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interesting read
Why Don't Idol Groups Work In America?
In Japan and Korea, idols are a huge deal. The fandoms surrounding idols and idol groups are massive, with a ton of merch, lingo, events, etc surrounding the entertainers. So why isn't that happening in America? The UK tried it out with One Direction and we have a few girl groups like Fifth Harmony and Little Mix, but for the most part the classic pop group ensemble faded away in the early 2000s. Here are a few reasons why it might not work: I'm not saying either opinion is correct - just stating how the general public views celebrities in America vs Korea/Japan. I'm not an expert on either so please share your opinions as well! 1. The Concept of Being An Idol Sure, celebrities in the US know that they are role models, but do they really take this as their job?! In Japan and Korea, a single slip up can mean public humiliation (such as when an AKB48 member had a boyfriend - she had to shave her head as an apology) while in America celebrities insist on their personal rights to do whatever they want. In their opinion, just because you're a celebrity doesn't mean you aren't allowed a personal life. They should be able to be in the lime light but also have a lot of personal life that shouldn't be judged by the public, In Japan/Korea, every aspect of an entertainers life is analyzed and people know that is just part of the job. You must be a model citizen at all times and any bad behaviour (whether its on or off camera) is bad for your company, your career, and your fans. 2. Company Loyalty In America, we know the big companies like Warner, Sony, etc, but we rarely pay attention to what label each artist is on. And even if they're on the same label they don't really work together so its hard for fans to be loyal to one company. The closest I think we can get to that is waaay back with Motown Records or more recently the bands that came out on Fueled By Ramen. Smaller hip hop labels still keep this group style too! We could actually see the connection the artists had on those labels and could support the label as well as the artists. Now in Korea, we all know that companies are a big deal. YG Family, JYP, Cube, SM, etc. They do things together like concerts, Christmas songs, etc. We are able to anticipate the company's new project or collaboration. It's easier for the fans to get hyped over multiple groups at once. 3. Pre-Packaged In America, bands are usually put together by the band members. Whether they start in a garage or they put up flyers to find members, it is the band that forms first, then the label that signs them. In Korea and Japan however, we have a TON of trainees all hoping to be perfectly placed in a group. Think of the show Produce! Perfect example of prepackaging :) One Direction is an example of that happening where the boys were somewhat put together by a label, but musical and personality differences got in the way :/ 4. Training Idols train a LOT. Sure, in America entertainers practice, train, get vocal lessons, learn new instruments, get prepped for interviews etc but they are not forced to practice for 12 hours a day. Living in dorms without cell phones or internet, being forced to learn languages, dances, public speaking, etc - its totally normal in the idol world. Because of this, idols should be pretty prepared for anything. I'm not so sure American entertainers would be up for this style of training. Can you think of other reasons why the "idol" style of the music industry doesn't work in America?
The 7 Times K-drama Got Love Right!
We all can admit that K-dramas are over dramatic, not that realistic, and often set bad examples for relationships, but these are a few examples of when K-dramas really got it right when it comes to love. Being grateful, not jealous. Korean dramas tend to play up the jealous boyfriend role, and boys are portrayed as possessive guys who don't want anyone even looking at their partner. In this example here though, this character is grateful that others were looking out for his loved one when he couldn't. [Drama: Bubblegum] Be good to each other! God I loved this relationship. He was overly caring unlike the usual Kdrama type that is mean to the girl they love. He practically worshipped her (in a very healthy way) and just clearly lived to make her happy. [Drama: Shut Up Flower Boy Band] You don't need to be loud about your love. Quietly helping someone to let them shine is just as powerful as some huge sweeping gesture to make someone happy or successful. If you know your intentions, it doesn't matter who else does. [Drama: She Was Pretty] Sometimes, it just isn't meant to be. There are so many factors involved with falling in love, and so many things are out of our control. Time, the other's feelings, distance, etc. Sometimes no matter how much you want to make it work, you just need to move on. [Drama: Reply 1988] Love knows no jealousy. Regardless of what kind of love we're talking about, that love should not include jealousy. Your loved ones' success should make you happy not envious. [Drama: Dream High] Love isn't smart. Whether you're the one returning to the situation, or if you're the one trying to get a loved one out of it - love doesn't make sense most of the time and all you can do it try your best. [Drama: Monstar] Sending a little love out to the world never hurt anyone. Even in our darkest times, trying to find a way to shine light and show love to others can turn our entire day around. Once you send out some positive energy into the universe, chances are it will come back to you. [Drama: Triangle] What are your favorite examples of love in Korean dramas?!
Relationships, According to Age
You aren't the only thing changing as you get older. So are relationships, and the attitudes people have towards them. I realize I've thought very differently about relationships over the course of my life. Here's how my attitudes (and maybe yours too) have changed over time. Elementary School Boys? More like COOTIES. EW EW EW EW EWWWWW. Middle School Still not all that interested in boys. I thought the people who were 'dating' were wasting their time – it doesn't count as a relationship if you're just holding hands under the lunch table for 3 weeks then breaking up!! Middle school relationships were all about trying to fit in with the cool kids, dating someone who would raise your social standing, and realizing after a couple days you didn't really like them that much anyway. High School Suddenly, I really wanted a boyfriend. I don't remember exactly when, but boys became powerfully interesting. Still, I thought many high school relationships were kind of... shallow. People would date for a few months and that'd be it. And to me, that was way brief to qualify as real love. When I did date a boy my senior year, it was really sweet and young and immature. High school relationships were all about those first kisses, discovering romance, going on nervous dates, meeting someone else's family. We went to the beach, the movies, cafés, and school. We listened to tons of music and felt things way too deeply. That breakup was one of the more emotionally challenging things I had ever experienced – it's hard when you fall (and fall hard) at a young age. College I started dating, but never for the right reasons. I wanted to be noticed, have fun, fall in love – but the love part didn't come. It was less feelings, and more feeling. If that makes sense. College relationships consisted of learning new things together; experimenting; going to parties, the library, bars, restaurants, the cafeteria, concerts, class. All your friends knew everything about your life, romantic and otherwise. Life was messy. Adult Life So many wrong relationships finally, eventually, lead to something right. Only after much searching and crying and #foreveralone-ing, of course. A relationship means finding someone you can imagine being with forever. Or at least for a very long time. Someone who's a partner and a best friend and an adorable baby puppy you never want to stop snuggling, all in one. And with the promise of a long future together came love, finally. Actual real love. I don't know if you guys agree with these relationship "states of being," but I'd love to hear your take on it. What did "relationship" mean to you in middle school, high school, college? Or after?
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