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Got7 Present: You Album Unboxing
Alright so I am FINALLY able to share this with you guys! My album arrived on Monday along with Leo’s solo album, but I’ll post this one first. I was so nervous opening this. I was hoping to get either get the group version or Jinyoung’s version because he is my bias, after all. Lol. The feather on the front of the album sleeve reminds me so much of a band that I used to go crazy over because one of their albums has a feather on the front of it. I have Mark’s bookmark and the group clear card with the preorder gift. The version of the album that I got was..... *drum roll 🥁* I got JB!!! I knew when I slid the album upward from the sleeve that I had a random member, but I wasn’t 100% sure it was JB since most of the members have dark hair for this concept. I’m so happy to have his version, even though I didn’t get the ones I was hoping to get. After seeing a lot of unboxings of the album, his photobook was probably one of my top favorite ones ☺️ *Note: I know that there is a random picture of either the group or a member inside the sleeve, but I’m not about to rip it because we just don’t do that here lol. I got Youngjae’s picture inside the sleeve* Why did JYP do that honestly? Lol. And there are three different versions of the CD plate and this is the one I have. So pretty! Album/Photobook Here’s a few photos of JB from the photo book. He’s so handsome 😍 Photocards/Lyric Card BamBam and JB really loved me this comeback 😂 I also got BamBam’s poster, but I didn’t take a picture of it because it’s way too big. Lol. Jinyoung avoided me completely this comeback. I always pull at least one of his PC’s but I’m honestly happy with whoever I get. That’s it for Got7’s album unboxing :) Tags: @AegyoSoCute @ESwee @KPOPandKimchi @IsoldaPazo @poojas @KwonOfAKind @SugaKookies @kpopINT @MrsJungHoseok @SokharChea @Choijiah @mellyortiz @Namjoonsbutt @NykeaKing @faith92 @ArmyofKookie @GriseldaZenger @CrystalBlunt @mrsjeon @Isolate @MelissaGarza @Fangirl @KarenGuerra93 @salo @otakukpoper @luna1171 @imiebegay14 @InfinitySky @cns1391 @sukkyongwanser @Yugykookie97