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Jimin needs to calm down... π_π
Okay y'all soooooo this very handsome guy right here has been creeping on me trying to steal JungKook's spot as my bias (Suga too) but HE JUST CAN'T! Then again, he has to do THIS!!!!! *look down below and see what I mean* *WARNING* YOUR FEELS WILL BE HIT SO HARD! @Helixx This is for you my lovely ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) PARK JIMIN STOP!!!!!!! *SCREAMS* (╥﹏╥) I. NEED. AIR!!!!! (๑-﹏-๑) Savage Thunder Mafia Production: twistedPuppy @ElleHolley @ashleyemmert @KhrystinaLee @EliseB @lexxcisco @Dianabell @sarabear1021 @ScarletMermaid @narutobandgeek @nadinerzz @NasiaWright @Helixx @Isolate @KPOPLifeu @BBxGD Vingle Fam Tag: @cynthiaacosta17 @slayyoongi @baileykayleen @bryyyaanna @kpopandkimchi @ninjamidori @KwonOfAKind  @ChelseaAustin @4dalientae @KeylaMoreno @heidichiesa @catchyacrayon @loftonc16 @QueenLee @StephanieDuong @rapmonjams @KaeliShearer @flxvour @AimeeH @InnocentiaKishi @ChaHakyum @LinnyOk @DonnaSearles @bubblekookie  @SusiBosshammer @KaeliShearer @ChaHaKyum @SofiaFifi @Junhwanbae92 @resavalencia @GriseldaZenger @pharmgirlerin @hyunsaeng638 @RavenQueen0810 @kpopaddict415 @CrystalGuerra @ShailaZaman @Eliortiz13 @MykelHobbs @JoseCullen @KarenGuerra93 @ammagrande @tiffany1922 @sosoaloraine23 @IsoldaPazo @SindyHernandez @Koinii @xxchicharitoxx @JustinaNguyen @EmilyGardner @StefaniTre @SerenityThao @Kiyofugi @KellyOConnor @SugaMint @NadineEsquivel @chisom756 @PatriciaS @BridgetJara @tiffany1922 @JinsPrincess @Indieturd @KpopBeat @StephanieAyalah @HeichousRegalia @AliceChess @Orihemay @GossamoKewen95 @faith92 @Amberg171997 @EWillsea @IsisMayaVelasco @MykelHobbs @MariaDls @MelinaHernandez @MsLoyalHeart @DanaMichelle @CallMeMsDragon @reyestiny93 @VIPFreaks2NE1 @MoraLesley @JessicaEvaristo @MelissaGarza @jungkookie1 @luvae27 @MrsChanyeol @MariaMontoya1 @SuniWilcox  @HopeAndSunshine  @Gaehwa  @SuniWilcox  @IsisMayaVelasco  @mrsjeon   @cutiepandacat  @summerblack2   @wordlesseyes @Kpopfangirl15  @IDK2018  @luvae27  @HayleyEastman  @viviano6  @SummerWhipple  @RKA916  @SarahVanDorn  @Izzy987  @VKookie47  @RandomName  @TaehyungV @SuniWilcox @unnaturalaries @Cassierchiqua @raenel @KristinaCaron @shellyfuentes70 @FalseLove @ParkHwaYoung @ShinoYuki @Gaehwa @Moose1998 @Tigerlily84 @MomoChamie @exobts947 @MirandaStephens @Ercurrent @DxstinyNicolx @JazminePerry @BabydollBre @LisetteZapata @milcalopez963 @edwey66 @JordanShuler @sphelpswiley @kpopbunny9 @LaurenStrayhorn @NicoleFireRose @russelroche47 @AaliyahNewbell @minyoongii @megancurrent9 @lovemyJhope @exobts947 @Michelle305 @JeniseRamos @Saeda1320 @clstap1 @amberg171997 @Ttwolf74 @janellym123 @Saeda1320 @maddiedo @anarose @inFires7 @exobts947 @Ashley052498 @SweetDuella @MelissaGarza @lalaMF @SierraNichols @CrysRose @parktaemi @TheEnlightment @sherrysahar @emily111 @Xoxojessica12 @kpopbunny9 @glorias463 @elainarenea @sukkyongwanser @mrsyookihyun @Taeribaby @Kpossible4250 @MaelstromVIP @SilentPianist @amethystiperez @Chace @simpsonsamantha @TaehyungsCutie @DasiaB @Kyokeo @BonnieYuen @hayoungforever @senia @RubyDusky @mkbmccann @mrsax2018 @JarviaKlipka @kanatm *Let me know if you would like to be tagged on future cards of mine or be untagged*
BTS Suga is Releasing 2 More Music Videos For His Mixtape Tracks!
