T.O.P. All Day!
T.O.P. All Day!
Mind Blown
TOP Your working on a movie with TOP. And things are about to get a Lil spicy.... so .... shall we... picture #1: the movie is turning out great. But TOP is feeling different. His mind is just not right. "What is this feeling..." he wonders. picture #2: By the end of the day of shooting. he leaves you a note: " meet me the park in 20 minutes" After you read it.... you look up and you see him walking towards the park looking at you. " will she come.." he hopes. picture #3: Your walking towards the park, and that's when you see him. He is looking around for you. You can tell he is nervous. But why your getting sweaty for? Then he saw you. "she came..." his heart skipped a beat. At the park he gave you another note: "Be ready @8pm. I will pick you up at your house. Dress Beautifully" picture #1: you was already ready an hour ago. your nervous as hell. Then you heard a car pulling in. So you peak at the window. He was in his car. You smile of his Innocent look. "should I ... or not.." his mind plays around. picture #2: The doorbell rings. You jumped of excitement. As you open the door , he stands next to his car. He is just looking very handsome than ever. And your heart skips a beat.. "she is just...." he thinks. picture #3: he opens the door for you.. but all you do is make eye contact. He can't do eye contact but he is now with you. He can't stop. "what's going on...." he blanked out. He took you to a Beautiful restaurant. Both of you ate and now your both are drinking a lot of wine. picture #1: you have no idea how much wine you drank but your feeling very hot. "look at me.." he said. and you look up. His eyes are in fire, you can see how his eyes are just dancing around you. Its hypnotizing you. "your making me want you" he said. All you can do is freeze but it seems like he took over you by his eyes. "Take me.." ...... he frooze and then he smirk a Lil while he drink his wine. "let's go.." he grabs you. picture #2: He takes you to his house. You are just memorized of how beautiful his house looks. Then he grabs you from your shoulders and turn you around to him. His eyes is a killing piece. "Stay with me...'" he whispers. GASP!! "...forever..." he added. picture #3: he gets soo close to you. But your just staying still. You can't move. He is breathing slowly but hard, you can feel the heat out of his breath. Then he kissed you, and your eyes popped open. He didn't stopped , he kept going till your melted into his arms. He stopped. "I can't control myself..." he said covering his mouth. He was about to walk away, but you grabbed him. "I'll ... stay with you.." Its what all you can say. SHHHHH...... Remember its TOP secret!!! hope y'all enjoy the time reading next card will be Taeyang.... if you missed the first one here ya go : http://www.vingle.net/posts/1292946?shsrc=v @dayashley11 @btsgotshinee