AsianInvasion97's Collection
AsianInvasion97's Collection
We are having some trouble with spammers, and would like to be clearer about not only gaining V-points, but losing V-points. If you have questions please leave them in the comments below and we will try to answer them, or go to Vingle and get an answer for you. Thank you for your patience! 1. Do not like and clip cards without reading them. If Vingle sees you liking and clipping cards too fast, your account will be frozen. If you continue this, your account will be blocked. 2. Do not put irrelevant cards into the Kpop community If you are just posting a gif of GD, post it in the GD community, or the Big Bang community. Do not post it in Kpop, Taeyang, Daesung, TOP, and Seungri communities. If your card is reported and removed, you will lose points. If you post a GD gif and it has a question or a topic to discuss attached to it, instead of just 'omg he looks good,' then it can belong in Kpop. Please keep individual photos and videos in the specific group communities. Here's an example of a VIXX card that should only be in VIXX community >>here<< Here's an example of a VIXX card that can also be in Kpop community >>here<< 3. Become an active member of the community If other members only know you as 'that one user that clips and likes my cards' instead of 'that cool user that comments on my cards' you're not getting the full benefit of this community. We're here to have fun together and you can't have as much fun unles you join the party! Start talking and make some friends (we all like what you like so we're pretty much guaranteed friends!!) 4. Contact me or the rest of the support/moderation team If you have questions PLEASE leave them in the comments below, or reach out to me via message or any of the other support team members!