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New Surprises Part 4
New series. The link to part 3 is here PG13 COMMENT BELOW IF YOU WANT MORE. TAG A FRIEND. @kpopandkimchi @VixenViVi @JazzyPie @shannonl5 @NSSagasshi @Tigerlily84 @JohnEvans @AimeeH @Ambie @majesticx @Marilovexoxo @LaurnAntoine @StephanieDuong @VIPforever123 @poojas @PassTheSuga @KaceyDodge @glostick Great Things happening... GD and Jessamine have been dating for a while. This was there 5th date and Jessamine was super excited. She had no idea if he remembered or what was going to go down. Alycia and Desung have been dating too. Jessamine was so happy that her bestie finally found a guy that she could trust and treat her with respect. Alycia had some pretty crappy boyfriends and she deserved a good guy...even if he was a kpop star. They have only been dating for about 6 months and everyone around them could tell Alycia and Desung were soul mates. They finished each other words and developed an advanced secret language that only they understood. Jessamine was a bit jealous at first because that's how close her and Alycia typically are since college. But Alycia made it clear that Desung is her boyfriend and he could never replace Jessamine. The magazine was going great! So far the crew made it at number 3 on the most popular new American magazines covering kpop. Tiffany was a great leader and has bigger dreams for the magazine. Today Jessamine was excited to interview Kai from EXO. Awkward interview with Kai from EXO... "So is it true you encourage your fans to love themselves no matter what Kai?" Jessamine says in a confident tone. "Yes, I do frequently. I know first had the pressures of society. I know my fans experience it to. They support me. So why wouldn't I support them too?" Kai grinned and then took a sip of his tea. "Okay thanks for your time Kai. EXO-L'S will love this cover story and interview of you." "Thanks I hope they will. It was a pleasure Jessamine. But can I ask you a question?" Kai rubbed his head. "Sure. Ask away." "There is a rumor that GD is dating you. I wonder if that's true. I mean what boyfriend would allow his sweet girlfriend to wear such a dress when he's not around?" Kai grinned. Jessamine blushed. "Kai" "Chica Kai has to go now. His manager is bugging the hell out of me!" Alycia mumbled in Jessamine's ear. "Oh Kai...your manager is waiting. Alycia will show you the way. We will have to wait until next time for that conversation." Jessamine pushes out a smile. GD where are you... "Why do you keep looking at your phone during lunch time. It's rude Jessamine." Alycia says while peeking over her black frame glasses. "Shut up! Besides, I haven't heard from Ji-Yong all day. It's our anniversary of 6 months and nothing." "Don't get all worked up. He is a kpop celebrity. He's probably busy." Alycia sips her bubble tea. "Okay, but Desung has been blowing up your phone! I mean he's making time." "First of all GD and my bunny are not always together. They do have separate events. Next, our boyfriends are totally different. Just chill." Jessamine pouts and stuffs her face trying to calm down but she couldn't help her thoughts. Am I his girlfriend? He never stated that. The gift... Jessamine was in her bedroom listening to Jhene Aiko and looking up a the ceiling. She was trying not to worry too much. Suddenly, her phone when off. It was her special ring tone for GD. She quickly picked up the phone her hands were shaking. "Whas up baby? You miss me?" GD says. "Idk if I should beat you or hug you Ji-Yong." " Aw...don't be mad. Happy Anniversary! Did you get your present?" "No Papi. What present." "It's under your bed Jasie. I will be there an about hour." They said their goodbyes and Jessamine reached under her bed to see a cute powder pink box with a gold bow. There was a card saying my new baby girl. I love my girlfriend. Love Ji-Yong. Jessamine almost passed out! Damn he laying it on strong...answers my questions. Inside the box was a little black dress, red bottom heels, and a matching red and black lace clutch. I'm so lucky to have a boyfriend that knows fashion. That's why amo a mi papi... Jessamine ran to the shower to get ready. Arrival GD arrived. He was looking fresh in a fitted black suit. "Jessamine he's here!" Alycia yells. Jessamine takes a deep breath and walks to the living room area to greet him. Before she could say hello GD was liking his lips. "Dang you look as sexy as I imagined baby girl." Jessamine blushed while allowing him to look her over. "Thanks, Papi. You don't look so bad your self." Jessamine grabbed his arm. "Bye bestie don't wait up." "Looking good bestie...but you keep that cookie jar closed!" Alycia smiled at Jessamine but gave GD a stern look.
