kpop oh my stress
kpop oh my stress
Kpop Idol High
what if your high school had your favorite kpop idols? And only you knew them but in this world they didnt know what they where gonna fo in life..... lol my own little twist to this..... well if my high school was overrrun by Idol here are the ones i believe were be there..... PROM KING: Youngwoo Jaejoong would be the prom king of this highschool....everything about him from head to toe is perfect... hes handsome and he will be the center of the crowd.... his handsome figure with the vibe of a cold person but in reality very sweet.and funny.... PROM QUEEN: Out prom queen would be Ailee.....She is so outgoing and funny...but along with that she has a perfect figure with a bright personality.... she would always be the center of attention but that would never get to her she is always nice and those who get bullied and she helps out.when someone is in need... CLASS CLOWN: Wang Jackson.....hes the funniest guy of all of them he could be sitting in class and all you have to do is look at him too laugh....he always has some body gags to pull off even when he doesnt want too.... his nickname is wang monkey....because he always does the gorilla lips especially when the teacher gets mad.....Even the teachers dont hate jackson(actually they named him that and it spread) VALEDICTORIAN: Lim Si wan.....Hes smart i mean everyone goes to him when they need help with their work or homework....hes always their when needed.....he had passed all his classes with A´s and only once got B.... His IQ is so high.... But along with the valedictorian spot he is very Handsome...and Good looking.... but the question is who is his prom date??? me??? you???? MOST LIKELY TO SUCEED: Woozi.... He would suceed in the music High school He was the best at what he was doing.... He starting writing his own lyrics and helping.others in vocal classes.... hr was also able to teach(and at such a young age)...He also helped produce or work on ansong they wanted to use at the high school for performances at the studia anf he was the one to do it all..... HEAD JOCK: Lee Kikwang would be the Head Jock of the high school i mean Jaejoong might have been crowned king but this guy right here had girls coming from every corner... he has also broken alot if hearts(i mean which jock hasnt) He has brought his team to mamy wins throughout highschool... Along with being the Head Jock he is also very very good looking and had a high IQ....along with a Girlfriend HEAD CHEERLEADER: Jung Hyosung... She is the head cheerleader of the highschool and always has guys at her feet but other than that she has a boyfriend but would you like to know.....Jusy kidding ill tell you....who else would it be other than the Head Jock of course.... Well other than being Head cheerleader she is very talented she has taken cheer leading since she was a kid she has also taken dance lessons.... REBEL: D.O....Dont falk for his cute eyes and chubby face.... He is a real Rebel....and dont forget his height....And just because he is short dont.mean anything he always has something to snap at you or back at you....He never shows up to class if he does he sleeps.... He has gotten the nickname some of the Highschool kids.....But you know hes a rebel he dont like that... but thats not all he is actually squishy on the inside he is very kind and soft hearted but he doesnt like to deal with stupid people....