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8 Times Music Failed and Idols OWNED IT
GAH I FREAKING LOVE WHEN WE GET TO SEE HOW GOOD IDOLS REALLY ARE LIVE! It sucks to have things malfunction during performances, but it helps us see who can bring it. Here are 8 times when audio failed, but idols rose to the challenge. 1. Lee Hi The audio completely failed so she sang the rest of song acapella with the crowd, nailing it ALL. 2. EXID The staff accidentally played the track with no backing vocals, and at first the girls looked confused, they owned it. Solji looked like she was born for this moment. 3. 2NE1 This happens to them a lot for some reason, but the girls handle it well either singing anyway or taking the time to pump the crowd back up! 4. Jessica's Mic Dead During a Gee performance, Jessica's mic was malfunctioning. Jessica has a major note in Gee, and Yuri knew she needed to be heard so she magically got switched her mic with Jessica just in time! 5. Ailee During KCON in NYC, Ailee's music cut off, but who cares. It's Ailee. Of course she doesn't need music to blow the roof off hahahaha 6. Infinite Proof that their voices are pure gold. Sunggyu was going all out for a note whether there was music or not, and it just so happened...the music stopped haha! Listen at 0:20! 7. A Pink Okay, but this is super painful haha not because they sound bad (for the most part, they can sing live) but because its so quiet and just not a good song to do without music. Its so awkward! 8. Stellar The music won't stop looping so they decide to just go without music and guessssss what - they owned it. Stan talent.