Part 3 New Surprises
Hello mis amigos! I'm hear with part 3. If you missed part 2 click here and you can read it. I've been busy with school and sorry for the wait. Too good to be true... Jessamine answered her phone quickly. "Hey chica, how was that concert?" Tiffany. "It was fine Tiffany. We loved it." Jessamine says in a monotone. "Well that was flat." Tiffany smile faded. Alycia quickly grabbed the phone. "OMG TIFF this was the best concert and night of our night!" Jessamine ignored Alycia and went to the bathroom to shower. I guess I will let Alycia give Tiffany the run down. She's right it was the best night of our all human history. But too good to be true. GD will never ever think of me. Heck, BB will just move one with time. Jessamine slowly grabbed her shower basket and wrapped herself in her pink fluffy robe. She looked in the mirror and then rolled her eyes at her own reflection. Who am I to judge. They are famous and that's what famous people do. She brushes her teeth while she ran her shower water. Slowly the bathroom was full of steam. All I need is a warm long shower to wash all this stupidity away. Soon last night....the scent of GD'S cologne...the flash of his smiles...the light touch of his skin when he laughed and pulled on my arm. It will all be washed away.... Awkward.... Jessamine hopped out the shower feeling great. She felt like she could move on. She wondered what Tiffany and Alycia spoke about. She walked to the living room to get a quick update. After that she could get dolled up as always. Jessamine walked into the living room. "Hey stanky girl did you talk Tiffany ear off about our dream night of perfection." Suddenly, Jessamine's mind went blank. There GD and Desung were sipping on tea talking to Alycia. "Shoot, we have company Jasie." Alycia said. GD had a huge grin on his face. Jessamine ran out the area screaming "OMG, WTF!" "Are you out your mind Jessamine?" "You could've warned me Alycia. I'm practically naked...soaked and my hair is a hot freakin mess!" "Well, you left your phone with me. GD texted you while you were in the bathroom. He asked if he could drop by so I agreed. I didn't think you would mind. Now get dressed. We are going to the park and Tiffany asked if we could interview them." PICNIC It was a beautiful afternoon. The sun was high and bright. The girls were at a nearby park with GD and Desung. They had just finished eating lunch. Alycia and Desung left to grab some snow cones. Jessamine and GD was packing up. GD'S skin lightly passed Jessamine's as they placed items into the picnic basket. Jessamine blushed. "So thanks for answering those questions. I know you both have better things to do." Jessamine said to break the awkward silence. "No problem Jessamine. But can I ask you a question." GD closed the basket. Jessamine nodded yes. "Why every time I see you I make you scream or faint?" He tried not to laugh. "Well, I'm a VIP it's natural." "If only you could be more Jessamine." GD says while looking up at the sky. "What you say GD? What are you implying?" "I want to get to know you passed this VIP...Fandom stuff. Could we get to know each other as people..humans?" Jessamine paused. "I would like that." GD grinned and extended his hand. "Hello I'm Ji-Yong nice to meet you." " Que tal I'm Jessamine and likewise." Alycia and Desung came back with snow cones. "Eat then quickly they are melting!" Desung says. Part 4 soon.... WHAT YA THINK SO FAR? @PrettieeEmm @KaceyDodge @glostick @LaurnAntoine @StephanieDuong @VIPforever123 @B2utyrise @B1A4BTS5ever @VIPforever123 @SarahHawkins @SashaLove @poojas @kpopandkimchi @KpopGaby @BlueBear07 @AimeeH @Ambie @majesticx @Marilovexoxo @shannonl5 @NSSagasshi
New Surprises Part 2
