kpop is life💖💖💖
kpop is life💖💖💖
College Affairs Ch.6
Who: Park Jaebeom x Reader What: Smutmance ( inbred child of Romance and smut) Story: Ordinary girl. Ordinary Guy. And sweet sweet drama. Jay's POV Even through she hung up abruptly, I didn't think that Y/N would turn up at my job. I especially didn't expect her to want sex. We don't do that, Y/N's not the spontaneous "let's Fuck any where" type. I could tell there was something wrong with her but what, I couldn't be sure. She just seemed desperate and out of it. I figured giving her what she wanted would be okay, she'd calm down by the end of it to talk to me I had hoped. When I teased her, I instantly felt ashamed. Her Father was dying, her real father was dying. No one could tell me anything, I have never seen a man love a little girl the way he loved her. She used to tell me in elementary school that she could hear her Uncle telling her Aunt that he didn't want her parents coming to the house. She would plead for him to just comply. Y/N never really understood why until she got older, until she had accepted who her birth parents were. They were selfish and rude to her, they acted like they didn't care about her life or her opinion. They were so rarely in her life they were basically strangers. They had no right to try and control her life. I wanted to follow Y/N when she left my office and I almost did until I realized she may have just wanted to be alone. I didn't want to push her when she was already upset. Besides, Kiseok had came into my office for some business. I received a text from Hyukwoo while I was on my way to Y/N's later on though. I promised to come by and check up on her and to be very honest I was worried about her. Hyukwoo: I need you to come to Yang's bar. Me: Can you wait? I need to check on Y/n. I didn't dare tell him why. He texted back immediately though. Hyukwoo: That's why I need you here. She's here with me. Hyukwoo and Y/N got along, she was a bit harsh to him but that's nothing out of the ordinary (she's like that with everyone). Hyukwoo wouldn't have a problem being alone with her so the fact that he said he needed me there made me wonder what happened. What was she doing? Did she start a fight? She was so upset, I could see her doing it. I know they're at a bar but Y/N doesn't drink, not heavily and when she does it's a beer once in a blue moon. Seriously, her drinking habit is so rare the chances of her getting struck by lightning is probably higher than seeing her drink. She just never had a taste for it. I just texted him I'll be there as soon as I could. Yang's bar was closer to Hyukwoo's place that was on the other side of town. I could've sworn Hyukwoo said she had a research paper to do, I wonder if she even went to Uni today? I just expected her to drown herself in homework and lock out the world. This is hitting her harder than I comprehended. After about an extra fifteen minute detour, I arrived at Yang's bar around 10:30. Come to think of it, Hyukwoo had texted me on my way home. I didn't check it until about 9:20 so they had been here for a few hours by now. I called him to make sure he was still there. Based off how much noise was coming from the door though, he probably couldn't hear his phone ring. I looked around the parking lot for a brief second to see if I could see his car but from the first glance I couldn't make out anything in the dead of night. I entered the bar looking for them first where the bartenders were. I tried to describe them to one of the bartenders but he had no idea who I was talking about. So many people were in here he wouldn't remember anyway. I sighed and turned around, where the hell would they be? The place was over crowded. I started hearing the crowd chant though. I got a little curious and looked in the direction to see what it was about. I couldn't make out anything but arms in the air so I moved closer. I finally saw Y/N, up on a table dancing. Hyukwoo was standing beside her seemingly pleading for her to get down. The men were chanting and clapping for her while she put on a show for them. I suppose alcohol makes a person's hidden side come out or she became a different person while drunk because of her grief. In order to suppress pain, she became playful in drunkeness. "Oh my god." I said beyond shocked. I was able to push past the crowd and Hyukwoo saw me. "Thank god, can you help me get her down?" he asked. "How did she get this drunk?" I asked. "I don't know. I think some guys bought her shots or something." Hyukwoo screamed in my ear. We both reached up and grabbed her arm but when she looked at me she gasped and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Jay! Did you see me?" she said excited. She sounded like a kid but with slightly slurred vocabulary. At least I could say she seemed happy. "Yeah Cupcake I did." I said putting her feet on the ground. The crowd watching let out bummed sighs