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His Eyes Are Black - A BTS Halloween Onsehot
Hey guys. I'm mkbmccann and this is my first time EVER posting something on Vingle even though I've had this account for over a year now. Kind of crazy, I know. But, in the spirit of Halloween I thought I'd branch out from my normal commenting on other people's cards and try making one of my own for once. I was originally going to enter this fanfic into the oneshot contest but missed the deadline to submit it. Like, I'm so mad at myself. Urrrg! But anyway, here it is a day later. This is also my first time ever writing fanfiction, so let me know how it turned out. Hope you enjoy! (P.S. The picture is from an artist named 17carrot. She's a kpop fan from the Netherlands. Go check her out on PaigeeWorld) His Eyes Are Black. word count: 1653 I awoke to the sound of screaming and a sharp bolt of pain as something struck my temple. “What the heck Hobie?” I was stretched out on the cold leather couch, popcorn in my hair, on my pajamas, on the floor, everywhere basically. The bowl lay haphazardly on the floor at my feet, a couple kernels had just barely managed to survive J-Hope’s fevered attack. The numbers on the paused TV screen read 1am. Great. I looked over at J-Hope who was slowly crawling out from underneath his knitted blanket, his face red with embarrassment. “Sorry,” he mumbled. “C’mon Hobie,” I said rubbing my eyes and letting out a yawn. “The movie isn’t even that scary.” It was Halloween. With his parents out of town for the weekend, J-Hope recruited my talents in handing out candy to little trick-or-treaters. When the bowl was completely empty we refilled it with popcorn and settled down onto the couch to watch “The Uprising”, a newly released horror flick and one of my personal favorites if I might add, after much pleading and convincing on my part. Guess I must’ve fallen asleep halfway through it though. Oops. “Yah! You know how I feel about horror movies! But it wasn’t really the movie’s fault this time. It was the doorbell.” As if on cue, the high pitched ringing came again, shattering the silence and sending J-Hope back into his woolen fortress. “Hey, calm down alright. It’s probably just some late night, high school trick-or-treaters. I’ll go tell them we’re out of candy and they’ll leave okay?” J-Hope inched his head out from behind the blanket. “Do you want me to come with you? What if it’s a prankster or something?” He moved to get up but I gently pushed him back into the sofa. “It’s okay. I got it. Just promise to save me a seat free of popcorn when I get back okay?” That said, I leaned down and gave him a peck on the lips. He smiled and cupped my chin, his thumb slowly tracing my bottom lip. Our eyes locked, drawing me closer to him. DINGDONGDINGDONGDINGDONGDINGDONGDINGDONGDINGDONGDINGDONG “OKAY ALREADY!” I yelled. “Be right back,” I whispered to the snuggled J-Hope. “I’m coming!” I could feel the warmth of the cozy living room die away as I entered the narrow corridor that lead to the front door. Faint lighting illuminated dark wallpaper, fake flowers rested in black and orange vases, and cobwebs covered the frames on the walls. To the right of the front door was a small closet. On the left, an archway lead into a dark dining room and kitchen. The closer I came to the door, the more uneasy I felt. Probably all those tootsie rolls I ate earlier, I thought to myself. I pulled some fake webbing aside and peered cautiously out through the tinted glass window. All was darkness. Holding my breath, I reached a hand out, blindly feeling for a switch. All of a sudden, bright light flooded the porch and my heart leapt into my throat. A dark figure stood motionless just a foot away from me, the only barrier between us a 2-inch piece of frosted glass. Ugh, get a grip on yourself, y/n. C’mon, man up and open the door. Before I could stop myself, I quickly turned the handle and cracked it just enough to stick my head out. Scarcely daring to breathe, I watched as the figure suddenly pulled his hood back, reached his hand out to me, and said . . . “Pizza!” All the air from my lungs came out in one big whoosh. See y/n? A pizza guy. A frickin’ pizza guy. I silently cursed J-Hope under my breath for waking me up over something as stupid as his own pizza arriving at the door. “Hey, do you mind if I come inside real quick?” I refocused on the boy; tired eyes looked out from behind thick glasses, his breath freezing on the chilly October air, hands held underneath the delivery box for warmth, shirt untucked, brown hair unkempt and stuffed into a cap with a generic logo. Typical. “Sure,” I mumbled as I stomped over to a lone chair in the entranceway where my purse was sitting. I pried open the stiff leather bag and dragged out my wallet. “Thanks. It’s so cold tonight. Um, where . . .” “He’s in the living room,” I said indiscriminately gesturing down the hall. “I’ll pay for it. Don’t worry.” He can pay me back later, with interest. Ugh, the things I do for you J-Hope. “Here you go.” “Alright! And here is your pizza.” “Thanks, uh Namjoon is it? Have a nice night.” I watched as the pizza guy