GOT7's Just Right track list!
It'll be here sooner than you think! (Make sure to Mark your calendars for July 13th!) Got7 will be releasing their third mini-album, Just Right, this month! And they just revealed the track list for the album! We can look forward to 6 new awesome Got7 songs! 1. Just Right Got7 is just right for us. I wonder who's just right for them? Lyric: “I like absolutely everything about you so ease your heart/ Don’t worry at all, you can believe these words 100 percent.” 2. Before the Full Moon Rises Are we going to see some badass Got7 wolf dance moves here? I hope we do. LOL Lyric: “The time for the last train is approaching, and I’m really unsatisfied/ I wish your house was a little bit farther away/ The path I take to walk you home feels way too short.” 3. My Whole Body is Reacting I don't even want to see the choreo for this song. It's probably overflowing with fan service! Lyric: “When I see you, when I hear you/ I keep reacting and reacting again/ I don’t want to be this way, why does my heart not listen to me.” 4. Nice They aren't nice to each other, but they'll be nice to us fans! Lyric: “My eyes are blinded, I am lovestruck by you, so beautiful that although I keep looking I don’t get tired of this view.” 5. Mine Jr. being the possessive Got7 mom as usual. Now we might get to see all of Got7 being possessive in this song! Lyric: “Don’t look anywhere else even for a second/ I can’t just watch, I just can’t lose you/ I have to be the only one next to you.” 6. Back to Me Back to who...Bambam? Control yourself, you aegyo child! Lyric: “I will be fine, I’m going to try/ Don’t worry my baby/ I will promise you my everything, I pray to that moon for our love,” the lyrics read. Are you looking forward to these songs? The official track list (below), titled "Wish List" has the song lyrics next to each title. (Credit to translations). You guys excited??? @nenegrint14 @PassTheSuga @christy @kiarastiger @9thMuse @LinnyOk @GCLyall @YeseniaLira @kkkc @deemonster100 @panouvang123 @KpopGirl17 @Toykopop @Dahliadang and any other Got7 fans!!!