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LGBT Rights: K-pop Idols Speak Out!
We already had a great discussion about this subject HERE a few months ago, but I think it is time to bring it up again now that we have new phases and voices :D Idols rarely (basically never) discuss serious issues, and LGBT rights is one of them. Below are two exceptions (One pro and one anti) Pro - Jonghyun In 2013, there was a movement called "안녕들 하십니까? 저는 안녕하지 못합니다." (How are you? I am not alright) when university students would write down their struggles and frustrations on bulletin boards. One message, written by a transsexual university student who is bisexual, became Jonghyun's twitter profile picture. This of course caused a huge ruckus in the Kpop world, where idols don't usually express their opinions on important topics like LGBT rights. The fact that Jonghyun was so openly supporting this student's cry for equality was a really big (awesome!) deal. In order to make sure the author of the bulletin board was okay with this, Jonghyun even reached out to them personally. To read the full translation of the original student's message, check it out >>here<< “I support you who are rightly exclaiming that difference is not wrong. I do not think you need comfort or concern. You are that strong. I hope health and warm is with you for this end of the year.” - Jonghyun Anti - Siwon On Twitter, Siwon retweeted an article in support of a woman who was recently jailed for refusing marriage licenses to gay couples—followed by several Bible verses backing up his religious viewpoint. He also refuses to accept any roles in which the character may be sexually ambiguous. "I will respectfully refuse any such offers," he said. "While I respect all genders, I do not wish to acknowledge homosexuals as I have been taught that God created man and woman with specific characteristics and duties. I realize that with globalization, there are many [entertainers] who do not share my views. There are those who are value-oriented and those who are success-oriented. However shouldn't an actor deliver an image to his audience through roles he chooses to portray, based on his beliefs in life?" This is why Hoya's character in the drama Reply 1997 was so important (read about him here) because it was one of the first gay characters in a drama whose main point in the drama wasn't the fact that they were gay. It was just something about them, just like their hair is brown or they are tall - which is exactly the kind of representation Korea needs to see! Thinking about international pop music, with so many singers that are openly gay, singing about gay rights, etc - why don't idols talk about more controversial topics more? Yes they're controlled by their agency, but come on! Tagging my old Acceptance August people and some new faces too! @VixenViVi @KpopGaby @swaqmasterbecky @SharayahTodd @Taijiotter @B1A4BTS5ever @stevieq @Emealia @DianaCastaneda @robertakm64 @sugajin94 @StephanieDuong @shannonl5 @AngelJoong86 @lamrotamrot @deilig @chandnip804 @blazinpurplehl @SkullBunneh @AgentLeo @ErinGregory @DevonArce @aliciasalinas @adorkabledolly @daisyzheng02 @BluBear07 @baileykayleen @YasmineYoona @BlackXShield @JukiLove @namelessx @justmeplz1998 @tayunnie @MacyAppleton @sherrysahar @ocherrylimeadeo @DeadlyCyanide @kimleekwonshin @candyland1986 @nenegrint14 @amazingangelini @LiNaHyun @Anjelika @NinjaGirlEmber @BrookieyElba @szewwy @kimikodragon @ocherrylimeadeo @ParanormalPanda @emealia
Things Only Friends of Kpop Fans Understand
This is for all the friends, coworkers, parents, and siblings that put up with all the Kpop insanity that spews from us uncontrollably. We're sorry, we love you, and we thank you for listening to our random bursts of fangirl/boy. You guys deserve a hug. Here are a few things only people like you could understand: 1. "It's a Korean thing" When your Kpop friend starts getting really excited about something and not making any sense to anyone else around, it's your job to "translate." You explain its a Korean thing and that your friend will return to "normal" once they get it out of their system. 2. "LOOK AT THIS, IT'S REALLY FUNNY" When you are ready to watch a really hilarious thing that your friend found only to realize you've been tricked. It's a Korean-funny thing. Aka something you probably won't find funny. You fall for it every time. 3. When Your Friend is With Other Kpop Fans When your friend is alone you can manage, but put two or more fan girls together and game over. You're in over your head. 4. When You Show Them Something You Found in Korean That music video you randomly stumbled upon? The news that a Korean actor will be in a new American movie? Basically any Kpop thing you've heard ever? Yeah, your friend already heard/saw that about a month ago. You'll never be able to surprise them - good try though! 5. When You Let Your Friend Show You Something Korean You innocently let them show you a music video. But that leads to another one. And that one doesn't make any sense unless you watched this one. But that one reminds them of the really funny almost-related thing in this video, oh oh! but this video! And don't forget this one! This is the last one I swear. Oh but you'd LOVE this one!..... 6. When There is That One Kpop Star You Sort of Have a Crush On What ever you do. DONT. TELL. YOUR. FRIEND. They will drag you even deeper into the Kpop fandom. 7. When You Have a Secret Kpop Jam You know there is ONE. Jam on non-kpop fan. Jam on. 8. When someone insults your friend's Kpop obsession Hell no. It's only okay if you make fun of them. No one else can and you will not hesitate to get up in someone's grill if they're being rude. 9. Friends Forever Through all the weird stuff you put up with, your friend still rules. Share this with your non-Kpop friends that love you unconditionally :D