Do You Actually Know What You Look Like?
I look in the mirror and see eyes too small looking back a me. I stare and widen them ever so slightly, and think if I only had eyes just a bit bigger I would be set. Well, that and if my forehead wasn't so big you could land a plane across it. Good thing my frizzy hair can cover some of it right? Please don't even get me started on what is below my chin. There really isn't enough time to start with those issues. The point is, I look in the mirror and see my flaws. I poke at things I want to change and obsesses over pictures where I look less then perfect. Not surprisingly, I have stopped liking pictures. Unfortunately, I am not alone in this dilemma. Image issues run rampant throughout the world as girls at younger and younger ages are beginning to think they need make up or a diet to be beautiful, to get the boy, to determine their self worth. Can someone please tell me the last time they received a compliment and didn’t respond with a, “no you are crazy” or protest using a different flaw as their argument? I genuinely hope some of you can call me crazy for asking this question, but I know too many beautiful people who do this. This. Is. Insane. Now I know this Dove beauty campaign was done a few years ago but I think it’s message is needed now more then ever. You look at yourself in the mirror and see the problems; everyone else looks at you and sees nothing but beauty. In an extremely screwed up way, I know women are looking at each of you and find something about your appearance they wish they had. So please, next time you look in the mirror, try and think at least 3 nice thoughts about yourself. Those crows feet are just laugh lines. Its not your fault you have an awesome sense of humor that everyone loves. The freckles you have are endearing as fuck, ask anyone. As a freckle face myself I have never met anyone who told me I am less attractive because of them, and if they did they would get a nice punch in the face. Bet that black eye makes them look superrrr attractive. Your eyes are like no other eyes I have ever seen. And when you smile they look even better, you should do that more each time you look in the mirror. Speaking of smiles, holy shit does yours really light up your face. Starting the day off with good thoughts can only improve the rest of your day. Feeling good makes good things happen to you. Its the karmic universe at its finest. I hope that you start actually looking at the real you, for the sake of women everywhere. Because we can all see your beauty, you just have to.
Incredible INDIA
INDIA is a country with 29 states and with area 3.288 million km square we share borders with country like Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Bhutan,Myanmar we have population of 1.25 billion 780 languages are spoken in our country. Yes we have lots of these temple in INDIA if you ever visit one of these temples please attend the aarti (evening prayer) believe me the energy in these aartis is really awesome. FOOD Since most of our population are vegetarian therefore India is paradise for Vegans we have so many different types of vegan foods that I can't even explain the first pic is of masala dosa second one is samosa and third one is pani puri . And one more thing whenever you visit India never eat in five star restaurant there food sucks always try to eat in these small vendors there taste is really awesome but please make sure that it is clean. Religion We respect each and every religion as . In 2009 our president , Vice President, and prime minister all were of different religion. Weddings weddings in INDIA is a two day thing Hindu weeding is like a complete festival at first day of wedding we have an engagement in afternoon and at evening we have like musical night where relatives of bride and groom perform dance . And another thing most of our marriage is arranged marriage in these type of marriages our parents decide whom should we married these type of marriages are very very scary because basically you just have to meet some girl and if you like her and she likes you plus your parents like her plus her parents should like you then only you can get married to that girl otherwise go to hell and parents don't like there children to date other people so we actually have to play the game of cat and mouse with our parents to date someone if somehow they caught us dating someone then be prepared for emotional drama. Our Cinema There are two types of movie in INDIA movie that are not copied from Hollywood and movies which are copied from Hollywood . Hollywood is really a big influence in our movies whole American music and movie industry has a great impact in our country every famous Hollywood actor is also famous in INDIA. And yes I forgot to tell you about our south Indian movies if you are really feeling low in your life than just search south Indian movie in YouTube LADAKH The first thing you should do whenever you visit India is get a bus to Manali and visit ladakh believe me you have never seen this place that's why I always advise people to visit in July or August so that you can visit ladakh unfortunately due to heavy snow ladakh is closed for tourist due to heavy snow Note: Whenever you go shopping in INDIA always bargain never hesitate to bargain because whenever any shopkeeper sees any foreigner he sees money he will always try to exploit you more and more so the only tool you have is to bargain. This post was really a short glimpse of our vast country if you wanna know more about this spiritual capital of world feel free to comment I will satisfy your curiosity . Good bye
