Kpop 사랑
Kpop 사랑
In A Relationship With Suho- Part 2
So we're close to the end lol. I'm kinda sad this series is ending :( Maybe I should do another group after this??? >Part 1 “I’m coming over right now.” “No, Suho it’s-” You stop mid-sentence to sneeze, grabbing a handful of tissues from your bedside and blowing your nose. When you return to the call you’re disappointed to see that your boyfriend has already hung up, which probably means that in twenty or so minutes he’ll be at your doorstep nagging you about getting sick. Your suspicion turns out to be right, about a half-an-hour later your doorbell rings and there is Suho, wrapped up in a scarf and hat, two bags in his hand, one from the pharmacy and one from the grocery store. You cough before you can greet him, Suho quickly letting himself in and locking the door. Without a moments hesitation he takes of his scarf and instead wraps it around you. “Don’t take that off.” He warns, shrugging off his coat and heading toward the kitchen. You follow him, rubbing at your tired eyes as you manage to ask him what he’s bought. “Medicine, more tissues, tea, and soup - lots of soup.” You make a face, but Suho just orders you back into bed. Turning around you pad back to your room without an argument, slipping under the warm covers and waiting for Suho to finish whatever he’s up to. To be honest, you feel sort of bad that he rushed over here just to take care of you. When he’d called you had tried to pretend sounding healthy, but after a while Suho told you to give up the act, your raspy voice and constant muffled sneezing was a dead giveaway. You had begged him not to come over, assuring him that you were fine and dealing with it on your own, but Suho’s well known for being a totally worry wart so there was no way you could have stopped him from coming over. As much as you felt guilty about making him so concerned, you couldn’t help but be slightly happy that he cared enough to make such a big deal. “Oh, I brought this with me too. Put it on, it’s big and it’ll keep you warm.” You hear Suho from the doorway and you sit up in bed. You see that he’s got your apron on over his clothes and in his hand is a big comfy sweater that you’ve seen him wear a couple of times before. Tossing it over onto the bed, he disappears back into the hall before you can say anything and you lean over to touch it, smiling stupidly to yourself. Even though your temperature is over one hundred and your entire body aches, you feel genuinely happy in this moment, slipping the sweater on and letting the sleeves hide your fingertips as you cuddle back into bed. _____ Suho manages to somehow get your door open with his foot, in his hands he balances a tray with a bowl of soup, a cup of steaming hot tea, and a couple of tablets that you presume is the medicine he’s bought. Carefully, he sits down by your side, first giving you the pills and then the tea, helping you drink it and telling you to open your mouth so he can check that you’ve swallowed. Once you’re done, you reach over for the spoon, but Suho swats your hand away. “Ah- you’re not going to let me eat?” You ask, sounding nazzily and weird. “Of course I am, but……I’m going to feed you……” The air in the room is awkward for a minute, you’re thankful for Suho’s scarf because you can hide your red face in it, but Suho on the other hand does his best to keep his eyes planted to the tray. Somehow you know that he’s blushing too. “Is that ok?” He finally asks, slowly shifting his gaze to yours. He looks rather handsome when he’s being sincere and shy, brown eyes hopefully searching yours. Suddenly you feel even more bashful, worrying about how you look right now, probably like a mess since you’ve been rolling around in bed all day. Instead of answering, you just nod and Suho grins, bringing the spoon down into the bowl, blowing on it to cool it down and then offering it out to you. You open your mouth, letting Shuo feed you, and doing your best to avoid eye contact. You’re sure your heart is pounding a mile a minute, but Suho is so sweet and caring that you can’t just tell him no. When he’s done, cleaning up and returning the tray to the kitchen, you burrow yourself under the blankets and try to calm yourself down. Even with a sore throat, fever, and headache, you still manage to get this worked up about your own boyfriend, but before you can suffocate under the covers in embarrassment, Suho comes back in and asks you to move over a bit. You do, scooting your body to the center of your bed and blinking in confusion when Suho slips in beside you. Sitting upright against the headboard, he instructs you to lay your head in his lap. With soothing touches, he combs his fingertips through your hair, tracing behind the back of your ear and sending shivers down your spine. “Sleep will make you feel better jagi, so do your best to rest as much as you can.” He says, letting his cool fingers run down your neck. It’s a nice feeling against your burning