As requested this is part 2 of my fan fiction story "New Surprises". If want to read part 1 just click on here and you should get it. COME ON AND READ...T.O.P WANTS YOU TO LOL @B2STANG88 @poojas @stevieq @KpopGaby @kpopandkimchi @VixenViVi @JazzyPie @shannonl5 @NSSagasshi @ErinGregory @SharayahTodd @dreemer13 @touchmybuttoppa @SarahHawkins @LaurnAntoine @StephanieDuong Behind the mystery door... The tall security guard opens the black door and leads the way. He is silent. Alycia and Jessamine hold hands as they follow him. They pass by other random rooms. They see some of the dancers run into a room. They pass by tables full of veggies, fruits, and coconut water. Finally, they reach a room with a sign on it that read BIG BANG. Jessamine eyes widen as she squeezes Alycia hand harder. "You are gonna cut of my blood supply chick." Alycia whispers to Jessamine. The guard smiles and opens the door. Jessamine sees all the members of Big Bang. They are sweaty from the show but cooling down. "Are these the two girls you asked for Ji-Yong?" The guard asks. GD nods and then he grins at the nervous best friends. "I hope the guard didn't scare you two. He can come across weird. Have a seat. Would like some water?" Taeyang says in a warm tone. Jessamine looks at Alycia and suddenly the room went black. ********************************************** "Jessamine, bestie please come back to me!" Alycia yells. Jessamine could hear voices but couldn't make them out. She slowly opened her eyes and the bright light made then hurt a bit. Jessamine ignores the light pounding pain in her head. She finally could make out Alycia's face. "Bestie, I had this dream that we were in BB's room surrounded by all the sexy members." Alycia had an odd look on her face. "Hush up stupid." "Sexy members well thanks. I'm flattered." TOP says in a husky voice. "I'm glad you came back. You had a nasty fall." GD says while patting her head. Jessamine looked up to see she had her head on GD'S lap. "OMG this is real! I'm so sorry I tired to flash you all in the audience and fainted in your room!" Everyone laughed. "We have gotten worst. Besides, Seungri would've loved it." GD says. "And Jessamine has done worst...I'm glad I stopped her." Alycia says. Cafe BB invited Jessamine and Alycia to a late night cafe after the show. Alycia couldn't believe she was doing something as random as riding alone with some strangers. Yeah, they were big bang, but she didn't know them. "So the concert was great. I'm so proud to be a VIP!" Jessamine says as she sits between GD and Youngbae. "Thank we love our VIP. We try to do our best for you all." Seungri says with a big grin. "So I'm just curious....why did you pick us two to actually meet?" Jessamine says. "Yeah if you looking for a booty call we don't don't do that type of thing." Alycia says with a serious glare. The guys laugh. "No...didn't you read our flyer? The seat numbers that we pulled would go on a date with us. We pulled your seat numbers." Daesung says. Jessamine and Alycia faces begin to turn red. "Oh okay cool." Alycia says. The group place their orders and then talked while they waited for the order. They stayed the whole night almost at the cafe and talked. It was cool to see BB as regular normal people. Pillow Talk.... Finally, the girls made it home. They both were tired but still excited. They showered and went to bed. "Are you sure you didn't give GD any cookies chica?" Alycia laughs. "You two disappeared when we went for a walk." "Oh yeah I let him wonder through the whole bakery. No Alycia! He's not some pervert. We only disappeared for a few seconds. I left my phone on that bench and he went with me to get it." Jessamine yawns. "I love Desung. I could've talked to him forever. You know we are soul mates. I just know it." "Alycia that sounds odd coming from a person who is so rational. Yes, we had fun, but we are just another VIP at the end of the day. GD and I exchanged numbers, but I know he ain't ever gonna call me. Besides, I bet that's not even his real number." Jessamine says while rolling over on her back. "Any fangirl goes irrational when it comes to their Bias. But you are right...tomorrow is back to the drawing board with this magazine. Night chica." "Buenos noches chica." Jessamine days while drifting away. Phone Call.... Suddenly, Jessamine was distracted from typing up her report about the BB voncert by her face time ring tone on her phone. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT IF YOU WANT MORE COMMENT BELOW AND TELL ME WHO YOU THINK IS ON THE OTHER END....
