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College Affairs Ch.5
Who: Park Jaebeom x Reader What: Smutmance ( inbred child of Romance and smut) Story: Ordinary girl. Ordinary Guy. And sweet sweet drama. Y/N's POV I woke up early and called my Aunt to ask her what she wanted to talk about. She sounded heart broken and asked me to come over in person around noon. So I took a shower and got dressed then headed out to her place. It was a beautiful day with a little breeze. Shades of early spring just arriving prompted me to wear my blue blouse with white kapris and brown sandles. Simple and quick. I took a cab to my old home and knock on the door. Normally, I'd just walk in but I want time to prepare myself in case my parents were there. It's not that I didn't trust my Aunt I just suspected that after what I pulled yesterday they might've gone through her. Who do they want me to meet anyone? I don't like meeting people, they wouldn't know that though. They don't know me at all. Anyway, my Aunt comes to the door and welcomed me in and I immediately notice she looks worn down. Her face is slightly paler than normal and she has dark circles under her eyes. This can't be about my parents. They've never done anything to make her look like this. Although, the longer I look her over and see how clean the house is I wonder if maybe they said something to her. I got my obsession with cleaning when I'm nervous or anxious from her. I look at her as she puts her hands in her pockets. My Aunt is in her early forties mean while, my uncle is in his mid forties. My Uncle dresses like a lawyer even when he's not working. He was the guy that did a lot of probono work. He believed in helping people in need. As I think about my Uncle and as I look at my Aunt I realize, Jay is right. I did chase after the wrong parents and I still am but I have no idea how to break a twenty year old cycle. They loved me like their own. They love me even now. Looking at my Aunt, I feel off. I feel some need to cry because I feel pain in my chest but I don't what from. I just look at her and say, "What's going on?" "Sit down Beauty, we need to talk." "Is this about my parents?" "What? No Beauty I haven't talked to your parents in a while." "You don't know they're back in Seoul?" She shook her head. So I nodded and walked into the living room with her. We sat down on opposite couches. She looked really worn down. She keeps calling me Beauty and she barely sustains eye contact. She started calling me Beauty when the kids in school made fun of the fact that I had colored skin. Even if I wasn't as dark as my other colored ancestors could be, I still had enough color and even features to prove I was a mixed girl. She always called me Beauty to counter act what they called me: outsider and ugly. Someone asked me if I considered getting my skin bleached. By that time I couldn't even be offended I just walked away. "You said your parents are back in Seoul? For how long?" she asked. "I don't know but I'd like very much not to see them again." I said raking a hand through my hair. I leaned over allowing my elbows to rest on my knees and I tried to make eye contact with her. This was serious I know it and now that I know it wasn't about my parents I some how felt anxious to find out why she was acting like this. Why did she look so tired? "What happened?" I asked her. She sniffled slightly and placed a hand on her head like she was magically forcing tears to stay where they were. I could see them brimming though, I could see them getting close to spilling over. She sniffed again and then laced her fingers together. "It's about your Uncle-he -um... He has cancer." "What?" I said confused. "It's gotten bad. We can't pay for treatments so-" "So? So what he just- dies?" I said hurt. She looked up at me hurt too. I know that was harsh but I was feeling this. My Uncle was my father; he loved me, they both did. He was a good man and he was dying. I don't know if I can handle that, I don't know if I can survive that. "Just stop paying my tuition I don't need it." I said. "No, you're going to finish college, we agreed on that already." "My schooling doesn't mean anything compared to his life." "Jiwon doesn't want you stopping your education because of this Y/N. We've both discussed it. You have to finish-it's what he wants." my Aunt says. "What will it matter if he's dead by then?" I said with angry tears burning my eyes. I really didn't want to be mean to her. I could see so much pain on her face. I could tell how hard this was for her. I knew that this was going to be difficult on all of us, my grandparents too. I knew all of this but I was so angry. I was so hurt by this because he didn't deserve it. This shouldn't have been the way his life ended and it was killing me. So I stood up, I gave my Aunt a hug and kissed her head but I left immediately after that. She was calling after me but I couldn't stay. I couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't say anything else that would break her heart. My birth father, Han Seung-joo, should be the one dying of cancer. Wasting away bitterly because of the lack of things he's done in his life. Selfish people should be pushed out of the world not good ones. Not selfless people who would do anything for anyone. Not my Uncle. My REAL father. I had my hand balled into fists feeling livid beyond what I could comprehend. I had texted Jay while I was in the car when his party was, he said the 16th that was sometime soon. I wondered if I should still go. I told him I would but given what I just found out he'd understand, right? Maybe I should just go, maybe I could use the distraction. I couldn't accurately decide based off the confusing emotions I was feeling but I wanted something to cancel out the pain. So I settled for pleasure. "Where are you?" I said as soon as Jay answered his phone. "I'm at Towers right now." he said He was about to ask something else when I hung up. I didn't want him asking me questions. I didn't want to hear him tell me not to come. I took a cab to Towers. The home base where he works. The CEO Jung Kiseok I heard was good looking and was good with his workers. More importantly, he and Jay worked closely with each other and considered each other friends. So hopefully he won't give him too much grief for my planned attack on Jay. I arrived in the building and took the elevator up. It seemed like I didn't need an appointment or a pass just to walk through the place. I headed to the top floor thinking that's where I'll find him. If he's friends with the CEO wouldn't he be working on the top floor? I walk out of the elevator once I get to the top floor and look around. There's a large room that has CEO Jung Kiseok written on the door, in front of it there's a receptionist desk. I look the other way and see another door. Park Jaebeom. I head towards the door when the receptionist looks up, "Excuse me can I help you?" she asked. I looked over at her, "No." Then opened the door to Jay's office. I closed it behind me not caring who was in there before me or what I was interrupting. Jay was at his desk when he looked up and saw me. He had his glasses on and was in a light blue dress shirt with a silver tie. "Y/n? What are you doing here? What's going on?" he asked. I locked the door just as he was walking over and I pulled off my shirt. "Y/n what are you-" "I need this right now." I just interrupted him. A knock came on the door. "Mr.Park is everything okay?" the receptionist's voice came from behind the door. Jay looked at the door and I pulled him down to kiss him hard. My lips crushed his in a heavy hard kiss. My lips plumped up and throbbed from how hard I kissed him and he nipped at my bottom. When he looked at me, he looked confused but he looked turned on as hell. I pressed my body up against his and gripped onto his shirt. "Mr.Park?" she said again. Jay cleared his throat and said, "Yes Hyun Jung, I was expecting her, it's alright." "Yes sir." she says. He picked me up and placed me on his desk and I started