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beckiboop1996's Collection
TRI : PT 3
Jay cracked open his eyes, the light flooding in making his bead throb especially on one side. Oh yea Zico had knocked him out with his gun. He could tell someone else was in the room but they knew better than to talk just yet. The person got up moving over to his side on the bed. They propped him up handing him a glass of water and a few pills. Of course it was Dok2 who was waiting for him to wake up, he had probably slept in that chair all night waiting for him. It was also probably him who carried Jay home last night. His second in command was really something else, his loyalty was an incredibly remarkable thing if not absolutely terrifying at the same time. The room was silent till the medicine started to take effect. “I have bad news; I know now isn’t really the time you want to hear this but you need to know. The White Lion lounge was set on fire last night. It wasn’t Zico himself he said he was done with you but I believe it was some of his lackeys. The men are already upset that four died last night and we are still waiting for a death total from the lounge. Peace as we knew it is gone, and unfortunately we are the ones who ripped it away. We should have kept a low profile; I should have pulled you out when you were getting to drunk. I’m sorry I’ve failed you.” “Don’t be to hard on yourself. You know they were itching to find something to start a fight about. The Dragons aren’t happy unless they can kill someone and burn everything to the ground. They are a bunch of hot heads and you know it. He could have just beat my ass but that gunner of his has an itchy finger. Get Grey and Ugly Duck, tell them we are going to need guns and lots of them. Oh and tell Okasian to keep an eye out for any movement in their camps.” “I gave the order this morning sir. It’s almost 2pm by my watch.” Mino and Dean were going through the boxes from the recent shipment making sure everything was in order. “Did you hear that some of our lackeys tried to burn down the White Lion last night?” Dean was sure the other knew but he just wanted something to talk about. “Yes and the boss is incredibly upset about it too. He currently has a price on their heads. He was telling me that he only wanted to show Jay he couldn’t break the riles not start an all-out war.” Mino seemed irritated. “You know the boss lives of bloodshed though. How long do you think he could have held out without starting to kill all of his own men one by one? I mean come on he put a price of their heads. He could have just tried to find them and hand them over to Jay as a peace offering but he wants their heads on a silver platter.” Dean would do anything for his boss but sometimes his tactics could be a bit… messy.
TRI : PT 2
Jay was almost completely blacked out when the door to the VIP section flew open with a loud bang. Seconds later there was a silver pistol pressed between his eyes making him blink to focus even more than the alcohol that was pulling him from consciousness. He knew this gun from somewhere but he couldn’t get his eyes to focus long enough to see who was holding it. “The fuck do you think you’re doing with all my girls in your section. Do you have any idea how much money you’ve cost me tonight? Not to mention there is a crowd watching you defile my girls. Watching you put your hands all over Ruby.” Oh it was Zico, he thought he recognized the girl he was with. He had been far to drunk already when he got ahold of her to really care who she belonged to. Well this night that started off so great had quickly turned into one of the shittiest nights of this whole year. “Heb ma.” He was having serious struggles with talking. Did he really drink that much? He didn’t remember drinking that much. Wait that chick gave him a drink, what had she done to him? “You’re lucky she drugged your ass so you couldn’t get to far with her. She knows how to take care of herself. But you’ve cost me to much and given me such a headache. I need compensation… Crush.” Four shots rang out followed by the sound of thudding bodies. “Don’t worry I didn’t shoot any of your generals. You haven’t caused me that much grief. I expect your men to clean up the mess though and you might want someone to carry your dumb ass home.” The gun was pulled from his face only for the butt to strike against this head. The last thing he heard was. “Let’s go boys, we’re done for now.” Hoseok and Jackson came running into the warehouse at full speed only stopping to breath once they were a few feet inside. Mark meet them halfway when they started to walk again. “Where…. Boss.” Hoseok asked gasping for breath. Had they run all the way here from Red Dragon? That was quite a ways from the border of their territory not to mention from the heart where the warehouse sat. He motioned for the two to follow him to the weapons center were Yoongi was talking to Namjoon. “Did you idiots run all the way here? You could have taken a taxi most of the way you know that right? I would have compensated you for it.” Hoseok leaned against a table while Jackson choose to sprawl out on the floor. There was silence as the boss waited for them to catch their breaths enough to tell him what happened. Hoseok was the first to speak. “We got there just after Zico’s crew and pushed our way as close as we could while still being able to get out. He had Jay at gunpoint but it seemed Jay had drank to much to even know it was him. I heard something about Ruby putting something in his drink, that woman is scary. He said he needed compensation for the money lost that night and his headache. All he had to do was say Crush’s name and four people dropped.” “Bang, bang, bang, bang.” Jackson was commentating the story it seemed, Mark couldn’t help but smile at the idiot and the look J was given by their boss. “Anyway it’s bad. He said that they were done for now. I don’t know what he has planed but peace is completely off the table now. On top of that we have an itchy trigger finger on the aggressor’s side.” “You can take care of that can’t you Mark? If the time comes of course, no need to get in this just yet.” “Of course sir. He will never make it close enough to kill anyone in this room.”