and then broke off slowly to enjoy the bar activities. I pulled Y/N by the hand to a booth and got her to sit down. "Y/N what's going on? Why did you do this?" I asked. She waved her forefinger in my face like she was going to say something then she focused in on my face. "Jay! When did you get here?" she giggled. I sighed, it actually worried me that she got like this. Hyukwoo tried to keep her up right, she seemed to be rocking on her own. She must've felt the room spinning. She looked sick. "Alright we need to get her home." I said. "Agreed." Hyukwoo said. "No I don't wanna go home." she pouted. "I've been dealing with this for hours. She's been fighting me tooth and nail." Hyukwoo sighed. "Do you know why she did this?" "No. She doesn't drink, she doesn't hang out in bars, she hates people and hates attention. Whatever brought her in here must've required her to get shit faced." Hyukwoo said concerned. She really did this because of her Uncle? She just doesn't act like this. What was going on in her heart? She's the type to say something like "it doesn't matter I can't fix it" or "everyone dies, it's okay". Something is going on in her head or heart that she couldn't handle. She must've figured drinking it down would help. I wasn't going to sit here and argue with her on leaving though. "Make her stand up." I told Hyukwoo. He just shrugged and struggled to pull her up. She was trying so hard to stay seated but once she was up I wrapped my arms around her thighs and lifted her up so she was hanging over my back. I wasn't going to fight her to get her out I was just going to take her home. "Why didn't I think of that?" Hyukwoo sighed. We headed outside and Hyukwoo helped me get her in the car. She leaned out the car door to throw up, which was gross but expected. Hyukwoo decided to follow me to her place since she apparently took a cab but didn't bring her house keys with her. Hyukwoo knew the new location she hid her spare key. He opened the door once we got there and I carried her in the house and to her bedroom. She had fallen asleep the whole ride but had only woken up for a second to see me standing above her. "Jaebeom-ah." she whined. "Don't move around so much." I said petting her head. "Stay here." she slurred her words. "Okay Cupcake. I'll be out in the living room. Okay." "Mmmh." she smiled with her eyes closed. I brushed her hair back with my hand and then turned to leave. She grabbed my hand and I looked back. Her eyes were open again and watery. She had a blank stare but she was crying, it was scary to look at. "My Uncle is going to die." she whimpered. I knelt down beside her. "I know Cupcake, you told me." "They want me to continue school- they could pay for his treatments." she said. More tears fell. "I'm killing my only father." she broke down. I sat up to give her a hug. She seemed to start crying a little harder. I don't know if it was the alcohol or my holding her that sent her back to sleep but eventually her tears calmed down and she we asleep again. I stayed with her until I knew she was really out of it and I headed into the living room. She really must be feeling too much from all of this. Someone who doesn't know how to handle emotions might do something reckless like this. I never thought she'd be capable of doing anything out of the ordinary but she was hurting. She was hurting so bad and I hated to see it. I just didn't know how to take it away... Unfortunately after that night, Y/N wouldn't open up again. It was like she felt ashamed that she was emotional enough to get herself drunk because she couldn't handle what she was feeling. Hyukwoo only told me that she had called him that night to come to the bar but she had already sounded tipsy when she called. Hyukwoo was worried she could've gotten herself hurt. The possibilities of how were too much for either one of us to consider. Still, she seemed to stay by her word that she was coming to the party with me. I got the impression it had something to do with avoiding her birth parents. I took her out to eat again a few days ago. We hadn't seen each other for a week and a half since that night because of my work and she wanted to focus on her school work. As far as I knew, her parents hadn't come back over but Hyukwoo noticed that she was far more drawn in than she used to be. I tried to start texting her but I really didn't get anywhere with her. She texted me short responses that made it seem like I was always getting on her nerves. That's probably normal but I can't tell anymore. I feel like I should be twice as careful with her than before. Kiseok told me to take her out for lunch and that's why I took her out that day. She was reserved and quiet. She responded to me when she felt there was a response needed but she was mostly in her own world. Sometimes I wish I could be in her damn head. I can never seem to figure out what she's thinking. I even took