going for his shirt. He takes off his tie while I quickly pop through buttons. I don't even bother asking him why he's on a first name basis with the receptionist. I'm not even sure why I care even a little. "Y/N we never do this, what's going on?" he asked while I spill his shirt off his arms. "Stop talking and just Fuck me." I told him. I went for his belt and even though he knows something is off he continues with me. His hands come to my purple bra and he starts to massage my breast through it. My hands go all over his body and then I pull him down to kiss me. "Cupcake." he says. I look at him and he says, "Get on your knees." I didn't even hesitate I already knew what he wanted. He unbuckled his pants and undid his button before he pushed his pants and boxers down. His throbbing heat sat in front of my face and I wrapped my hand around it, moving it slowly up and down while I let my tongue swipe his tip. Then I let my tongue circle around the head before my mouth took in his length. I hollowed out my cheeks and sucked on him. My saliva surrounded his heat and made squishing noises but made it easier for me to move up and down his shaft. Back and forth my head moved, bringing him closer to the back of my throat each time. He started to move his hips back and forth as well with his hand on my cheek. He let out a light groan but he was trying to stay as quiet as possible, considering where we were. He went deeper into my mouth and I had to remind myself to breathe through my nose. I relaxed and continued to bob my head back and forth. I can feel him throbbing in my mouth. I ended up making a slurping sound and moved my hand faster. I heard him cuss softly. He sounded hot, especially when he told me to keep sucking. I sucked him harder and he told me to go faster. I looked up to see him looking down at me, his eyes fucked out and his bottom lip caught between his teeth. "Fuck Cupcake. Get up so I can fuck you." he said. I looked up again with him still in my mouth. His eyes were blown and he was ready for more. I continued sucking though, my hand moved up and down his length faster than before while I sucked him on the tip. "Fuck, Y/N. Come on girl." he said. I came off his tip with a pop and stood up. He cupped my face and started kissing me. He reached down to undo my pants. His hand slipped into my panties once he got my zipper down. He started to draw slow sensual circles on my clit and I already started feeling weak. He started to kiss my neck while he played with my clit. "Damn girl, you're so fucking wet." he whispered on my skin. "Just Fuck me." I told him. He was sucking on my skin until it looked bruised. I scratched his back lightly while his finger slipped between my folds to play in my arousal. "Jay." I moan lightly. His finger was teasing my rim. He would dip his finger in me shallowly but I wanted more, I wanted him deep inside me. Invading every corner of my heat until I was exposed to him completely. "Do you want me cupcake?" he asked. "Yes." I breathed. "You want me to give you more?" he said. "Yes." "You want me to stick this dick inside you?" "Yes." I breathed. He turned me around and pushed my pants off my feet and raised my leg on his desk. I leaned down and felt his dick approach my entrance. "Don't be loud." he warned me. I'm not an idiot, I'm not going to allow his office to know what we're doing in here. However, one heavy thrust inside of my brought out a muffled yelp. Jay just chuckled as he started to move relentlessly inside me. His dick was running along my walls and my entrance tightenend up from his harsh assault. He groaned and smacked my ass a couple times while I threw my ass back. "Is this what you wanted?" he said. He smacked my as again while pounding into me. "Is this what you wanted Cupcake?" "Yes." I managed to breathe out. I grip the desk so hard my knuckles turned white. I arched my back more to give him more access and he felt like he was going deeper. My nipples were perked up while my clit swelled, my entire body was turned on to the max. He was fucking me so hard and so deep I ccouldn't think. It's what I wanted. He gripped onto my ass hard and I felt his nails bite into my skin. It felt so good. I'm amazed, I can't believe how good this feels. Actually I can. His desk rattled while he slamed back into me. My body came to meet his in a violent reunion. His hands gripped my hips harder and then he leaned over and slowed down. So slow I'm begging in whispers for him to fuck me while he kissed the side of my face. His lips reached just below my ear to make me purr. "Jay." I whine. "Come ride me girl." he said. He sat up and pulled me up with him. He sat on the small couch he had lined up against his wall and patted his lap. I don't think we have sex often where I'm facing him. Outside of oral, when he's inside me we normally do it from behind. I rode him a few times before and the only reason he had me ride was when he took my virginity. It was ONLY because I was a virgin. He heard it would be better because I could be in control. He was giving me control this time but I doubt he'd let me keep it for long. Then again, he knows something is wrong; he knows I need this, maybe he will let me take over. I got on his lap and adjusted him to align with me. I went down slowly and gripped onto his shoulders as I did. I started to move on him, my hips rolled back and forth on him. I could feel him slide in and out of me. I moved a little faster, going up and down on him. I worked my hips as much as I could. I felt his hands meet my waist and they followed the rhythm I moved in. "I love how you ride me cupcake." he groaned. I cupped the side of his neck and brought him close to kiss me while I continued my ride. He played with breast while I started to bounce and broke the kiss to try and suck on my nipples. I snapped off my bra so he'd have better access. He then wrapped his arm around my waist and turned us on the couch. I locked my legs around his waist and he got me on my back. He puller my leg off his waist and hiked it up on his shoulder. "I wanna go deep inside you Cupcake." "Do what you want." I told him. He smiled, "You might regret you said that." He covered my mouth while he slammed into me. I moaned hard against his hand. The sound of muffled moans vibrated against his hand while he fucked me hard. He lifted my butt with his other hand and then held my leg steady on his shoulder. He leaned over a little more to get a better angle. He reached deeper inside me, making me go crazy. "You like that Cupcake? You like this dick?" he said. I muffled an affirmation while nodding furiously. He moved the hand on my mouth to hook his arm under my other leg. I covered my own mouth with both my hands, moaning while he destroyed me. "Cum for me Cupcake. I want to see that pretty fucking face when you cum." he encouraged. I gripped onto his arm while I felt the rush coming closer. My nails dug into his arm and he kissed me hard. I broke the kiss for a second of breath to say, "I'm cumming. Jay, Jay. I'm cum-so close." His hand swept under my head and he cradled it in his hand while he came closer to me. He pushed into me deeper hitting a spot that was driving me wild. I cried against his chest while scratching at his back. He felt so amazing, my body felt hot and heavy. We were both sweating and the closer I got the more my body rose to meet with him. I felt light headed in the moment and I cupped Jay's face while he moved. I saw his eyes lock with mine. I merely blinked and felt a tear roll down before I kissed him hard. One last stroke pushed me over an edge so wild I was crying and whining against his lips. He continued to kiss me through my moans but I heard him groan against my lips. My entrance tightened and pulsed around him before he pulled out of me. I could hear his hand rabidly moving on his shaft, each stroke closer and closer to finishing him off. I laid down on my back tired while he finished on my stomach. "Damn girl. You know how to make work exciting." Jay chuckled. He tossed me the tissue boxes and I started to clean myself up. He started to get dressed while gathering my clothes up for me. I sat up and dressed myself while Jay pulled a bottle of water out of his mini fridge. "So are you going to tell me what happened?" he asked. I shook my head. "Y/N you don't do this, it's not normal so what's going on? Or have you fallen for me?" he teased. I looked at him and said, "My Uncle is dying." Jay's smile immediately dropped. "What?" I got up to leave but he caught my arm and yanked me back. He hugged me tight and I could hear his heart racing heavily. I hugged him back but I didn't have the energy to cry. "I'm so sorry." he said. "I'll be okay. I just need to go home." "Hey. I'll stop by later to check on you okay." I just nodded. He kissed my forehead and allowed me to leave. I took the elevator down just as the CEO's door was opening. His receptionist had given me a strange look like she knew what we had done but I didn't care much. All I could think about was my Uncle. What the hell were we going to do? 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College Affairs Ch.4
