My Kpop Collection :3
My Kpop Collection :3
Get To Know Me Tag! :)
I was tagged by @Exoexo and @B1A4BTS5ever to do this challenge! So here it goes! :) 1) My full name is well... my username, Stephanie Duong Fun fact, this was a selfie I took over the summer in New York..... a day BEFORE KCON. lol. 2) Um..... I have too many bias groups. Lol. -B1A4 -BTS -B.A.P -BTOB -VIXX -INFINITE -GOT7 -TEEN TOP -BIGBANG But some other groups I listen to are.... SHINee, NU'EST, U-Kiss, Halo, Crossgene, EXO, Nell, CNBLUE, FTISLAND, ZPZG, Boyfriend, Winner, B2ST, C-Clown, LedApple, Seventeen, MYNAME, 100%, 24K, Beat Win, Bigflo, High4, History, JJCC, MBLAQ, Romeo, Royal Pirates, and others..... lol. 3) Hmm.... I don't really know where I would want to live... Somewhere that's NOT hot though. I hate hot weather. xD 4) Well, since I was in like third grade, I've always wanted to be a dentist... I don't know why. But I did. And kinda just stuck with that goal for the majority of my life. I still am trying to become a dentist, which means I am TRYING (emphasis on trying) to major in Biology while in college, but idk. Things may or may not change. I'm just trying to tell myself not to give up and keep working hard. 5) Being Vietnamese, I grew up eating some weird foods, so I'm willing to try practially ANYTHING. But my favorite food is probably SUSHI. I just looked up pictures of sushi and I'm craving some REALLY badly right now......bad decision. D: 6) HOBBIES: -K-Pop and K-dramas (DUH. Lol.) -VINGLEEEEEEEEE. <3 -Playing piano (I took private lessons for like 4 years... but I stopped. Now, I try to learn off of tutorials online!) -Cooking -Art, but mostly drawing with pencil. I suck at painting, clay, and practically anything else. xD My drawings of K-Idols: 7) I HATE.... -CHEESE. Well, I don't entirely hate it. But I'm REALLY picky when it comes to it. You can but a weirdest thing in front of me to eat, but put mac n' cheese in front of me and I'm walking out of the room. I know.... I'm weird. -Rude people. They annoy me SOOOO much. - Probably my biggest pet peeve is people who have the nerve to critique and slam people down into the ground with negative and hateful comments even though they can't even do whatever they are yelling about. I like..... 1. Food.... 2. K-POP 3. MY VINGLE FAMILY!! I really do love you all. You guys have helped me SO MUCH. I feel like I will always have someone to talk to about not only K-Pop or K-Dramas but just about my life in general. You are all AWESOME. 8) Hmm.... I'm gonna say something I haven't really said before. lol. I never had a boyfriend. I never had a guy say they liked me or said I was pretty. And you know what? I'm perfectly fine with it. Because I have my family, you all and K-Pop that can comfort me. :D And I already someone in my <3 OKAYYYY. That's the end of this card! I hope you all enjoyed it! And I feel like a ton of people already did this tag already.....and I'm like the last one. lol. xD BYEEEE! :D