her out to find a dress for the party tonight. She got a glittery black dress that had no back. She didn't have jewelry but she did borrow a necklace and earrings from her Aunt. I haven't seen her with everything on yet I have to pick her up. As I look at myself in the mirror, I wonder what the hell am I going to do with her? I feel something for her and anytime she's in pain, even when she isn't showing it, it's like I can feel it. I feel almost like I'm dying when it comes to her. When I held her while she was drunk and saw her crying, I felt powerless beyond belief. The fact that she didn't remember anything about that night might've been a blessing in disguise however, the truth was she wasn't dealing with her emotions. Sometimes I think... Neither am I. What is it about Y/N that even drives me this crazy? We've been friends for so long but she treats friends like distant pests that she tolerates. She keeps us at arm's length and won't let us in. She won't trust us but I know that she doesn't trust anyone, not really. No matter how much she loves her Aunt and Uncle I even know that she's reserved when it comes to them. She's been suppressing so much for so long, it's like her Uncle's condition was the first step to destroying the mountain. At this point I'm wondering if we'll ever break it down. The truth is, this girl that I've been friends with for so long and sleeping with for years has captured me. Some how, she made me feel for her in ways I've never bothered to feel for any other girl. Surface relationships were all that I did but Y/N.... I don't know why but I just want her. I left the house and headed to her place. I knocked on the door once I got there and Y/N opened it. She stood between the threshold with her black glitter dress on and her diamond necklace close to her neck line. Her earrings hung low from her ear like shinning tassels. It was tasteful. She was breath taking. Heart stopping. She had a small black purse in her hand. I didn't know she owned a purse. The slit in her dress was a classy length but god it made her look sexy as hell. Her hair was in this regal looking bun while her bangs were swept to the side. She had a rinestone clip at the top so her hair was decorated. Don't get me wrong Y/N dressed nicely, she wasn't exactly a tomboy but she wasn't super girly either. She was a good mix of the two. However, I've never seen her look like this before. I had to lick my lips several times while my eyes looked her over. I didn't know she owned half this stuff. I couldn't take it much anymore and I stepped up to her to kiss her. Her lips were hesitant, almost in shock that I had kissed her so suddenly but they soon found my lips with fever. Her's were still soft but made me fall deeper for her. Her tongue didn't attempt to fight mine but more likely wanted to surrender to me. I pulled away before I got too carried away. God she was beautiful, she's wearing eyeshadow too. Outside of eyeliner I didn't know she owned make up. "Jay I don't want my Aunt seeing us." she whispered. Her Aunt? I looked up when I heard footsteps behind her. Her Aunt smiled at me and I said, "Hi Mrs.Park." "Hi Jay, How's your mother?" she smiled at me while walking to the door. "She's good, she's recovering from her surgery." I said. "I'm glad. Doesn't Y/N look wonderful?" she said kissing Y/N's cheek. I looked at Y/N and said, "Absolutely amazing." Y/N blushed lightly to my amazement. I had never seen her blush before. I was obviously staring but her Aunt covered her mouth to keep from laughing at Y/N. I'm sure she'd never seen her blush either but knew if she made a big deal of it she'd get upset. "Aunt Hye-jin helped alot." she admitted. It seemed like she blushed deeper. I wasn't aware Y/N got embarrassed. Maybe it was because of the attention. She doesn't like attention. I tried to look away. I cleared my throat and reached out my hand to lead her to the car. I think she only took it because her Aunt was there, otherwise she probably would've said she could do it herself. "Have fun you two!" Hye-Jin said. I thanked her and we got in the car. Y/N was talking to me but it had more to do with the music on the radio and she wasn't the one to start the conversation. I just wish it was easier to get her to open up. What could I do to get her to open up? We got to the party and there were so many people already there I could see Y/N was already a little anxious. I asked her if she wanted to stay outside for a little but she said no she just wanted to go in. I tried to prepare her and let her know, because I was gaining a higher position soon, a lot of people would be talking to me. She just nodded and said she'd behave. "Just be yourself Y/N. You don't have to put on a show for these people." I smiled. "Myself is mean. Even you don't like me sometimes." I looked at her like who told her that. I always like her I just don't always like how she