Who: Park Jaebeom x Reader What: Smutmance ( inbred child of Romance and smut) Story: Ordinary girl. Ordinary Guy. And sweet sweet drama. Y/N's POV Jay walked me up to my front door when he pointed something out. "What's that?" he asked. I looked up at my door to see something attached to it. I figured it was some company thing but, when I got closer it had my name on it. I pulled the folded up paper off the door and opened it. "It's from my parents." I said. "What's it say?" "Um, Y/N we're extremely disappointed that you left us in your home without a word. It's disrespectful especially while we were trying to discuss your future. We have some other things to do but we plan on meeting up with you again. We have someone we want to introduce you to. Please take the time to fix your attitude and behavior, we want to make a good impression honey. Mom and Dad." "Great parents you got there." Jay acknowledged in sarcasm. I just gave a slight scoff. "Yeah the best." I think it made me angrier that they had the nerve to say they were discussing my future like I was in on it. They were clearly hinting around something, I'm not stupid. It wasn't like they were discussing my future WITH me, that would've been different. No, they were just discussing my future like I had no choice in the matter and that pissed me off. I crumbed the paper up in my hand and walked into my apartment after retrieving my spare key. Jay followed in behind me wondering why I was so irritated. "Come on Y/N talk to me." he said gently. I just sighed and put my hand to my head. "There's nothing you can do about it." "Well, maybe not but you can vent to me. I won't tell anyone." he said. I wish I could believe him but there's something in me compelling me to say something because they've got me so frustrated. I've hidden years of pain under my skin and let it seep into my heart, venting it out might feel better than I'm willing to admit. I looked at him from across my kitchen island. Yesterday we had sex here and today he's asking me to open up. Jay's kind of always just been around and from what I know he's never lied to me. So why can't I trust him? I guess I already understand most of my reasoning. I don't really trust anyone to begin with. Trust means letting someone in and I just don't feel like doing that. "Y/N what are you so afraid of? I got you cupcake, no lies." he said. "I want to believe you." I said. "Then why don't you? Life is full of risks and you're saying you have no emotions so how can you feel any pain huh? Using your logic you have nothing to lose." "By using yours I eventually will." I refuted. He stood up and walked over to me. He placed his hands on my arms and walked me back into the corner. I looked down for a second, his leg was between mine and his belt buckle was inches away from me. He had me pinned up in the corner so I couldn't escape. He lifted my chin so I'd look at him again. "I consider you my best friend Cupcake. I always have, now you may not understand me and I sure as hell don't always understand you but I want to. I don't show you that often because I know you'll only push me out but I want to know you better. I want it to feel like we're actually friends." he said His hand cupped my cheek and he kissed my forehead. I looked up at him with doe eyes because I wasn't expecting him to kiss my head. He's gotten close enough where his body language was suggesting something else. I was looking back into his eyes seeing that he was genuine but there was just something else in them that I couldn't understand. I saw him swallow almost cautiously like he was telling his body not to make a mistake. His thumb gently rubbed my cheek made goosebumps rise on my arm. "I don't know what you want from me Jay." I whispered. I didn't mean to whisper but it seemed like I didn't have a voice anymore. "I just want you to tell me what's going on inside of you." I just shook my head lightly. "Nothing. Nothing is ever going on inside me. I just don't feel much." "So what are your parents doing that's frustrating you?" "They're pretending." I answered. Jay backed off a little like he was finally getting somewhere. He gave me space by going back down to where he sat while saying, "Pretending to do what?" "Pretending like they care." "How do you know they don't?" "Nearly twenty years they had me live with my Aunt and Uncle and only came around every once in a blue moon to just sit in my face and discuss plans about me like I never had a say in it. They don't see me as a daughter, they see me as property." I said angry. It was like a snap just being able to go off and vent how I was feeling. "I wanted a family so bad. I wanted my parents but they never really came around to see me it was like they just came around because someone told them they had to. They didn't go to places with me, they didn't have dinner with me they were too busy being rich and fancy for a daughter so they passed me off to a couple that couldn't have one. They didn't care about me they didn't want me. So every time they come see me it frustrates me to no end because I'm old enough now that I don't need their false visits. I don't need them." "Then why do you keep letting them through the door?" he asked. I looked up at him with tears spilling over and running down my face. "Because I want them to want me." I answered. I tried to wipe my face but Jay got up again and came around to hug me. He pulled my head down against his chest and hugged me tightly. I could hear nothing but me sniffling and I felt ashamed of myself for crying but it felt like I had a ball in my heart and it had been hurting me, it was causing tension and stress and now it was all melting away from crying. Of course the ball moved up to my throat because I was straining to stop crying but tears kept rolling no matter how much I fought it. "You know your mother and father loves you so much." he said. I thought it was one of those soft lies people tell to make you feel better. I looked up at him ready to argue his point when he said, "Your Aunt and Uncle were more than your legal guardians, you know that. They loved you and treated you like you were their own daughter. As far as they're concerned, you are; you always will be. You used to get excited about seeing your parents think about how your aunt felt? Think about how she always felt seeing them treat you that way, she probably hated it as much as you did yet she felt obligated because she knew you weren't hers. Not entirely. She knew you wanted them." I wiped my eyes as I listened to him. "You gave your heart to the wrong set of parents and you got your heart broken. I understand that now but you have a family always. Biology doesn't make someone a mother or father, that makes them donors. The way a man and woman love a child, raise them to be the best they can be and support them for who they are- that's a parent." he said. "Jay." I whined slightly. "Stop allowing them