skin and soon enough you’re dazzing off. Suho leans down to give you a collection of kisses on your cheek and temple, already you can feel yourself teetering on the brink of sleep. Before you completely pass out, you hear Suho say one last thing. “Promise me you won’t get sick again…..” _____ Waking up, you feel your head is tucked into someone’s chest. When you look up, you see Suho’s awake and smiling, his hands now clasped around your waist. “How are you feeling?” Is his first question and you take a moment to process it. “A lot better actually!” You laugh, noticing that your fever and headache are gone. Suho smiles and for a moment it looks like he’s about to give you kiss, but then he stops. “Oh no.” You raise an eyebrow. “What is it?” “I think I’m going to-” And he sneezes, covering his nose and mouth with his hand and widening his eyes in terror. You look back at him and groan. “Suho, I got you sick!” “I’m no-” He sneezes again, accompanied by a loud cough. He looks so shocked that you can’t help but giggle a little. “Yeah, you’re sick. Good thing you bought all that soup.” And you place a kiss on his cheek and help him get into bed. <3 *WARNING!!! SMUT ENDING* His lips captured yours so hard your teeth clashed against one another’s. His hands tangled in your hair and clenched around, tugging roughly which gained a small whimper from you. He held you tightly by the waist and pushed you backwards until you fell onto the bed. His hands came down beside your head, you wouldn’t be able to escape even if you wanted to. He delved for you neck, he was a lot rougher than he usually was. Everything was pouring out, his lust that only increased during the night. You liked this new side of him, the more dominant, angrier side. You felt his lips press against your neck and then his teeth bit down, not hard enough to bleed but hard enough to leave a love bite. You could feel his member brushing up against your thigh, he wasn’t that hard a second ago, you let out a little whine when he brushed up against you once more, you were getting wet quickly. You didn’t know how much longer you’d be able to last. You laid there helplessly as Suho pulled your shirt from your body, along with your bra, his hands grazed across your breasts and made their way to your trousers. He looked at you for permission and you nodded seeing that he needed release and he needed it now. He slid your clothing down your legs and used his teeth to drag your panties along with them. Biting his bottom lip, his mouth found yours again. His tongue slipped through your lips and began to explore your mouth. You slipped your hand down his pants. As your hands found their way under the waistband of his boxers and grabbed hold of his member he let out a pleasurable grunt. He was so hot, you began to move your hand and you felt him shudder against your lips. As your speed increase, he quickly threw your hand back down and stood up to take off his remaining clothing. He started to unzip his black suit pants and dropped them; you gulped after looking at his growing erection under his boxers he pulled them down setting it free. “Suck it” he demanded, and you followed, taking as much as you could in your mouth you started pumping your head up and down but that hadn’t been enough for Suho, he grabbed your head and thrusted into your mouth, you choked at his length but that didn’t stop him. He threw he head back. “God….that mouth….” You give his member one last bob before letting it slide out of your mouth with a pop. He was back on top of you quickly. His hands wrapped around your wrist and pressed them into the bed. Still holding one of your wrists, his free hand ran down your folds. You let out a desperate moan and he took that as his time to move. He pressed into you slowly as deep as he possibly could and then, almost instantly, pulled almost all the way out and slammed back in. You cried out and he released a deep groan with every thrust. He pressed his chest against yours and his head nestled into your shoulder. His fingers entwined with yours and his pace sped up. The room was filled with the sounds of his hips hitting yours and your gasps of pleasure. Your name began to linger on his lips, your hands clawed at his back, trying to get him as close as possible and his pace soon became erratic. He quickly pulled himself up and held onto your hips, hitting you in the right spot that sent a shiver down your spine and caused an audible whimper. He hit it again and soon you had reached your climax just around the time he did. With one final thrust he collapsed onto you. Hot and out of breath. Eventually, he rolled onto his side and brushed your now messy hair from your face. “I think I’m better now.” He admitted with a husky tone and a kiss. You shook your head. “I bet.” You laugh as you pressed your face up against his bare chest. <3 I'm just gonna go hide in my hole lol.... 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My Top 15 Biases Challenge!
