adventure's in parenting an African family
adventure's in parenting an African family
Putting Uniforms on our Children
Here in Zambia, all schools require the children to wear uniforms, down to the type of shoes they are allowed to wear and since the new craze of "let girls wear what they want to school" campaign I am happy that it is this way here. It gets hot here and the uniforms are made to accommodate. In the States I see that crop tops and bum shorts are something we are asking school aged boys to "not notice" as they go to their learning institutions because they need to learn "self-control" and how "not to sexualize women", how about teaching our daughters to know what is appropriate attire for certain situations. A man shouldn't wear swim trunks, a white undershirt and flip flops to work in a corporate company and a woman shouldn't wear a crop top and bum shorts to an interview. Is that taking away from their right? No, it's knowing what is appropriate and if we can't teach our daughters that school is a place where you go to learn, not keep up with the latest fashion or show how small your waist is or show your individuality through your attire then we are already sending them the wrong message about their bodies. On the Disney Channel there is a commercial that asks kids "Does your mother dress like a 16 year old?" Why is that? It's because even kids know what mommy should be wearing and what is appropriate. Let us not be so quick to tell our children (yes teens) that they have a "right" to dress like a (you're gonna eat me alive for this) prostitute to school or like they are going to a day at the beach. But that every event/situation has the correct attire and following those guidelines does not mean you are letting your individuality go