg, no words. I mean I knew he had abs because VIXX's LR - Beautiful Liar but still.... Damn!!!! 100% and personally Sanghoon lol No words. I fell in love with him โ™กโ™ก TVXQ's Max or more known as Changmin. TBH I didn't think he a lot of meat underneath his clothing lol. Guess I was wrong cause damn that boy is buff asf (excuse my language). I wasn't so sure if I wanted to add SHINee's Minho in here but he's here. This is his first time revealing his abs. He said he worked hard on them and he finally wanted to show his fans what he's got. And guess where he showed them? Yes, at their concert SHINEE WORLD 4!! Man, I wish I was there! Now we just gotta wait on leader Onew lol Lastly but not least, Actor Lee Soo Hyuk. I know, I know he's not a Kpop Idol but seriously. I think he changed the most drastically. He went from the left picture to the right picture. Imagine him working out *drools* lol Sorry I didn't add: - Super Junior's Siwon, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk and Donghae - Former MBLAQ Lee Joon - 2AM Changsung - Bi (Rain) - BEAST (B2ST) Gikwang and Yoseob - INFINITE's Woohyun and Hoya - And I already apologized for Bangtan Boys (BTS)' Jiminie but I also apologize for Hopie lol if you know me I'm Hopie trash lol But have some Daehyun lol this photo is for all the BABYZ out there Tagging some people: @kpopandkimchi @MichelleIbarra @YGWinner @KellyOConner @poojas @xxxtina @VixenViVi @thePinkPrincess @AimeeH @Tigerlily89 @DeniseiaGardner @KpopGaby @Jiyongixoxo @CrystalBlunt @Emoji @stevieq @AnalisaSantiago @panopticlove @StephanieDuong @Baekyeol27 @KDramaKPop1015 @tayunnie @destiny1419 @ambobigbang @yessiex3 @TMinusEleven Please tag more. If I missed anyone or if you want to see anyone else please comment down below.