talks to me. That could be what she means but it was still crazy. I lifted her chin with my finger and said, "Actually, I adore you the way you are cupcake. Now come on, you look beautiful let's not waste that." She gave me a half smile which was probably the first smile I've seen her crack in the past few days. I can't lie it made me happy to see that. I lead her in the party on my arm and cameras flashed as we entered. She didn't seem to complain but she held on tighter to me like she was afraid to get lost in the sea of people. Kiseok really wanted to meet her so I tried to keep an eye out for him when Seonghwa had come to greet me. We gave each other a bro hug while he said, "I thought for a moment you weren't coming." "Why would you think that. Open bar dude." I joked. Seonghwa laughed and then saw Y/N. His eyes ran down her curvy body and then back to her face like it was the first time he'd ever seen a woman look so delicious. He stopped and then looked at me and said, "This is the girl Kiseok said you're-" "Seonghwa." I cut him off. He just laughed but Y/N looked at me like she wanted to know what I had been saying about her behind her back. "Why are you with him though? You're ten times better looking than he is. You're out of his league." Seonghwa went on. I sighed at his comment but he laughed. Y/N hid a chuckle behind her hand and then Seonghwa went to shake her hand. She introduced herself after he introduced himself to her. When he tried getting her number, I pulled her along claiming we'd catch up with him later. I know Seonghwa was only teasing but I couldn't help but hate that. She wasn't mine but- I felt like she was. We danced in our own little space and, perhaps because of the occasion, she had a glass of champagne. She didn't seem to want to go beyond that though. I was glad perhaps her drunk night was a one time only deal. We weren't completely to ourselves for the night, we kept getting stopped by people I worked with, people I would work with and the board of directors that was at the last meeting with me. All of them had complimented Y/N on her looks and she seemed to sway good opinions from them. She was different at this party. She was more tolerant of people. She probably felt a little less out of place because she saw a few other people that were foreigners. I suppose that might make anyone who felt like an outsider a little more relaxed. She's never been an outsider to me, I don't think she's ever realized that. Everyone loves her though and they think she's absolutely beautiful which makes me even more proud of her. She's smiling a lot and it seems at times the smiles are fabricated but sometimes she'll hear something that will make her genuinely smile. I just find her real smile captivating. I kind of wish I could take a picture of it. "Oh there's Kiseok." I said. "Do you need to talk to him?" she asked. "No but he's been dying to meet you. Do you mind saying hi for a moment?" "No I don't mind." she said. I kissed the side of her head trying to seem more friendly than frisky. Maybe I'm sending her mixed signals. I want her but more than a friend I think. I don't really like this surface, friends with benefits thing. I just want her. She might laugh in my face if I tell her that though. We walked up to Kiseok and I said, "Hey how's it going Boss." "Hey, you are here. I saw Seonghwa not too long ago. So you must be Y/N." Kiseok said turning to her. She smiled and gave him a small bow. "Hello." she said. "We haven't met before have we?" he asked looking at her closely. "No, I would remember you." she said. He chuckled. "You just look very familiar for some reason." he said getting closer to her. "Hey, I thought you were supposed to meet your prospective wife today?" I asked him. "Yeah I was, apparently she won't be attending, they said she's sick. I just think it's because they didn't convince her to go through with it." "So what are you going to do?" I asked. He shrugged, "I suppose there's other companies but- this was a really good deal." "Why because you get married?" "No because of how the profits split." Kiseok sighed. "Mr.Jung there you are." said a man coming from the left. We turned to look at him coming with an older woman. "Mr. and Mrs. Han you were able to attend." Kiseok said. Y/N got tense on my arm and when I looked at her she was staring at them. "Y/N? I thought you said you couldn't come." the woman said. Me and Kiseok looked at Y/n. She didn't say anything she just looked away like she was guilty. Kiseok said, "Wait you two know each other?" "Of course she's our daughter and your future bride." Mr. Han said. "Wait what?" both me and Y/N said in obvious shock. Y/N was Kiseok secret bride! 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BTS Memes Pt. 25
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GD in NYC.... No.... Not Ready
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