New Surprises Part 1 Fan Fiction Big Bang
After getting our degrees in journalism my best friend Alycia and I decided to leave snowy Michigan and head to the state of drama....California. We were sad to leave our families, but we knew it was the best. In California our careers would blow up and our social life would blossom. Besides, we love culture and diversity! We knew we would fit in. On a summer weekend during August we pack up and head out to California. FAN FICTION MAYBE PG13#$@♡☆ After moving in we both get paid internships at a new magazine. This magazine is called Golden Kpop. A local fan named Tiffany decided to create an American magazine for kpop fans in the USA. She has connections overseas too and knew this would be a hit. Alycia and I haven't heard from the other magazine companies that we applied to so we just decided to try Golden Kpop. We would be able to gain experience and be as creative as we want. New Assignment....SURPRISE Alycia and I were working from home creating the company's website while Tiffany was in Korea making new connections so we had a Skype meeting. In front of Alycia and I was an envelope that said don't open until I tell you to during our meeting. The meeting was brief. Tiffany was keeping us in the loop about her bussiness trip. "Oh yeah by the way open up that envelope ladies." Tiffany says while trying not to crack a smile. I quickly open up the pink envelope. It felt like Christmas. Alycia was busy sipping on her green tea, but anxiously watching me. Suddenly, my eyes open so wide and I began screaming. Tiffany laughed while Alycia looked confused. "Jessamine what on earth has gotten into you?" Alycia says with a stern look. "G-Dragon I hope!" I scream with a devilish look on my face. "Tiffany I love you so much!" Alycia looked in my hands to see two VIP back stage tickets to Big Bang's concert. She begins screaming and hugging me super tight! "Well the concert is soon. I figured a story on the concert first hand would be a great cover story to place us on the map. You two will have to go without me while I'm here. So behave and make me proud. Don't bring no babies home." Tiffany winks and logs off. BB Concert Day The arena was super packed with VIP chanting. Everyone was super turnt up! Alycia pulled my hand as we were placed in the special VIP section. I was excited I thought I was going to pee. "I'm so excited Jasie! I get to see BB with my bestie, we got VIP, and I can't wait to see my babies Desung and Seungri!" Alycia yells. I can barely hear her over the crowd. I nodded and hugged her. I too was excited for this moment. I would close to the BB crew. I loved TOP and Taeyang, but GD was my Papi for sure. Ah I wonder what he smells like..... Boom Bam....fireworks and fire as Big Bang ascended from the bottom of the stage to high above the stage. Their intro song is Bang Bang Bang one of my favorites. The crowd scream and yell. Sadly, a few pass out due to the intensity, but my bestie and I keep our cool. The concert was a great one and a great workout! VIPS were dancing non stop. I hold up by B VIP light stick grooving to their closing song let's not fall in love. Suddenly, Taeyang and GD does this odd hand gesture toward me and Alycia. I ignore it...maybe it's me. Alycia looks at me. "Did you see that Jasie?" BUT BEFORE I COULD REPLY TWO SECURITY GUARDS COME AND SCOOP US UP AND TAKE US BACKSTAGE. ALYCIA AND I ARE NEVOUS AS HECK. "I told you to not try to pull your skirt up Jessamine. They seen you try to be naughty now they are kicking us out." She hissed in my ear. "Don't blame my free spirit chica. Besides you stopped me before I could perform the act so chill....but have your pepper spray on deck just in case." I whisper back as we approach a stage black door with a sign that says Do not enter...... My heart races☆☆☆☆☆ Hope you enjoyed part 1. If you want more please like this card. Leave comments below if you wish☆☆☆ @poojas @stevieq @KpopGaby @kpopandkimchi @VixenViVi @JazzyPie @honeysoo @Allyphernelia @MattK95 @Marilovexoxo @LaurnAntoine @StephanieDuong @nightshade @PassTheSuga @oppatouchmybutt @shannonl5 @NSSagasshi @ErinGregory Part 2 will be here soon amigos! I've been brainstorming and I hope I come up with some good material. I've been busy all week. I had a date with a I start my 1st day at my internship on Wednesday...wish me luck! Click here for part 2