By Cath
By Cath
let's kick it :D
so i saw a whole back the making of SOBER and there is this part when seungri (poor Guy) gets his butt kicked i mean really kicked by GD ... poor seungri cause that kicked seemed to really hurt - but what else to expect from someone whose name is dragon right :) the kick is at 4:10 or something ...seungri's face was like "ok i lost so let's face the consequences " sort of ...even tried to smile too :D and really even if i pitied him i still think it was funny :D but then i saw this ...if you think GD's kick is no joke then watch this because i sure as hell wouldnt want to be on the recieving end here ...first he looked sort of too happy to be doing this especially right before kicking when he was preparing that smile was like ...creepy :D and that kick that was a fast move really i would expect this from martial artist ..and that sound it made ...that must have hurt like hell really :D it made poor leader GD's knees weak and he collapsed from it :D ...but i have to say i havent seen anything funnier :D that was awsome kicking skill really :D i would probably sit on icebags for days after :D seriously mighty kick :D what do you think who got kicked harder ? seungri or GD ? judging by the sound of it and the reaction i think GD got the worse one here :D and this is how it all went for seungri to get his revenge .... he even got kicked again before he could také his revenge ...and what a kick it was :D and after watching the last video i think he really enjoy it :D