How To Find Your Happy Place
8:30A.M., sweating to death in a busy subway terminal is not everyone's idea of a lazy Sunday. However; it is possible to find your happy place in any situation. If you're having a hard day, or you're up against something difficult, there's always a way out...and it's through your happy place. In the early Sunday morning at Barclays Center and Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn it's easy to feel like you're the last person alive. The usually bustling and crowded platform is barren, save for a few crumpled newspapers and some Gatorade bottles discarded by the hungover MTA riders of Saturday night. Our train, the Manhattan bound N train has come to a halt over Manhattan bridge, and I don't even bother to look out the window at the glittering skyline. I'm accompanied by some colorful characters this particular Sunday morning. There's a handsy Latin couple next to me, all fondling and laughing at each other's jokes, probably still drunk from the night before. Across the subway car there's a Chinese man sleeping, snoring like a Loony Toon. To his left are two well dressed, painfully skinny girls, who can't be more than 15. Their teeth are practically chattering. I guess the air-conditioned car is too cold for their brittle bones. Two little kids, a boy and a girl are laughing at the Latin couple who are full-on making out in the seats next to me. At this point, they're out of control...embarrassingly so, all sloppy and slobbering. People are shielding their eyes. I on the other hand, would like to calmly open the subway doors and quietly let myself out onto the bridge, possibly to jump into the water and swim to Manhattan. I instead, look inward and find my "happy place." The definition of such is completely different for every person, but the way to get there can be universal. If you're anything like me, life hands you a lot of difficult situations. And you must have a strategy to tune out and calm down in times of stress or annoyance. The first thing I do, is close my eyes and take a deep breath. Just the act of "conscious breathing" is an instant calming force. Spend a few minutes just focusing on your breath, then you're ready to find your happy place. The next thing to help is to pick a soundtrack that transports you to a different place, whether it be island music, rain sounds, or your favorite band. Music has the power to change nearly any mood. The secret is to make sure you know what makes you happy. Sometimes when I'm on the train and things are getting weird (like when a homeless man is talking to himself and swearing really loudly in front of children, in New York this happens a lot) I think about being on stage with my favorite rock band...singing along or playing guitar. I put myself in a position that makes me happy. For you, this "ideal" or "dream-like" situation could be anything. If you're an animal lover you can imagine that you're playing with a puppy, or kitty cat. If you're someone who loves sports, you can imagine yourself on the field with your favorite team. It just depends on what really makes you happy. You should not force yourself into this place, that will just bring you frustration. Instead ease yourself in, organically train your thoughts to guide you there. You probably already do this when you're just daydreaming at school or work. Your happy place is the place your mind goes to when it's got nothing to worry about. Once you're there, things will get easier, you'll slowly tune out everything around you. All of the people will go away, and so will your negative and frustrated thoughts. Prior to getting to my happy place, I was wondering if it would be appropriate to pay for my coffee with quarters. Now, I'm on stage with The Libertines, singing along side my favorite rock-stars...getting ready to stage dive into a sea of like-minded people, screaming and laughing with me. I have three weeks left in New York City, a place that often seems lonely and unforgiving, yet amazing and triumphant. My plans are made in coffee shops and hotel lobbies...I live in someone else's room. I eat at someone else's kitchen table. I don't really have a home anymore. My solace from an uncertain future and the anxiety that comes with it is my happy place. No matter what is happening in your severe the sadness, or the anxiety...your happy place will always be there, waiting behind a deep breath. The next time you feel helpless, or irritated...try to get to what makes you happy, because in the end that's all that matters.