Anime Characters you would date?
Hey there! So I saw this from @InVinsybll 's card and was told by them to make my own card, since I claimed to have had a long list for this question. Luckily, I narrowed it down to four characters, but trust me, there was more lol. First time making a card, but here they are: Kazehaya Shouta from 'Kimi no Todeke'. What more could you want from this guy? He's good looking, talented, has a great personality, and a great charisma! Just judging by these three photos, you can FEEL his charm...( xD ) But in all seriousness, through out the anime, you are able to see how well he handles tough/drama filled situations, and though he has a couple a hidden flaws, (which aren't bad ), Kazehaya is still a kind-hearted person who only wants his significant other to be showered with happiness. Usui Takumi from 'Kaichou wa maid-sama'. As some to most people should know, this guy is nothing but flawless, as portrayed in the series: brilliant, witty, strong, handsome, very skilled, silly, perverted, and open-minded. This mischievous fellow would probably be a pain at times, often teasing another while trying to entertain himself, however he would in the end still have my heart. Especially, knowing that he would always protect me out of harms way or come to my aid. Kyo Sohma from 'Fruits Basket'. Kyo, oh Kyo... how adorable art thee? ( xD ) Really though, this high-tempered cat is hard not to fall for. He is prideful, ambitious, hardworking, cute, and brave. While he may not be as "perfect" as the last two have appeared to be, Kyo is still someone who I'd like to get to know, and spend time with. Once he opens up, its as if his other half is speaking out. A kind, humble, and gentle half that quite the few anime characters in other shows/mangas have as a trait, BUT this classic anime/manga conveys it in such a way so that Kyo will, for a while, be treasured. Zen Wistalia from 'Snow White with the Red Hair'. Currently on episode 17 of season 2, so far I LOVE this characters personality, he doesn't let his prince title be in name only! Zen is a highly dependable, courageous, down-to-earth, caring, wise, strong-willed, charming, extremely good looking, and noble person. If I'm ever in trouble, he would know....those of you who have seen at least most of the first season to the rest are aware...he WILL find out ( xD). Now what makes him better is because he still expresses regular emotions a generic first-time "in love" person would show, such as: Jealousy, fear of losing that person you gold dear, protectiveness, (etc.), despite him appearing as pure gold. [[Although, the other male characters I mentioned above do express the same emotions, and us the audience know when they are jealous (or whichever emotion is being shown), they don't clearly present it as well as Zen has to where even the support characters immediately point it out. xD]] Thank you for taking the time to read this card! I may try to make an original in the future, but for now I'll stick to answering discussion questions and what not. (°∀°)b