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Let's watch the Big Bang MVs together!
ARE YOU READY VIPs??? IT'S HERE!!! LET'S WATCH AND PARTY! Hahaha~ Big Bang - Let's Not Fall in Love CAN WE TALK ABOUT TOP'S HAIR FOR A SECOND....??? IT IS BEAUTIFUL... LET'S NOT FALL IN LOVE? PLEASE, WE ALREADY FELL FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. Check out this card to learn more about the hidden confession in this song! GD-TOP - ZUTTER!!! WHAT EVEN??? This MV gives me life. LMAO TOP probably had SO MUCH FUN doing the MV. BAHAHAHA We finally know what all the pig Instagram posts were about!!! What do you guys think of the MVs? I'm having so much fun with you guys right now! Thanks for being awesome VIPs! <3 <3 <3 Here are are some of my favorite comments from you guys: "TURTLE NECKS NOOOOOO BUT YESSSSSSSSS" @kpopandkimchi "Seungri playing superman on that wheely chair is probably already gifed on the Internet already lol." @danidee "Taetae flail skipping on the ground while his boo is one the roof, Dae being the literal perfect human being he is, Seungri looks so DAMN HANDSOME, TOP can act like crazy crazy. So goooood. The end tho." @baileykayleen "OMG! It's was so good. I was jelly of the girl GD picked up and twirled around. and it was cute when T.O.P wanted a kiss and the girl put her finger on his lips. And Daesung eating bread..." @FabiolaGavina "I'm glad top and are pretty much the same person when we're drunk." @Taijiotter "it's different than what we're seeing in the made era but it's a perfect song to release as a part of the last series of this era, it gave me a soft, smooth vibe AND I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH" @coconutt "OOOOOOMMMGGGG!! I'm so mesmerised I had to watch it twice! After the party I'm locking myself in my room to watch it over and over and over... sayonara beautiful sun." @jannatd93 "If your GTOP ship wasn't real before, try re watching the bathroom scenes. xD" @TMinusEleven "okay what did I just watch? lmaooo." @EdwinBermudez "from being in love to being high af 0-100 real quick yo" @urlocalfangirl "IS IT COMPLETELY OKAY IF I TOTALLY LOVED THE SECOND ONE?!?!?" @KpopGaby "I don't even have words to describe what zutter did to me and made me feel." @ShellyThiemann ".....the GDTOP one completed my life.....if I die today, I die happy <(ˍ ˍ*)>" @PassTheSuga "My neighbors are gonna' think I'm Korean but that's okay XD" @aabxo "lol the MV "Lets Not Fall in Love" I'm like, TOO LATE ALREADY FELL IN LOVE!!!! xD" @namelessx "GD and TOP are really good at peeing... they're like, "Look ma! No hands!" LOL XD" @allischaaff