This was so hard and I hated it! I had 40 baises on the list and had to get down to 15! That is over half my babies missing!!! So this is my top 15 loves (but I love all my baises!) It's not really in a set order just generalized to get to my top feels haha BIT-TO from Up10tion He is my boy. He is so cute but has a deep amazing rapping voice!! He is also a ver talented dancer!! My Rookie Bais here ^^ Park Shin Hye She is an amazing actress, and her dancing is 대박!! She is so cute and gorgeous! I love her dramas and movies and hope she does a new drama soon! Also she is a super cute boy XD and her singing is good too ^^ Leo from Vixx My presh Lion. He is my quiet beauty and when he talks he is hilarious! His vocals are beautiful and boy has range. He also like to undress the other members so how can you not love him XD KyungIl from History! The Abs idol for sure, and watching him work out should be illegal! He is a great leader Appa to the boys and a great rapper! Sunggu from High4 I fell in love with this insta post and never looked back. He is my love and baby can sing! Look at that smirk and lip bite! How can you not fall in love ^^ He is a great dancer and leader to the Family! HighTop from BigFlo My newest bias! He is just idk great and afraid of hamsters, it is so cute XD He is also a beast rapper! He definitely has a maknae feel and loves messing around! Jackson from Got7 As you see, he has an important roll XD He is so out going and adorable. He is sexy and wild so he does his job ㅋㅋHe is a talented Martial artist and a great rapper (even if he doesnt consider himself a rapper just a person who raps XD) Amber from F(X) She is my femrap idol! So cute and gotta love a tomboy. I want to be her bestfriend! She can get me shoes and we can hang out with all her Hyungs lol Daesung from BigBang He is my freaking happy pill! Look at that smile and try not to feel good like I dare you! Also he gave me a finger heart at the concert and I love him XD plus he does a cute butt dance Suga from BTS He snuck up on me so hard and attacked out of no where, I didnt have a BTS bias and BAM this boy hits me. We would nap together so hard XD I need his Mixtape like 5 years ago so lets get on that kkkkk Heechul from Super Junior I love him. Like really so much, almost as much as he loves himself (goals) He is needed in this world and I will never get enough! He always says something unexpected and great! He isn't afraid to be honestly which is hard to do in this industry. He also does what he wants XD He's also great at girl group dances just fyi Kim WooBin JUST LOOK AT HIM. LIKE REALY OMO WHO LET YOU BE SO BEAUTIFUL. I love his acting so much. His Dramas and Movies are great. He is a damn good model and I want to hug his dinosaur face! (at his official fan club induction he asked people to stop sending him dinosaurs cause he had so many) like just marry me? okay? okay! Lee HongKi from FtIsland I love his personality so much. He worked so hard on his music and I'm so proud. His first solo was amazing! He is great to his friends and still loves to eat, drink and have fun! He is a huge talented goof and I love him! He worked so hard to get where he is now and I could not be happier for him. Props for his love of nail art even if he sucks at doing his own nails XD He could also drink me into a coma so propts on that too XD SHINee OT5. I'm serious. I bias each and every member. I love them all so much, like i can't even explain it! They brought me into kpop and I will never forget it. Forever a Shawol <3 As a group they are so talented! Their vocals a great and i love where their styles is going. They will always be top for an amazing dance performance! (just won an award at mamas for it) Now to each member! Onew is a cute goof ball with a great voice and a great leader to my boys. He loves to eat and always makes cute little songs. He is so sweet and adorable! The Onew condition is a thing and I love it! (Now show them abs dammit XD) Jong is so talented and I love all the songs he has written for the group. His vocals slay me everytime and His radio show is great. (He just won an DJ award ^^) Taemin is not a maknae to be messed with. He can go from cute to hot damn in .01 seconds. His vocals have grown so much and He is such a skilled and beautiful dancer. He always pushes himself for us and i love it ^^ Key is my Sassy Diva. He is so expressive and its great. He always