to assume like they have a place in your life. If they're not willing to change then you don't need to keep seeing them. You're not obligated to. You've always just let things happen to you, stop doing that. You're no ones property girl. You're just Y/N." he said. I looked at him for a while trying to allow his words to sink in. I sighed and hugged him again. I never realized how warm Jay's body was but he was hot even through his shirt. My ear was pressed against his chest and I could hear his heart rate. It was a little fast for a resting heart rate though. To be frank, my heart rate was up a bit too. "How long are you in Seoul?" I asked. "Six weeks." he answered. "Why so long?" "My mom is having surgery done and my brother won't be back for a while. Plus I have work here I need to do." "Is it serious?" I asked. "No it's just routine paper work, phone calls and negotiation stuff, nothing-" "No I meant the surgery." I asked. "Oh, no. Not too serious. She goes in for surgery in a few days. She just needs someone to help with recovery. I have more free range than dad does when it comes to work so I can easily check up on her more than he can. If I need to leave to get her I can. It would be better if Jehan were here cause he could stay with her but we have to make due." We sat down and caught up with each other like we would've done last night if I had stayed awake. He stayed until midnight before he excused himself. He gave me a hvg and kissed the top of my head before he left out. It wasn't until I was in the shower that I realized we had hung out. Me and Jay actually hung out together like we were friends for the first time in years. There was no sex involved and even though he made a few comments and placed a few kisses on me it was just normal. Surprisingly normal. I found my phone on top of the fridge. I don't even know why it was up there but I saw the messages he was talking about and then I saw the four missed calls from my mother. The first one was probably fifteen minutes after I left, the others were throughout the rest of the day. She must've kept calling to see if I had come back. There was another text on my phone from my Aunt that said, "Hey beauty, we need to talk when you get a chance." I was wondering if it had something to do with my parents. I'd have to call her in the morning. She was probably asleep right now. Jay's POV It's hard to break the habit of teasing Y/N in a sexual manner. Not just because it's how I act but specifically how I act with her. The majority of our dynamic for years was built on sex. I had no one to blame but myself that she assumed I just showed up at her place to sleep with her. When I made that comment about her only being sweet when we have sex, I knew immediately I messed up. I'm just trying to get us back to being friends but it's hard for me when it comes to her. I'm used to the way things were working. I know that no matter how much I want to know her if I don't change my behavior she'll never let me in. I tried not to let the fact that she was venting to me surprise me. I was more focused on her words when she sounded so angry...and hurt. I didn't expect her to cry but I knew those were tears of frustration. I remember telling Hyukwoo that he had to be nice to her because her parents left her with her Aunt. Hyukwoo took it as if she were abandoned and in a way she was but no one in this world could love her more than her Aunt loved her. Y/n was too focused chasing after the wrong people. I understand on some level why she would though. She knew the reality was that her Aunt and Uncle weren't her parents. She was desiring affection from the people that gave her life. I can understand why she wanted love from her birth parents and it probably made it harder for her to just accept her Aunt and Uncle as her parents because her parents still made a point to stop by. Based off the letter she read, they didn't know Y/N at all. That was a fact. Even more, they were so oblivious to the fact that they had a part to play in who she was. How she was formed. It didn't matter how well Mr. And Mrs. Park raised her, Y/n knew two realities about her life: she was born a mixed blood and her parents didnt love her. That's a tough reality for any young child to face. People she's supposed to trust, who are supposed love her unconditionally and want the best for her broke her heart. I understand her lack of trust a lot more now than I did before. It actually hurt me to see her that frustrated. I felt my heart clench and slightly race. I could only think, how could someone do this to their child. Here's a human being a part of you and you treat them like dirt. What does that say about you as a person? Perhaps there would've been less of a problem if they had given her up at birth and then never saw her again but they continued to see her like they were issuing dominance over her. They wanted to control her that's why they kept coming around. I think they saw the hope in her, the little there was, and continued to play on it. Y/N would continue to answer the door for them even though she wanted nothing to do with them. She would continue to hear them out or allow them to disrespect her in such a way because it meant she was in the presence of her birth parents. Setting her free from that was all that I could think of for the rest of the night... When I woke up the next morning, Kiseok was downstairs with a two of our co-workers. "Hey Seonghwa, what's up?" I said getting one of them with a bro hug. "Hey how are you?" he said. "Good." "Haven't you heard, he's infatuated." Kiseok said. "Oh, with whom?" Seonghwa said. "Is it that secretary on the fifth floor that always wears the tight pencil skirts because I hear she's sleeping with someone on the eighth." Mintake, another of his workers, said. I laughed and said, "Nah, it's nothing, this clown over here is exaggerating shit." "Oh come on Jay, every time you're in town you go visit her first. You spent all afternoon with her yesterday. He didn't get home till 1 in the morning." Kiseok teased. Mintake laughed while Seonghwa said, "Ah but he came home, if there was more to it he would just be walking in the house smiling like he won the lotto." "Doesn't mean he's not crushing hard." Mintake teased. Kiseok laughed, "Seriously you gotta bring her around one day Jay. I want to meet her." "Why so you can embarrass me in front of her?" "Oh that's not fair hyung, I'm sure you do that just fine on your own." Seonghwa laughed. I looked at him like he betrayed me. The guys all burst out laughing. All I could do was roll my eyes. My phone went off and I checked it, Y/N had texted me when the party I asked her to go to was so I sent her the date. "Jay did you hear Kiseok's getting married." Seonghwa said. I looked up shocked, "Wait what?" "Okay, look it's not official yet. As far as I know, she doesn't even know about the arrangement. Her parents want to at least make it seem like we know each other." Kiseok clarified. "Wait you're going through with an arranged marriage? Why?" I asked. "It's just business. I hope she's good looking though, not to sound like an ass or anything but if I'm going to be married to someone I'd like to be attracted to them, at the very least." "So then go pick your own wife and ditch the arrangement." Mintake said. "I agree why just get married for the sale? It's so artificial. We're in the twenty first century it's not needed." I argued. "Yes well, this is the only way they operate. I've spent about three years trying to talk them out of it but they won't budge. Besides, I'm older now isn't it about time I got married?" Kiseok said. "Says who, there are men in their forties still slinging dick like there's no problem." Seonghwa said. I looked at Seonghwa like he was a completely different person. "Did you just say slinging dick?" I laughed. "Yeah my bad, this girl I've been seeing talks like that and I'm starting to develop her of phrases. The other day I told someone I'll be at the Hilton in two shakes of a lamb's tail." We started