My Top 10 K-Pop habits. Challenge
(This photo above is just A Cover photo because I thought it was cute.) Here is a another challenge I created. This is my Countdown of my Top ten K-pop habits That I catch myself doing, and sometimes in front of other people, but I don't realize that I do these things sometimes. The list will go from Least to greatest, meaning that The last one on my countdown is my Biggest K-pop habit. Here we Go. #10. "RRRRRAVEH!!!!" Yes, this is a pretty big K-pop habit for me. I do this a lot, but I normally don't do it in front of people. I usually say it when nobody is around, Dog knows it. I'm not kidding. I've said it a couple of times while feeding her, so she thinks whenever I shout "RRRRRAVEH!!!" That means I'm going to feed her. #9. Saying "WOAH!!!" With Yongguk in "Power." Sometimes I catch myself Randomly singing "We've Got the Power WOAH!!!" And when I'm listening to the song, the only part I sing is "WOAH!" I have done this in front of people. #8. "Hmm? Eoseo wa, Bangtaneun Cheoeumiji?" Yes. I Say This A LOT! I even have it as my Message tone. So Whenever I get a text message, Oppa will ask me if I'm new to Bangtan, But his Voice is so sexy. That's why I have him as my Message tone. #7. "Making Kissing Noise with Zico." In his solo song "I am you, You are me" there is a part in the song where he Makes a Kissing sound, and I always without fail do it with him. Lol. I really can't listen to that song in front of people Because I don't realize I do it, but I caught myself doing it one day. #6. makes Kissing noise with Ravi. In the beginning of "Love equation" Ravi Blows a Kiss at the screen, and I always do it along with him. #5. "WARRIOR HOO!!!" Sometimes I go around Randomly Shouting "WARRIOR HOO!!!" Sometimes my mom will shout "WARRIOR!" And I'll respond "HOO!!!" #4. "BANG BANG BANG!!!" Whenever I get angry at someone, I pretend to pull out a gun, and I shout "Bang Bang Bang!!!" My Dad thinks it's hilarious when I do that. #3. "YOU LIKE???" A lot of times, I go around asking "YOU LIKE???" In TOP's Voice. My dad has even picked it up from me. Lol he doesn't know where it comes from though. #2. "Aight!!!" I CANNOT STOP MYSELF FROM SAYING THIS!!! I say it all the Freakin' Time!!! And Finally my Biggest Kpop Habit...*Drum Roll*.... #1. "CHYEAH!!!" Yes. I say this ALL THE TIME!!! Sometimes I even add "Ya Na' Mean!?" What are your Top Kpop habits that you do? You can either let me know in the comments or you can Make a card with your list. Just please Tag me if you do. πŸ€—