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Korean 101: Cafe Talk!
Korea is known for its adorable cafes so if you're going to visit, chances are you're going to want to spend time in more than one! Whether you're going to a cat cafe or just your average coffee shop, here are some phrases you need to know! What do you want? Most coffee words are pretty much the same as the English word! Coffee: 커피 (keo-pi) Americano: 아메리카노 (a-me-ri-ka-no) Latte: 라떼 (ra-tte) To ask for a hot drink: 따뜻한 _______ (dda-ddeut-han) Like, 따뜻한 라떼 :) To ask for an iced drink: 아이스 _____ (a-i-seu) Like, 아이스 라떼 :) How many do you want? In Korean you use the counter "잔" for glass/cup. You use the Korean counting words like 하나, 둘, 셋.... (Using your fingers to signify the amount helps a lot lol) 1 cup - 한잔 (han-jan) Like, 아이스 라떼 한잔 주세요. 2 cups - 두잔 (du-jan) Like, 아이스 라떼 두잔 주세요. 3 cups - 세잔 (se-jan) Like, 아이스 라떼 세잔 주세요. For here or to go? You'll probably be asked: 드시고 가세요? (deu-shi-go ka-se-yo?) which means "will you eat then go?" aka are you drinking here? If you're staying in the cafe to drink, just say "네" to that question. If you're taking your coffee to go, say "포장 해 주세요" which means "take out please" Do you want a receipt? They'll probably ask you if you want a receipt: 영수증 드릴까요? which means "should I give you a receipt? If you want one, say: 네 (yes) If you don't, say: 아니요 or 괜찮아요 (no, or it's okay!) Test yourself! Can you understand this dialog? A. 아이스 아메리카노 포장 해주세요. B. 한잔이에요? A. 네, 한잔 주세요. B. 영수증 드릴까요? A. 아니요. If you have any questions or helpful words I missed, please leave them in the comments!