laughing. "You think that's bad, they commented back when I was still late: the lamb's tail has shaken thrice. I swear I almost died." We all laughed together and I could merely shake my head. Then I looked at Kiseok realizing something, "Wait so, you're going through with this marriage thing right?" "Yeah as long as she wants to as well." "So then what about me? I hate to sound selfish but there are promises you made and I think I've done more than you asked-" "Jay you don't have to worry. Our company is still ours but affairs with the Han company are strictly mine. It's separate from our business." Kiseok assured me. I nodded, "Good to know." My phone went off again and Y/N had texted back that she's coming to the party. I wonder what made her settle so quickly. I wonder if she was avoiding her parents or something. "You'll at least be able to meet her at the party, she's supposed to be attending with her parents." Kiseok said. "Awesome. Y/N just agreed to go as well, you can meet her too." I said. "Okay so what's your potential wife's name?" Mintake asked. Kiseok shrugged, "I don't know anything about her not even her name. Her parents are odd people but that's why we'll meet at the party we can get to know each other a little. I appreciate the fact that they want us to feel each other out first instead of an instant marriage." I didn't see the point in doing business like that any more. Kiseok has always been a strict business man though. He indulges in pleasure from time to time but he does whatever he can to finish a deal. He promised the hotel would still be mine, we'd run it together. I just hope he meant what he said when it came to the Han family not getting involved in my work. I want Y/N to see the hotel once it's finished. Hyukwoo told me she had some dream that she was aiming for. She wanted something of her own as well but she needed someone to help her start it. I wonder if she'll get to a point where she trusts me enough that I can help her. He never went into detail about the idea, Y/N had made him swear he wouldn't tell anyone the details. Whatever it was it was something she was passionate about, I don't want to see her lose that as well. What is this girl doing to me? 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College Affairs Ch.3
Who: Park Jaebeom x Reader What: Smutmance ( inbred child of Romance and smut) Story: Ordinary girl. Ordinary Guy. And sweet sweet drama. Y/N's POV I swear I heard my phone go off earlier but I couldn't find it. No that's not true. I wasn't looking for it. My parents came in town early and it was just so sweet of them to stop by as soon as they touched down in Seoul. So far, my father has asked me what I intend to do with my life; my mother has complained about the apartment being too small and they both are collectively insisting I get a "life partner" as they put it. I couldn't see their point and frankly I didn't want to see it. They were tap dancing on my last nerve and if I had to keep hearing them complain about the size of my apartment and where my future was headed I was going to explode. In the back of my head, a question I had since they first sent me off to live with my aunt and uncle was burning. Why didn't you want me to live with you? I didn't ask but I just kept thinking it so much to the point I was wondering if they could hear my thoughts. They seemed uncomfortable at one moment. Maybe my face was showing my true feelings. I straightened up and looked at them again but my face was blank this time. I'm not sure what expression I was making before but it couldn't have been a good one. "So how long do you have left?" my father asked me. "I get my bachelor's by the end of next year." I told him. My mother looks at my father and says, "Maybe it's best for us to do it now then. By that time she'll be out of school and we'll have no more problems." "Wait, I'm sorry do what?" I break up their side conversation. "Just a minute honey." my mother said. That annoyed me. They used to do this all the time when I was little. They'd have side conversations when they came to see me and then they'd tell me to shush when I tried to tell them something. I remember giving my mom a small necklace I got from a side stand near Han Bridge. My Aunt and Uncle gave me some money to get it. The necklace was a part of a set but I could only get one. It had a pink little gem in the middle, it was very simple but as a child it meant a lot to me. I didn't get to see them often so in a way I hoped that the necklace would keep us connected even with the distance. The vendor took pity on the little girl that I was and gave me the second necklace for free. I was so happy and excited for them to come and see me but when I tried giving the gift to my mother and tell her what it meant to me she just said, "Hold on sweetie." She had the necklace in her hand but she never even looked at it. Only a little later did my aunt say she went and bought another one so that we could have matching ones. For a while, I believed her until I finally accepted the reality of it all. My mother left the necklace. I'm not so foolish to believe that my parents love me. Or at the very least, their sense of love was horribly twisted. I don't know why I allow them to pass the threshold into my place when I know it won't be satisfactory to them. I suppose there's still a little girl in me somewhere hoping that they'll show me the love I always wanted from them. My Aunt and Uncle took good care of me and loved me very much but I was all too aware that my parents didn't want me and that's why it hurt so much. I think if they had died or had just given me up at birth and I was never aware they were my parents then I would've grown up normally. Nothing would change about me being part foreigner but I became passive along the way. The potential for me to be a girl that stands up for herself was there except for the fact that I never did. I accepted the things that happened to me. I accepted my parents didn't want me. In accepting that rejection, I ended up enclosing myself behind impenetrable walls. I locked up the little girl that had hope and pretended not to hear her cries. She still exists in me and I can hear her sometimes but I ignore it. I'm desensitized by reality so I don't really care about my inner hopes anymore. Still, it pissed me off that they continued their little conversation as if I were a five year old and had no business in on it. Like whatever they were talking about had nothing to do with me even though I know it did. If it had nothing to do with me, they would've gotten up and discussed it in another location or talked about it another time. I could feel my expression changing this time so I stood up and walked into my kitchen. My mother moved my salt shaker onto the island so I put it back on the counter where it belonged, next to the damn pepper. I can't stand when she moves stuff. It's my place not hers. "It's so small compared to his place." I hear my mother say. I can feel my body heating up with annoyance but I won't snap. I know I won't. If I was going to do that I would've done that years ago when I first moved into this place....or when I was eighteen. I just ran my hand through my hair. They drive me fucking nuts. I heard my phone go off again but I have no idea where it is. It's probably Hyukwoo texting me though. He's used to not getting a quick response so he'll be fine. I'll answer him after I get them out of my place. What are they talking about anyway? It's been about ten minutes already and they're just conversing like they're not in my house. "Y/N what are your plans after school?" my father suddenly asked me. I look at him from my kitchen, annoyed. "What do you mean?" "After you receive your Bachelor's, have you thought about your future beyond that?" "Other than getting my Master's no. I don't think about my future much." I answered. "You should sweetie it's important." my mother said. I turn and scoff before I say to myself, "Not important enough to you." "Y/n." My father calls to