speaks his mind and does what he wants. He is a great appa to his babies (his puppies XD) He knows the most English so thank for that XD I wish he would dress me like he has some fashion skills XD Minho... well lets get to that Choi Minho My Ultimate Bias that is above the rest. Really I will put him first before any others. This is my offical Korean Husband. I don't even know where to start with this. I mean obviously he is gorgeous. He is a visual for sure and now that he is older and more comfortable, he is showing it off often. (It might for real kill me) but yay for sharing that beautiful bod! He looks good in anything! (its almost annoying lol) Like just going to a venue he looks like a model in jeans and a tshirt. His Aegyo is so freaking cute! He can do all of it and its so adorable. He can make me scream with just a cute Bwing Bwing. Part of why he is such a good MC lol His acting is great. It show anouther side to him and I love it! Plus living out a love story is great for me. He is improving so much too and I'm happy about that. I hope he does lots of Dramas and Movies that he is proud of. He is a great person too. Hyung Whore is a joke title but really he is so friendly and nice that he can get close to so many people. It makes me happy that he has so much love around him. His dance is well magic lol obvs he has those looonnnggg legs and he can use them. If i go through to many more thrust again I might die. (Stay tuned for thr funeral!) His Vocals Singing wise has come a long way too, he even gets some solo lines now!! He is a rap god and you will never tell me otherwise. He has worked so hard and written so much to improve and show his skills. He will always be my dibidibidaebak rapper Flaming Charisma is real. He can set you on fire with just a look and he can smooth talk you to dead in one line. He is so sweet and cute with kids! On SHINee Baby he was the Appa and it was like a little baby minho. It is so cute it hurts to watch! He is still a hugh goof. He loves to joke and laugh and play pranks. He is sassy and fun and it just fills me with joy. He is soooooooo competitive! I love to watch him compete because he is serious and you can tell he is having a blast! Any game and sport you can pick, I'm sure he'd do his best to win! I would love to play games with him because im the same way ㅋㅋ This is long and gushy soooo I'll stop now XD So I love him. No amount of words could fully express it. He is #1 forever and always. I will be a wrinkly old 아줌마 talking about my love for SHINee's Minho to my grandbabies. I love Choi Minho THE END Sooooo do we share a Bias? let me know!! Are you going to look at any of them now that you see why I love them? Thank you for anyone who tagged me and if you haven't done it yet! I tagggg you!! ^^
B.A.P reacts to fans reacting to YOUNG WILD &FREE
OMGGG NOOOOOO WHAT JUST HAPPPEN oh yesss it happened everyone I can't believe it B.A.P watched fans reaction to Young Wild and Free and Damn it was sooo cutte and adorable to seee I loved ittt I can't believe they watch their fans reactions 1) This fanboy was soo excited soo hype soo hype soo emottional I was embarassed for him yes but this ws really sweeet to c on how they enjoyed his reaction. Daehyun was soo happy yongguk was smiling the whole and youngjae was followng his moves lol :D 2) This reaction was fun to c as he was completely enjoying the video and all B.A.P had fun watching it 2. I Completely love this one sooo much as the girls were jus sooo adorable to c sooo excited and B.A.P I think loved these adorable girls reaction. This was sooo cutte the girls had cutte reaction and at the video there is a part when Yongguk oppa is actually checking them out lol that was cutte. omgg This is still unbelievable I was wondering how these fans felt as B.A.P react to their reactions BONUSS !! Since I said I was curious so I watched dis and I want to share this with you 2 A fan reactionvideo of B.A.P reacting to his reaction omgg its ok if you guys didn't watch all the videos I just can't believe that this happened so I want to share it with you all I think they will be reacting to more videos but I am not sure should I share more videos let me know in comments If you guys do want to c more videos if they react to more videos I will share it. Happy Weekend Happy Holiday Everyone @OsoaVIPUnnie @OrchidWonder @amobigbang @Riha @destiny1419 @sarangseoltang @cthulu @ivyvega1245 @StefaniTre @xoxoaudra98 @jaekeulrin @AlexaGarcia @minghaoisbae @MaraWhite @saraortiz2002 @osnapitzlilred @Marilovexoxo @MorganElisabeth @veentea @jeppblackmen @ChelseaJay @Myaisnotsexy j @kpopgirl247 @Gina7721 @nnatalieg @zoexoxo @mandisellers13 @MimiZu17 @DestinyGLove @Msrayray95 @LoriBee @tayunnie @DeannaWalker @3xxxxxx0 @DonyalleRogers @MimiZu17 @MaryBrychel @OsoaVIPunnie @EmilyGardner @veeyang5 @kpopcorn @StarBabes @StephyBAP @xoxoaudra985 @bts486 @poojas@jiggzy19 @PassTheSuga @StephanieDuong @KatieWarren @KpopGaby @caitlind9898 @blazinpurplehl @Foxxyjinxx @FrankilliMambo @SaranghaeMariX0 @chelsiec25 @baileykayleen @stevieq @najalong @ErinGregory @netchtiBates @SashaLove @icanteven @heidichiesa @9thMuse @DianaKpop58 @aliciasalinas @zoila205 @AimeeH @AmariAlexander @luotl88 @CrystalBlunt@DianaCastaneda @carolinacastane @jluma21 @YeseniaLira @joykeeem @B2utyrisa @VaneRodriguez @VIPforever123 @kimikodragon @BonnieDomo @SarahHawkins@TMinusEleven @TMinusEleven @Ccandela97 @AngelaPearson @Soulsearcher97 @nightshade18 @KutieKiKi @l3sli3larock3r @jaywoveu @carolinacastane @Suju4evr @kpopis100 @Emealia@ktiffany97 @AraceliJimenez @yessiex3 @SerenaMcG @MorleeCorielus @JosiTorres @frisky199123@AkiraCondry @DulceOjeda @ReddViolet @nykechun @szewwy @MayTaeyang @kpopgirly101@VixenViVi @Monsonna @ParkMeiFan @lianakimura @lamrotamrot @ellenzhao2000@WafflesDrowing @DenieceSuit @nancycappa @Aripendragon @ShadowAnggel87 @kpop14young@ChelseaKing @LmJSuper @kpopandkimchi @deemonster100 @katiewarren @chandnip804 @stevieq @yoaikpopfan32 @Dahliadang @DianaCastaneda @boramjean @AngelLee22 @9thMuse @chelsiec25 @AmberMaze @AngelJoong86 @TatiCee @KpopGaby @supershowolarmy @YeseniaLira @kiarastiger @KDramaKPop1015 @B2utyrisa @sweetkpxp @Taehyvng @SaranghaeMariX0 @DianaKpop58 @DulceFuentes @LmJSuper @blazinpurplehl @MichiGo4L @Drizzly88 @trashlord @taehyung95 @solodaywithB1A4@JukiLove @jenncrystalv @CynthiaGarcia93 @caitlind9898 @AgentLeo @lamrotamrot @ErinGregory @l3sli3larock3r @katiems @deemonster100 @katiewarren @chandnip804 @stevieq @yoaikpopfan32 @Dahliadang @sammha @DianaCastaneda @boramjean @AngelLee22 @9thMuse @chelsiec25 @SidMontgomery @SadiChoi @AliciaOLeary @kfeind7 @arielleg2000 @daydreamer1221 @DaisyMartinez @AmberMaze @AngelJoong86 @TatiCee @KpopGaby @supershowolarmy @PrincessNelson @mayawar @braye97 @estelaevezenee @TamsinSkye @YeseniaLira @mendozaleslie12 @JudithAyala @JukiLove @Valerie816 @Yujinnn06 @airreuhl @MelodyLi @Eesis @ellenzhao2000 @Alejandra94 @kiarastiger @KDramaKPop1015 @SamanthaDuron15 @gijan0298 @B2utyrisa @sweetkpxp @Taehyvng @SaranghaeMariX0 @DianaKpop58 @iGOT7BangtaBoys @DulceFuentes @jongdae @starlightangel3 @veselovskayavic @LmJSuper @Byunniie @EliseSewell @OFWGSailorWxlff @seouldreamer391@panouvang123 @VixenViVi @netchtiBates @blazinpurplehl @MichiGo4L @Drizzly88 @trashlord @taehyung95 @solodaywithB1A4 @JukiLove @jenncrystalv @CynthiaGarcia93 @momo14e @DannyNeders @TMinusEleven @caitlind9898 @JonesyonMars @AshleyGrubham @sarahmoss @AgentLeo @SharayahTodd @DianaBell @trollied @Sheniie @celesteyc @DesiraeLo @lamrotamrot @KaceyDodge @DanieTate @warjeensuleiman @RochelleDiamondh @k8wnba20 @bvvue @maralatto @swaqmasterbecky @kpopchicken @CristelaLoz @AnnaNaumova @adorkabledolly @yessiex3 @ErinGregory @PamelaPenaloza @kpoplover14 @Emealia @KatelynSummerso @l3sli3larock3r @robertakm64 @MagicBananas @tayyylorx @KatieRussell @kimleekwonshin @sugajin94 @BelencitaGarcia @kyungsooselbow @Alinaxx94 @AkiraCondry @Foxxyjinxx @ygvip21 @liuser5ever @hehemo1 @WonnieLee @Mikim000 @k8wnba20 @samanthaa100 @JazzyPie @srhyne12 @DevonArce @laugh7love7live @katiems @Ashleytorres467 @panopticlove @paigebennish @vicky1990 @kpopandkimchi @MattK95 @DancingPartytme @aabxo @jiggzy19 @poojas @PasstheSuga @VixenViVi @KpopGaby @swaqmasterbecky @SharayahTodd @Taijiotter @stevieq @Emealia @DianaCastaneda @robertakm64 @sugajin94 @StephanieDuong @shannonl5 @AngelJoong86 @deilig @chandnip804 @blazinpurplehl @AgentLeo @ErinGregory @DevonArce @aliciasalinas @adorkabledolly @daisyzheng02 @BluBear07 @baileykayleen @YasmineYoona @BlackXShield @JukiLove @namelessx @justmeplz1998 @tayunnie @MacyAppleton @sherrysahar @ocherrylimeadeo @DeadlyCyanide @kimleekwonshin @candyland1986 @amazingangelini I don't know if you all B.A.P fans but its a dream come true such a sweet moment to all kpop fans I think you all will be interested in seeing this. What do you all think ?