Big Bang Fanic Scenario T.O.P Part 2 Full
you are yourself..... Your a regular fangirl, doing what you do best and FANGIRLING over your fave kpop band Big Bang. After there most hypist comeback "bang bang bang" updating your vingle and twitter every min. One day you do what you do best and sent a tweet to T.O.P and sent what you send every night before you go to sleep "goodnight oppa hope you have a good day and night, cant wait to see you in you US tour!!" The next morning you see that YG Entertainment has followed you back and OPPA!! YOU FANGIRL FOR ABOUT 20 mins. Then you check you vingle message to see to have a message. "The big bang contest isnt over yet but we got an extra ticket and the members for BB are very happy to tell you, that you will be getting a VVIP pass!" At a lost for words, your like 'this have to be a mistake! i never win any of these!!!' Then your phone rings..... "Hello, (your name) this is (your states airport) and we are calling to tell you that your flight to seoul, South Korea leave at 12am." You check the clock.... 11:25!!!!! You hurry to pack all your cute clothes and heels, then rushes out with five mins to spare... *from i live (northern, in the states) it takes two to get to korea* ....TWO DAYS LATER.... You are FINALLY IN SOUTH KOREA! So, you look around the airport and to your surprise you see a big, tall, strong asian guy in a suit holding a sign with your name on it. so you go and follow him to the car waiting for you, the bodyguard took your bags and opened the car door..... you slip in...... Jetlagged and super tired from the plane ride there, you slowly nod off, to a happy wonderland filled with rainbows, sunshine, and oppas!!! The car slowly stops and you get this uneasy feeling.... like someone is watching you.... You open your eyes to see...... "OOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGG TABI OPPA!!!!!! AHSHSKDNSHDKX KDKDHSKDHD DKDKWGSODD DISBSIDBSU!!!! YOUR YOU, HIM, GUY AND IM ME, HER, SHE AND WE, US ARE HERE KOREA OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG" You cleared your throat, took a deep breathe, and took a step back. Bowed "Hello, im (your name) nice to finally meet you, im so happy to be here." TOP said nothing, but turn his head to the side and did that sexy half smile, the shows off the dimple. Which totally felt like a shotgun in your chest! You look passed him, to the building to see you are at GD's house, confused you move your focus back to TOP who was still staring at you, motionless, but your lips kept saying words. "soooo, isnt this GD's house?" he nods. "is this where I'm staying?" he nods. "okay, does Oppa know?" he blasted and to laughter which made you laugh, then he stops, and nods. A women in a distance signals for you to come up, "well i guess i have to go", as you slowly walk pass, TOP grabs your arm, "After the show, follow me" he whispered sweetly and walked away.... As you reached the front of the house your just in awe.... "DAEBAK!!!! omg.... this is beautiful" you said running up to the door and passed the lady standing there, but as you was touring the place, the woman stop at a door, a weird strange feeling came, "who's room is this??" you opened the door... Circling the room, it just felt like you was complete.... "if you want..... yours...." she smiled again and walked out but after saying, "Big Bang MNET show is in 15 so get ready!" TO BE CONTINUED...... what did you think? let me know how you want it to end....
Big bang Fanic scenario G-Dragon Part 1
You're a new intern at Korea's hit radio station, your first week there has been hard and busy, but your boss said that some kpop bands will be coming in to record and rehearse. So you are extremely happy and is most thankful for this job. Later that day, you were given a sign up list for all bands for this "comeback month"... "Week one: BTS Recording only (2 hours) Week Two: Big Bang Recording and Rehearsal (4 hours)" After week two, you thought how are you going to be able to focuson work with your two biases are there???! (GD & TOP) But you think 'well at least im not in the same room has them.' you come down and get ready to clock out and leave... After that awesome fun fulled week with BTS and getting to meet them was so awesome and a lot of held back fangirling cause you were trying to stay working until week two for BIG BANG! First to show up was none other GD oppa! The biggest smile went across your face as you bowed and greeted him inside the studio. He bowed back and went straight to turn on music and talk to other staff. Your dancing to 'Bae Bae' as you clean the practice mirrors and sweeping the floors. So caught up in the moves you notice everyone has left the room but GD oppa who was watching you from the seats in the back. He startled you, " 죄송합니다 (joesonghabnida)" as you step back and bow again. Just as smooth as he can be he walks over, keeping contact, lead in and says "you know i speak english, right?" he step backs and smiles, you blush and look down at the floor. "Those are some nice moves you got there, but you know that ending part needs two people.." you standing there starstuck and motionless, "here let me play it back and lets practice" he moves over to start over the song. You hit each move perfect, and you can see the smile lighten up on his face, which made you feel comforable and confident. The last chorus played and Gd was already in position, you place your hand on his neck and he firmly griped your waist... He slowly turns you around and places his forehead on your and stares at you softly, still singing the lyrics... When its over you both are in the middle of the floor with hos hands still placed firmly on your hips and your hands around his neck, he took a deep breathe and moved closer... He moved the little piece of hair from away from your face, and moves it to behind your ear.... "Yo Yo Yo..." Taeyang has entered the practice room and you both part from each other quickly. Taeyang look at his hyung with confusion, "she will be our full in dancer for today", your eyes shot at oppa as he keep his focus on Taeyang. Your boss walk in, bowed to all, " (insert name) one of the dancers hurt her ankle, we need someone to fill in just for today, can you do it?" You look at oppa who winked and smiled so lovely, which need your heart melt. Then back at your boss, "yes i will do it!" you smiled, then all members and staff walked in and your eyes locked with TOP glides in, not knowing GD is still looking at you with glare... How will this pan out, will you get lost in the music with TOP or will you keep your cool and your bae with GD??? All will be reveled... To Be Continued....