me. I sigh and turn around to look at him. I lean against the counter pissed off but I try not to let it show. "What?" I answer in monotone. "We're talking about your future here. It's important for you, you know." "Appa there are lots of people that live life day by day and have beautiful futures. Planning my life out so it can go completely wrong isn't a real valuable use of my time." I explained. He gave me a hard look and pressed his lips. He then turned to my mother and started talking to her. I roll my eyes and turn my back again. I wish I had some raw vegetables I could cut. Just an excuse to have a knife in my hand. I was feeling quite hostile at the moment. You would too with parents like them. How can they have the nerve to talk about my future when they weren't there for me in the past? The amount of times they've visited me my entire life doesn't even compare to the amount of years I've lived. Twenty years of their bullshit visits only to have them discuss my future like they give a shit isn't just annoying it's suspicious as all hell. "Y/N." my father calls me again. I turn around to listen but then I hear a knock at my door. "Oh look someone's here." I said. I hurry to the door and open it up, hoping Hyukwoo would be behind the door this time. To my surprise and dismay it's not him. It's Jay. My eyes get wide and before he can say anything I put my hand on his chest and push him out the door. I follow behind closing it behind me and then I look at him. "We can't do this now." I told him. "What's the matter? It's just the aquarium." Jay said. "What?" "Didn't you get my texts?" "What texts?" I said agitated. Shit, it wasn't Hyukwoo texting me it was Jay this whole time. What's he on about? He never texts me he just stops by. I didn't think he'd still be in Seoul. What is he doing here? He seems laid back but a bit annoyed too. "I was wondering why you weren't texting back. You usually hang with me if I stop by though. I just assumed you read the texts and left me on seen." "Okay, Jay what the fuck are you talking about?" I ask. "I wanted to take you out to the aquarium so we could talk." "Why because you didn't get to do it last night?" I said annoyed. He chuckled and said, "Nah I talked to you last night, you just didn't hear me." I just stared at him thinking he was joking but he smiled like he was completely serious. What an idiot. Although, I'd much rather be with him than my parents. My Aunt and Uncle took me to the Aquarium when I was ten. I haven't been back since. "Look we are still friends aren't we?" Jay asked. "Uh-yeah I guess." "So then what's the problem with just hanging out?" he asked. I looked back at my apartment door and bit my lip. My parents were in there and I didn't want them seeing Jay but my keys were in the house too. I told Jay to turn around while I checked the place I kept my spare key. Once I knew it was there and secure I hurried in front of him while grabbing his hand and telling him to run. He didn't have the Audi with him this time so we could catch a cab. "What's the rush?" Jay laughed. I just shrugged then I thought about something. "Fuck, I left my wallet in the house." I looked back in that direction. I really didn't want to go back. Jay was actually helping me escape. He was a hell of a lot better company than my parents. Jay broke my train of thought and said, "Don't worry I got you. Everything's on me." "Why?" I asked. Jay laughed, "Haven't you ever heard don't look a gift horse in the mouth." "I suppose but you're hardly a gift, though you're stubborn like a horse." "You're always so mean to me girl. Are you only sweet when I get to fuck the shit outta that cupcake ass?" "Jay." I groan. He chuckled but I could see his cheek twitch a little like he knew he messed up. "I'm only joking-mostly." he said. A cab stopped in front of us and he opened the door for me and I slid in before him. I was mostly silent during the ride wondering how long it took my parents to realize I had ran out on them. I wondered if they were gonna come back or just send me a disapointed text. I wondered if they were texting me already. Jay wasn't talking much either which was unlike him. He usually always has something to say. He was on his phone anytime I turned my head to look at him. My thoughts were out the window and with the rest of the by passing city. We finally got to the aquarium and he took a pamphlet with him and we followed the map inside of it to the different places that they had. They had large tanks with sharks swimming with octopuses in them simultaneously. Then smaller colorful fish of various colors, Jay saw one that looked like Dory and said, "Found her." I looked at him like he was an idiot but it did grant him a smile from me. He was thoroughly surprised by it. We continued walking through the aquarium talking about the fish swimming around and we saw a dolphin show. He wanted to sit in the splash zone but I didn't feel like getting wet so I moved higher up. He followed me and sat close by. He took pictures of us sitting together when he thought I wasn't looking. I even saw him post it on instagram. I didn't want him to but considering he was paying for this little excursion I didn't think I could argue. "So if you were any kind of fish what would you be?" Jay asked me while we're watching the dolphins. "What kind of question is that?" "It's just for fun, come on what kind of fish?" he asked me with a laugh. I just look at him for a moment and then look back at the water. "Can I be a mermaid?" I asked. Jay chuckled. I looked back at him a little irritated. "You laugh? It's your stupid question what are you laughing for?" He chuckled again and said, "You can be whatever you want I just never saw you as the type to want to be a mermaid. Maybe a sting ray or a jelly fish, hell even a shark but mermaid?" I shurgged, "They know a lot of sea shanties." He looked at me with wide eyes and I looked back at him with a blank expression. "Was that a joke? Did you just tell a joke with a straight face? Damn." he laughed again. I stared at him then back at the show in front of us. Jay never really asks me to hang out, I wonder if he's trying to butter me up for something else? He's all about sex there's nothing much else that's on his mind. I know he's just trying to work his way to the top and get money. I'm pretty sure he doesn't care how he gets it through. I understand, it's not like his family was poor, he just wants to give them the best. Still, we stopped hanging out normally since we started sleeping together. Part of the reason I'm happy I never got too close to him. Jay and I leave the aquarium just after the dolphin show. We made that the last place to visit and then he took me to the Han bridge. We went to a Ramyeun shop that had the best Ramyeun I've ever tasted. Jay called me a puzzling girl. When I asked him why he said, "For someone who normally wears a blank expression, you show a lot of emotion when you eat." I looked at him confused, "What do you mean?" "When the spice kicked in your eyes got big and your nostrils flared." he said with a chuckle. I touched my nose and he chuckled again, "Don't cover it up. It's cute when you do it. I never see you make faces outside of bedroom stuff. Even when we were kids, you didn't show a lot of emotion." "It's because I'm a robot." I said. He smiled, "A few years ago, I might've believed you." "You don't now?" "I don't always know what's going on with you Y/N but you're not void of all emotions. I'll get you to feel something." "Why do you want me to?" I asked. He looked like he was thinking over his answer but then he just shrugged and went back to eating. I don't really know how to be around Jay anymore. Considering the past few years has been me and him just having sex and then he leaves, I don't really know how we were as friends. After we finished eating, we walked along side the Han Bridge. "So I've been meaning to ask you something, why were you in such a hurry to leave your house?" Jay asked. "My parents are here." I answered. Jay looked