After our Suga baby released his long awaited mixtape, 'Agust D' on August 16th, along with releasing his music video for the self titled track, 'Agust D', it's been revealed that he will be releasing 2 more music videos from his mixtape! Honestly, I am dieing!! I already died a million times when he just out of nowhere released his mixtape and suprised everyone with a music video! I can't xD According to Sports Seoul, two additional music videos for “Give It To Me” and “So Far Away” will be released. 》Credit to Soompi 《 MIN YOONGI YOU ARE KILLING ME! xD Here is his full mixtape :) I still haven't listened to the whole thing yet. I will definitely be downloading his mixtape. Here are some links to download his mixtape: 》Google Drive《 》Media Fire《 I am so proud of him! his mixtape is golden! Yoongi is showing his true self, he is pouring out all of his feelings and emotions to us. He talks about his struggles of his life and being a idol. He's been through so much, I just want to give him a big hug. He came a long way and he's always working hard. He's such a strong person, that's one of the reasons why I love and respect him. Yoongi Infires me to do better in life. That is the real Min Yoongi, Agust D!! D-Boy♡ Let's all continue to love and support him! Fighting!! What are your thoughts on Yoongi's mixtape? Are you guys excited that he's releasing 2 more Mvs? What's your favorite song on his mixtape? Comment down below! *Photos, videos, and gifs does not belong to KpopINT. Creds to the rightful owners. Reporter Tamika @parktaemi A TO THE G TO THE U TO THE STD!! KpopINT Chairs: @bbyitskatie @Sailynn @KpopBeat KpopINT Fam: @amobigbang @elaynethtrumpet @JohnEvans @LenaBlackRose @LexiMintkgtopty @ParkHwaYoung @parktaemi @tayunnie KpopINT Official Taglist~ A- @AaliyaNewbell @aliahwhbmida @AlisonYui @amberg171997 @AnaP @AngelaDarkness @ArhenBurris @AubriePope @axosrain @AyameTenchu B- @babymarkson @BrendaValdez @BluBear07 C- @CallMeMsDragon @CamrynCherry @ChristineO84 @CloverShadows @CrystalGuerra D- @DamarisCisneros @deilig @drummergirl691 E- @ekahjw @elainarenea @ESwee F- @faith92 @FannyWard G- @GDsGF H- @HaleyHerbig I- @imiebegay14 @IsoladaPazo @izabelpillado J- @JamiMilsap @Jasminep96 @jenjenkhreim @Jinnyrod3 K- @kanatm @KDSnKJH @Kieuseru L- @LizaNightshade @lcr4562 M- @maldonadosonia1 @MelissaGarza @mellyortiz @merryjayne13 @monikad @moonchild03 @mycreativename N- @NaBi7 @NathashaXavier @ninjamidori @NykeaKing O- @ortizwendy17 P- @Pickles440 Q- R- @RebeccaLondon @resavalencia @Roas420 S- @salo @Sammie9952 @SassyMaknae @SatinSkies @ScarletMermaid @SerenityThao @shellyfuentes70 @ShinoYuki @ShyrllBorden @StefaniTre @sukkyongwanser @Swhitta T- @TiffanyBibian U- @unnieARMkeY V- @VeronicaArtino W- X- @XionHeart @xxkarlah Y- Z- @Znae Tagging more of my fam~ @mercii @kpopandkimchi @ercurrent @PrincessUnicorn @roxy1903 @yongsongmi @sarangseoltang @nnatalieg @allobaber @creetheotaku @poojas @lextay327 @veronicaartino @deniecesuit @beckah1327 @mellyortiz @nicolejolly @drummergirl691 @crystalguerra @carleB @eliseB @raquelarredondo @erinee @sarahdarwish @xxygxx @jennyyang143 @geetanjalirao @toppdogg @donnalykaroxas @aegyoxprincess @ninjamidori @hayleyyates @ayannawelch @yaya12 @ladeda7 @maddie27 @danamichelle @brisalopez @aliciazitting88 @sashalove @shadowcyrmbbcl @neoisrealo @taisa @sabrinasakura @kpossible4250 @topstarlight @jjrockstar @marisamusic @izzy987 @shinoyuki @starbell808 @maricelvaromero @sugamint @thetrillestkid @stephaniepoore @nicolejolly @polarstarr @pamelapenaloza @lexxcisco @rebeccalondon @vickyle @JiyongLeo  @JinsPrincess @KaeliShearer @JadeOwens @BBxGD
My Heart 😍😍😍
"when jimin does v app live alone, you get: a shy cutie who doesn’t know what to do at first and decides to fill the slight awkwardness with ramen making determined jimin wanting to prove that he’s eating plenty (bless his heart we all needed this) and then he’s eating AKA THE MOST JOYOUS OCCASION WE SHOULD ALL APPRECIATE BC PARK JIMIN EATING IS BEAUTIFUL AND NECESSARY professor chimz deciding to do mandakko by himself only to get all confused with how to properly explain the phrase he’s trying to teach and then he gets all flustered and embarrassed when the words just won’t come out right which is the most precious thing ever but he’s impressed that he’s actually gotten his point across to army and praises army for being smart for understanding omg he’s so cute bb jimjams reassuring us again and again that he’s eating enough and that we really really don’t have to worry (I felt personally called out bc I freakin worry bout this nugget enough to lose hair ok) playful park jims scolding the younger army’s for not sleeping (how can that adorable scolding face be taken seriously like you are just a puppy pls) and feigning so much hunger and fatigue so that we’ll go sleep so he can go eat basically you get the most precious being on earth taking the time out of his own free time to talk with us, reassure us of his well-being, make us smile and giggle at his shy, adorable antics, and prove yet again that we do not deserve this golden hearted ray of sunshine." - .... Guys.. i think Jimin just became my UB. ♡ *Like always credit goes to rightful owners, i always give credit in my collection description* ^_^ ~~♡