Horoscope: Which Solo Superhero Are You?
As part of my ongoing 'Which Character Are You' collection, this card is going to help you determine which totally awesome solo hero you are. If you like this, check out my other horoscope cards: Which Badass Marvel Heroine Are You? and Which Hawkeye Quote Are You? Are you ready to find out? Aries Honesty is extremely important to you. You're definitely Daredevil, ready to risk everything for the sake of those you care for. The forces working against you are strong, but you're sure to overcome them. Taurus You're stubborn- and that's not always a bad thing. Like Hawkgirl, you stand up for what you believe in, and you refuse to back down when you know you're onto something. Your strength is a virtue. Gemini You're a seeker of balance. Like Ms. Marvel, there are lots of obstacles in your way, but your open-minded perspective will allow you to rise to the occasion. Don't give up! Cancer You're a very creative person. Like Green Lantern, you can make something out of nothing with seeming ease. Your strength comes from within. Leo You have a lot of courage, despite all your fears and doubts. You're just like Supergirl. You don't need fame or attention, you've got everything you need just doing your best and being proud of yourself. No one can take that away from you. Virgo Truth and justice are your most valued virtues. You're Wonder Woman. Strong and steadfast, you don't back down from a challenge. The world may not be ready for you, but face it head-on and you can't fail! Libra Balancing the scales of justice- you are Batman! You might be cloaked in darkness, but you are dedicated to being a force for good. You make plenty of sacrifices along the way, but stay true to yourself and keep your integrity. Scorpio You take responsibility for your actions- much like Spider-Man. Everyone makes mistakes, but few have the courage to learn from them. Keep on pushing yourself to be better- it's one of your most valuable qualities. Sagittarius You're like Green Arrow: brave and determined, and always on target. You know where you're headed, everyone else will just have to catch up. Capricorn You're pretty kickass. You're definitely Black Canary. You have a lot of strong opinions- backed up by your intelligence of course. Share them! People will respect you more if you don't keep to yourself. Aquarius The original everyman hero, you're Superman. You've got a few weaknesses, but you're aware of them. Focus on your strengths instead and you'll find success in whatever you do! Pisces People underestimate you. Just like Aquaman, you're quiet about your accomplishments, but you're definitely destined for greatness. Have patience and your time will come.