at me surprised. "They still come to see you?" "Yeah. Except they never see me. Not really." "What do you mean?" he said turning more towards me. There was genuine interest in his voice. I felt the need to back off. I looked away from him and to the water. "It's nothing." I said softly. Jays hand came to the top of my head then smoothed down my hair. I looked back at him wondering why he did that. He looked at me in an odd way. I can't really describe it but it was like there was something in his eyes. It made me feel a little strange. He cleared his throat and looked away. "So my friend is having a company party. You should come with us." Jay said. "I don't really do parties." I said. "Yeah I know but I could use the company too. I'd really like it if you come with me." "Why?" "We don't hang out enough. Besides you might actually like it." "I don't like people." Jay chuckled, "Yeah I've gathered. Still, it wouldn't hurt you. Please come with me Y/N." he asked. I looked him up and down. "Is this why you took me out today?" "If you think this is a bribe I promise it's not. We just don't hang out anymore. We don't have the time. We always have sex and then nothing after that. I just don't want you thinking that's all I want from you." "You don't?" I asked. He shook his head and smiled softly. "Then what do you want Jay?" I asked. "To be friends again cupcake, believe it or not I actually like you. I just need you to let the guard down a little. I wont hurt you." he said. I don't know if I can believe that. He leaned down and lifted my chin with his hand. He kissed my lips softly. I smiled a little, I don't know why but my muscles moved on their own. I was fairly surprised by how soft Jay was. "I'll think about it." I said. He laughed and we took a cab back to my apartment. 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College Affairs Ch.2
Who: Park Jaebeom x Reader What: Smutmance ( inbred child of Romance and smut) Story: Ordinary girl. Ordinary Guy. And sweet sweet drama. Jay's POV Y/N normally gets tired out after sex but it usually takes her about ten minutes to fall asleep. In high school, she used to stay up to get dressed and then she'd curl up on the floor. She always kept distance between me and her even though we're friends. She's just not the type to get personal, she's to herself. I always chalked it up to her being an outsider. I didn't really see her that way. I was technically born in America too. I stayed there for three years before my family moved back to Korea. My younger brother Jehan seemed to always get on her nerves but then again she'd always openly tell me I was pissing her off too. She must've been worn down already because she just went to sleep. I even tried teasing her, poking her and slapping her ass. She didn't move, not even a slight budge. She was out so I just took her to her bedroom. I can never really get comfortable at her place. Not completely anyway. It's always too clean. Don't get me wrong, I like clean but it seemed over done. Everything was in a neat pile and position. It seemed like her shelves and television had been perfectly aligned and centered in the room. I swear she carpet cleans her floors every day. It was psychotic clean, almost like she had something to hide. Like she had a bunch of dead bodies hiding under her floor or stuffed into a freezer some where. I'm not saying she's psychotic though. Perhaps that's even the wrong word or I'm just being over dramatic but Y/N has never really been...normal. She keeps people out and at a safe distance. There's never any room to get close to her. She doesn't really want me around and anytime I show up to have sex she really only goes along with it because it's something to do. I can hear it in how she talks to me and Hyukwoo will talk to me from time to time and tell me how she does the same with other people. So I know it's not just me. I think I know what's in her heart or at the very least in her head. She's been called an outsider for so long she's probably just accepting the role. She can't be hurt if she doesn't let anyone in. If all her encounters are on the surface level and she doesn't have a deep relationship with someone then she can survive. I find her way of life incredibly lonely. I'm not the type to believe everyone I meet or to let everyone close but I know I have people out here that I can trust. People that really have my back no matter what. She doesn't know what she's missing. I can't lie, I want to tell her a lot of things and I know she'd never tell anyone else but I also know she'd just give me that blank stare and say, "Jaebeom-ah. Why are you telling me this?" I wouldn't have an answer for her. I don't know why I want to tell her, I just do. Man, that first time in highschool when she was a virgin and I showed her how to ride me, her eyes were so intense. I don't get to see that intensity anymore and it was just about the only emotion I really saw her express. I mean she smiles and laughs but I can tell they're just a front. There doesn't seem to be much else behind it. I laid her on the bed and then laid down next to her for a while and I just started talking. I know she can't hear me and I know she won't respond but I just wanted to talk to her. All of my visits are about sex and admittedly I made it about sex on purpose. I like fucking her. I get other girls on occasion but I just like fucking her. I specifically crave her sometimes. When I'm in Busan or America, I sometimes find the urge to taste her again. I know she'll introduce me as her friend but deep down I don't think she sees me as one. I think she just seems me as someone who likes to fuck. "My mom is getting surgery and while my brother is gone. So I have to stay in Seoul. Look's like we'll be seeing each other more often huh Y/n?" I smile and turn to look at her sleeping face. I put my hand on her cheek and stare at her. I can hear her calm breathing in the room. She looks relaxed, it's like the only time she ever looks relaxed. I finally start noticing the calmness of her home. It's still, unsettlingly still. "Who are you trying to put a front on for Cupcake? I know you." I smile at her sleeping face. Cupcake? I can't remember why I called her that but I know it had something to do with her ass. I remember. In junior high, during lunch she sat down on a student's cupcake and ruined her skirt. I remember the boy got upset and she just gave him that blank stare and said in THE most monotone voice, "Who's that stupid to put a cupcake on a seat? Dumbass." All me and my boys could do was laugh. Admittedly, I teased her about it, saying shit like, "Look at that cupcake ass." I was a total perv when it came to her. Man I love chasing girls and she wasn't an exception just because she was my neighbor and friend. I used to say, "So can I taste that sweet ass or nah?" I remember one time I asked her, "When are you going to put that ass in my face." She just looked at me annoyed and confused and said, "Why the fuck would I do that?" I laughed as I told her, "So I can see if it tastes like a cupcake." She was clearly not amused. She rolled her eyes and walked away from me. She's been my lil chocolate cupcake since then. That's probably why she hates me, I teased her so much. She used to tell me I brought too much attention towards her. Girls would start harassing her because I would walk home with her. My arm would be around her shoulder and I would just be talking about everything knowing damn well she didn't give a damn about what I was saying. Her attitude is hard for me to swallow sometimes but on the other hand I get it. Her Aunt and Uncle were good to her. They basically raised her rather than her parents. She never told me why she stayed with her Aunt in the first place, I don't think she really knew either. Her parents would visit her every now and again and in elementary school she would get really excited to see them and spend the whole day with them but then by the end of fifth grade she just seemed to not care. It was like she became hollow