disappeared back into the darkness and sighed. You better share this with me, I thought to myself as I shut the door and made my way back into the living room. “Hey Mr. Scaredy-cat,” I said playfully, “I have your pizza.” J-Hope looked up suddenly from his phone, a confused look on his face. Slowly, he smiled. “Oh, thanks y/n. I didn’t know you ordered pizza.” My heart stopped for a second. “Uh, I didn’t order this. Didn’t you order it while I was asleep?” Our eyes met and I felt a sickening sensation begin to grow in my stomach. “No,” he said. “No, I didn’t.” I tossed the pizza onto the couch and walked back towards the front of the house. When I entered the hallway, I froze. The door was hanging wide open. I approached the door cautiously, my eyes occasionally darting to the left to scan the shadowed forms inhabiting the dining room. Blood was pounding in my ears and my palms were sweaty. Slowly, I reached my now trembling hand out towards the tarnished yellow handle, my eyes lost in the darkness beyond the wooden frame. Then, in one swift motion, I quickly closed and dead bolted the door. Taking a moment to catch my breath, I attempted to argue with my wild imagination. I could’ve sworn I shut you. But maybe not. Maybe I just didn’t close it all the way and the wind blew it open. It was really windy tonight. Yeah, that’s it. The wind. The wind . . . I walked quickly back to the living room and immediately felt a bit better. The movie splashed color and light onto the dark walls. A clock on a shelf in the corner ticked faintly. The fireplace, having just recently burned out, still emitted a ghostly warmth. J-Hope was curled up in his blanket, head resting on the arm of the sofa, his eyes staring lazily at the TV screen. Or, more like staring through it. One arm limply dangled off the edge of the couch. Something about the way he was lying seemed unnatural. For a brief second, his phone flashed from somewhere on the floor, illuminating the gruesome scene before me. What I had mistaken for the red wool blanket snuggled up around his neck was actually blood, wet and soaking through his clothes. I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t breathe. Air refused to fill my lungs. My head was pounding. I managed to choke out a quiet and pitiful “Hobie?” There was no answer. I stood there, silently staring until I heard a voice behind me. “Poor guy, am I right? You should’ve seen his face when I appeared right in front of him out of nowhere. Bewilderment and horror complement each other so well on a person’s countenance. I can only imagine how sweet his scream would’ve been if I’d let him.” It took me what felt like a century to turn around and look at the figure behind me. A chill ran down my spine. It was the pizza guy. Blood covered his smirking mouth, dripping down his chin, his neck, and into his shirt. His eyes are black. “Will you scream for me?” he asked gently. Before I could react, he had me pinned to the wall. My hands went up to my throat where he held me. My feet kicked uselessly in the air. It was difficult to breathe. “Consider it my tip for the pizza. Thanks again for inviting me in.” He grinned to reveal sharp teeth, stained with blood. And that was it. I closed my eyes and braced myself for the pain. There was nothing I could do. Nothing. Nothing? No . . . there was something. A noise. I opened my eyes. The vampire stood motionless, mouth agape, breathing unevenly, staring in disbelief at his chest where a metal rod had pierced through his flesh. A choking noise came from his lips as he spat up black blood. Then with a final gurgle he fell to the ground where he eventually wasted away into ash. I landed hard on the ground, head spinning, mouth dry. It hurt to move. I looked up to see J-Hope, panting heavily. He was covering his bloodied neck with his left hand. A fire poker was clutched in his right. “Can you stand?” he finally breathed. He tossed the poker to the floor and helped me to my feet. As I took in his facial features, I began to cry. “I’m so happy you’re okay,” I said as I hugged him. He wrapped his right arm around me, softly stroking my hair. “I thought I had lost you. You weren’t . . . moving . . . and . . .” I felt cold and numb, my nerves were shot, and salty tears burned my eyes. “Just don’t ever leave me again, okay?” I sniffed and took a couple of long breaths. It was when I had calmed down a bit, that’s when I realized that something was wrong. J-Hope’s hand had stopped moving. His muscles tensed and his breathing had stopped. “Hobie? Why are you looking at me like that? Hobie?” His eyes are black. So uh, yeah. Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it. Let me know if I should try to post stuff like this more often. I have a couple of other weird stories that I think I could modify into fanfics in the future. Have a nice day! @resavalencia @Junhwanbae92 @Bangtanss @BBxGD @KwonOfAKind @MelissaGarza @luna1171 @Storiamom426 @JiyongLeo @Isolate @MonAnnahiX @lovetop @VixenViVi @KaiLuhan4ever @SugaKookieV @BrennaTran @IsoldaPazo @ChaErica @Helixx @StefaniTre @Tigerlily84 @VKookie47 @Qilin94 @AimeeH @royalpandajedi @DayDaySMDC @KokoroNoTakara