Marvel's Daredevil, Oldboy, and Fight Scenes
The release of Marvel's Daredevil this past April was met with so much praise that -- at first -- I couldn't believe critics liked my favorite comic book hero. Months later, people who have seen the Netflix series still talk about one scene in particular. The "Hallway Fight Scene". The scene is often compared to another scene in Park Chan-wook's 2003 neo-noir revenge thriller Oldboy. Let's take a look at both scenes and figure out why they're both so engaging. Quick warning though, both scenes are pretty violent so if that's not your thing you might want to skip them. I don't mind. Pretty intense, right? Now let's move on to Daredevil's fight scene. Whoa, that was pretty intense too. Now let's explore why both of these fight scenes work so well. First off, the similarities between both scenes are almost endless. They both establish a confined space before the fight starts, they both have one man taking on a slew of other men, and they both include moments of humor -- even if though it's kind of dark. The two similarities that make both of these scenes stick out in your mind are: the way it was shot and the way the protagonists of each scene show their fatigue. Most action movies film their fight scenes in snippets then edit them all together. Sometimes, these edits can take away from the actual fight. Fight scenes that are over-edited tend to leave the viewer wondering what's happening. Both Daredevil and Oldboy use the one-take to perfection. They allow the viewer to see what's happening on the screen while still giving them the ability to follow what is going on. The fatigue and overall tiredness that each protagonist shows through their respective scenes does things for the audience that, again, most Hollywood action movies stray away from. Their fatigue humanizes them, it reminds the audience that the protagonist is human. It shows the audience a "realistic" depiction of a fight instead of one that is just a power fantasy. What do you guys think? Did these scenes work you? Or are there any other fight scenes that like this that stick out in your mind? Let me know in the comments below!
Elodie Yung is Daredevil's new Elektra!
After a worldwide search... Elodie Yung has been cast as Elektra, performing alongside Charlie Cox in the Netflix series. Returning for a second season in 2016, the much-lauded show recently announced that Jon Bernthal (of The Walking Dead) will be playing The Punisher, a popular antagonist from the comics. With such a talented cast, it sounds like season 2 will be even better than the first! Elektra has a long history in the comics Often defined by her quest for vengeance, Elektra is a bit on an antihero. She often seeks to combat evil and corruption, but her successes often come at the cost of her humanity. Knowing that The Punisher will also be a part of the second season, it wounds like the writers will be exploring the themes of heroism that they laid the groundwork for in season one: is it possible to be a good person AND a hero? When there's an element of duplicity essential in having a separate hero persona, it seems like Matt (aka Daredevil) is going to struggle with making the right choices- it seems sometimes like there ARE no good choices, only less bad ones. The first season is a tough act to follow, but this theme is really rich and it seems like the team of talented storytellers is definitely on the right track! Kudos to Netflix for casting a woman of color in the role. There's scare representation for women of color in the media, including Asian women. Yung, who is of French and Cambodian descent, is an extremely talented actress, and I'm sure she'll do the character justice. In the comics, the character was originally Greek (paying homage to the mythological origins of the character), and it's really rare to see a comics character cast this way. The last time we saw Elektra on screen, she was played by Jennifer Garner and the reviews of the film were mixed but mostly poor. While I think the confusing writing of the film had a lot to do with the negative criticism, audiences generally receive diverse casting very positively. I'm definitely curious about what direction they'll take with the character. Can anyone else believe how long we have to wait for season two?!