or unphased. She started to dread visits from her parents and I just never understood what changed. Y/N doesn't seem to realize that I notice a lot about her. I remember alot about her and pay attention to a lot of the things she does. I just don't understand her bubble. I wish I did. I left her alone to sleep after a while and took the Audi back to my friend's place. When I walk in, he's in the kitchen with take out on the counter and he's licking his finger from sauce he just spilt. He looks up and sees me and continues what he's going while saying, "Hey, I take it she wasn't impressed by the car." "Why do you say that?" I asked. He shrugged, "I just assumed you'd be out the whole night." he said suggestively. I clicked my teeth as I set the keys on his key rack. "Nah me and Y/N aren't like that. It's just fucking to us. Besides, she's not easily impressed. I could see on her face that me driving an Audi was pure bullshit to her." He laughed as he said, "Sounds like she knows you." "She knows bullshit." I sighed. I ran my hand through my hair. Y/N gets on my nerves sometimes. I can't really put up a front around her. She won't let me have a moment to be cool. She drives me a little nuts. I just can't stop thinking about her sometimes. Being away from her only helps a little but it seems after so much time has passed she's the one I end up missing the most. Usually when I get back, she's the first person I see. She doesn't know that but I do. Even my parents don't find out I'm back in town until after I've seen her. The only reason I saw them first this time was because I was called back to see my mom in the first place. I have a little business down here but the majority of everything is revolving around making sure my mom is okay and she's looked after. The surgery isn't anything serious but just serious enough to need to keep an eye on her. All of us are pretty protective of mom but since Jehan is out of the area for the next six weeks me and Dad are keeping an eye on her. "What's wrong bro? You seem stressed." "I am, mom is going in for her surgery in a couple of days and I have to make sure I get her there on time and that she's okay and then I have to get her back home." "I thought you said it wasn't anything serious?" "Well surgery in general is serious Kiseok." I said. He nodded and started eating from his place, "I know and I'm not trying to say it isn't I just don't understand why you're so tense." I rested my chin in my hand with a heavy sigh. As I thought it over, I couldn't help but wonder why I was so tensed up. I wonder if Y/N thinks about me when I leave her? What does she think of me always coming to have sex with her? Maybe I should stop for a while, maybe just go hang out with her like we used to. What a difficult woman. "I think it's just Y/N." I sighed as I run my hand through my hair frustrated. "I thought sex was supposed to de-stress a person." Kiseok laughed. "Yeah well not with her. She's just-hard to understand. We've known each other for so long and she knows so much about me but I know so little about her. I just have so many unanswered questions when it comes to who she is." "Have you ever asked her any of them?" Kiseok said after taking a sip from his water. I just shrugged a little. "I used to but- I mean what's the point? She barely answered the ones I did have; why would she answer the others? To her I'm probably sticking my nose into business that isn't mine." "Maybe you are." he laughed. I looked at him annoyed. Isn't that how you get to know someone though? You ask questions and you take the little risk of answering as candidly as possible. She wouldn't have to go into much detail but little by little couldn't she just open up to me? I don't know why it bothers me so much but it does. I haven't been friends with her for this long to just be the guy that comes to fuck her when I'm in town. Something in me is just beating and begging for more. I just wish she'd show me who she is beneath all her walls and all the mystery. I want to know Y/N for real. "Well look if all you do is fuck the girl perhaps she's just thinking practically and refuses to get close to you so she doesn't end up getting her heart broken." Kiseok reasoned. "But I don't just think of her like that. I wouldn't break her heart I just want her to trust me and talk to me. She's done this since we were kids." "Okay but how is she supposed to know that it's safe to do that? You say she knows you but perhaps you were a different person when you were younger. There was a different side of you or even her that she didn't want to risk the pain. If you're ademeat about getting to know her why don't you just bring her to the party? She'll be around people so there's no way for you two to sleep together. You can drink and just talk." he suggested. I sighed, "That might work but it will be a bitch trying to convince her come." "Well that I can't help with bro but I suggest offering a free meal. It usually works with women. Hell it works for dudes too." Kiseok said as he walked away. "I don't like what you just implied there." Kiseok laughed as he headed into his room. Kiseok and I were going into business together. He's done well for himself already but he let's me crash at his place when I'm back in Seoul. He normally sends me all over the place doing his other half of business so I never bothered to get another place after I left my old one. Besides, my parents always let me come back home to crash in my old room. My life is spent moving from one hotel to another or back to Kiseok's place but now that we're getting our contract to build this new hotel I'll be able to control more of my life, being a boss and all. I don't know, I like the fast life but I've been wanting to settle somewhere. I wonder what Y/N's doing now. I wonder if she's still asleep. I get up and head to the spare room in Kiseok's place. I plop down on the bed and enjoy the fluffiness of the bed engulfing me. My head rests on my pillow and I pull my phone out to look at it. No texts from Y/N. I only left her an hour or two ago I suppose she's still asleep. She never calls me though and to be fair neither do I. I just kind of show up at her door step, we Fuck and then I leave. I'm starting to see Kiseok's point now. She'll never really let me in if I'm only coming after that fat ass. Damn I love her ass. I have to stop thinking about that but her body is burned into my mind. She's been working out too because her curves are more defined than they were last year. This girl is going to drive me up a wall. My thumb is hovering over her name and I think about calling but I don't want to disturb her sleep. I haven't even planned out what I'm going to say yet. Perhaps I can just invite her to Starbucks or that donut shop off West.... She'd hate both those places. Where am I supposed to take her? I know she'd love the library but we couldn't talk there. I wonder if she's ever been to an aquarium before? I think it would be cool to take her to the company's party but I doubt she'd like it. I suppose if I stay close by her and talk to her then she'll find a way to make herself survive it. Why does she drive me so crazy? I hate silence but that's all I get from her. She'll no doubt refuse and I don't really know if the bribe of a free meal will work on her. it's worth the try but I just really doubt it. I can never tell if we're compatible or fire and ice. She won't let me know anything and so it just seems like I'm on this far island in limbo waiting for an entrance into heaven. I like getting her to scream for me but...I don't know I'd just like her to look at me, for real. I just want something outside of the sex. The sex is great but there's something missing that makes it less fulfilling. Some emptiness I'm left with and so I end up feeling like I'm starving again. I just put my phone on the charger and roll over onto my side. I guess I'll just text her in the morning. I'll sleep on it and see if it's still a good idea... 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