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Just Kpopper Things
What all Kpoppers have to deal with: Part 2!
So, a close friend of mine sent me a link of a blog that nags about Kpop, so I decided to explain how ignorant their reasons are in part 2! Here's a link to part 1 if you need it! https://www.vingle.net/posts/978817 Also, quick thank you to those that commented on my first card! I will be using those as well! #3: All of them look the same I'm sorry, but you have to be very ignorant if you're going to use this reason. Firstly because, CAN YOU NOT SEE THEIR DIFFERENCES???? I know some people who have said this, just to be racist. They'll mainly comment on their eyes. I find this incredibly rude, because everyone is different in their own ways. They don't look the same in our eyes, because we kpop fans have actually taken the time to see the difference between idols. If someone tells you this, they deserve a slap to the face, especially if their comment is racist. It's alright if it's just out of plain curiosity though, (hopefully) because they don't intentionally mean any harm. #4: They have stupid lyrics. So, this blog listed 5 reasons as to why Kpop is stupid, and here's one of them.... "2. THE LYRICS ARE STUPIDER THAN 1,000 GLUE-SNIFFING RETARDS In a sad attempt to increase its international appeal, K-pop lyrics are often infused with lame, grammatically incorrect, fucked-up English. It’s fine that they mostly sing in Korean, as they should, because it is K-pop after all. But the English is just ridiculous and thrown in at the last minute. It’s awful and must be stopped." I find this one to be incredibly stupid, because really? Are you serious? I assume this person hasn't even looked into the Kpop world. Idols learn English while they're in training, but what did you expect? Perfect English? Sorry to disappoint, but they're not going to have perfect English. However, there are idols who do know English quite well, mainly because they we're raised in the States. This reason is very rude, because at least they're trying. They're making an effort to learn English, which isn't easy. #5: You can't even understand them Don't you think we know that? We can enjoy whatever music we want to! The song are catchy, some of them mess with our feels, but that doesn't matter because we can jam out to them, and sometimes lock ourselves in our rooms and cry because of the feels........ Anyways, that's why there's a thing called subtitles! However, I only use subtitles for interviews or variety shows. Besides, why understand them when you could be rocking out in your room having the time of your life!! We already deal with the struggle of not being able to see them live (except for those people, who's bands actually come their city T^T) so, let us enjoy what we can!! I made a part 2!! Yayyyy! I was debating whether or not to make it, but my friend sent me the link to that hate website. When I was looking at their reasons, I saw how uninformative, and ignorant this person was and I decided not to take it to the heart. Who knows, maybe I'll make a part 3! Once again, no one should be getting hate because of what they enjoy!! We're all human!!! Even if you're a unicorn, you have feelings too!! Anyways, has anyone seen Shinee's new video? I can't even! Anyways, have a lovely day, or evening wherever you are! Stay awesome my graciously outstanding unicorns!! Anything else? Let me know for part 3!