Gaara Drawing!
I haven't posted here on vingle in a long time and that's because I've been active on Kdrama Amino. But since I drew and colored this today, I decided to share since some still enjoy looking at my drawings. Gaara is my favorite Naruto character and I drew a chibi version of him and added some extra stuff to it to give my own style. I added all the symbols of each village. Let me know what you think! Till next time, bye-bye! @AimeBolanos @AnimeFan4Evr @DamianWalker @ThiaLightleaf @kouvarisb @AlexisCortez @Colonellinguis @ZethZetsway @Tylor619 @CarolinaSmith @funspot @earthly @pirateking47 @Esthela @AdrianDean @cecily1ylicec @TinaDang @hantam97 @SymoneBelcher @KatieSaldivar @ButterflyBlu @poojas @NerukaWong @SunnyV @merryjayne13 @RosePark @DanRodriguez @JessicaChaney @JustinaNguyen @AdiaJasinski @LayLayPoe @AkiraCondry @VixenViVi @Arellano1052 @animelord @RaquelArredondo @corinazurk @KhrystinaLee @ashleykpop @VinMcCarthy @BambiGray @bribarbour99 @ASatterley @Yuki136989 @MarkKibe @amberpuck95 @Namrow @Namrow @NinaBina12 @FaithSchild @chris98vamg @JessicaChaney @WilsonRivera @Akberg @shantalcamara @sherrysahar @BluBear07 @littlemaryk @CheniseLewis @KennyJohnson @shannonl5 @XavierLopez @Rosezavala @MaribelMota @jasminetimple @mymi @CassondraSteven @MidnightBeauty @PrincessRosey09 @KassiIverson @Crosszeriazess @Jak91 @NikkiT92 @amberpuck95 @kimberlyr @CosmicCassidy @JadeTejada @Queensweets @Osakasmallfry @Remeleen @assasingod @hikaymm @Gibbous1992 @KurosakiJess @hanetama @ToniPyoGibbons @trustfundkid @alexcattura @BlackoutZJ @AliceTetsuya
{TLT} Feudal Japan Edition: Inuyasha x Kagome!
This week's theme for True Love Tuesday is Feudal Japan. My choice for my favorite Feudal Japan couple is Inuyasha and Kagome which is no surprise if you know me and know that Inuyasha is my all time favorite anime. Inuyasha and Kagome are also my #1 OTP! I shipped them from Episode 1 after seeing this! They are absolutely adorable >.< An immortal and a half-demon make an interesting pair and are so cute together! "I love you as a half-demon Inuyasha." I want to be carried too! XD Inuyasha is so caring and loving towards Kagome <3 It's so cute when Inuyasha gets jealous because of Koga! The ultimate "SIT BOY"! The only person Inuyasha is afraid of is Kagome. Favorite Inuyasha x Kagome moment! It's so cute!!! I could literally go on all day about this couple. I love them so much and can never get enough of their cuteness. If you haven't watched Inuyasha, I highly recommend it. It's a fantasy, romance, comedy. It's got a little of everything plus a beautiful soundtrack. Who is your TLT Feudal Japan couple? Let Me Know Down Below! ^.^~ The Anime Mod Crew: @AimeBolanos @AmazingAshley @OtakuDemon10 The Rest Of My Anime Lovers! @AimeBolanos @AnimeFan4Evr @DamianWalker @ThiaLightleaf @kouvarisb @AlexisCortez @Colonellinguis @ZethZetsway @Tylor619 @CarolinaSmith @funspot @earthly @pirateking47 @Esthela @AdrianDean @cecily1ylicec @TinaDang @hantam97 @SymoneBelcher @KatieSaldivar @ButterflyBlu @poojas @NerukaWong @SunnyV @merryjayne13 @RosePark @DanRodriguez @JessicaChaney @JustinaNguyen @AdiaJasinski @LayLayPoe @AkiraCondry @VixenViVi @Arellano1052 @animelord @RaquelArredondo @corinazurk @KhrystinaLee @ashleykpop @VinMcCarthy @BambiGray @bribarbour99 @ASatterley @Yuki136989 @MarkKibe @amberpuck95 @Namrow @Namrow @NinaBina12 @FaithSchild @chris98vamg @JessicaChaney @WilsonRivera @Akberg @shantalcamara @sherrysahar @BluBear07 @littlemaryk @CheniseLewis @KennyJohnson @shannonl5 @XavierLopez @Rosezavala @MaribelMota @jasminetimple @mymi @CassondraSteven @MidnightBeauty @PrincessRosey09 @KassiIverson @Crosszeriazess @Jak91 @NikkiT92 @amberpuck95 @kimberlyr @CosmicCassidy @JadeTejada @Queensweets @Osakasmallfry @Remeleen @assasingod @hikaymm @Gibbous1992 @KurosakiJess @hanetama @ToniPyoGibbons @trustfundkid @alexcattura @BlackoutZJ @AliceTetsuya
{MCM} Harem Edition: Tomoe ^.^~
This week's MCM theme is Harem. Who's your MCM Harem Knight? My Harem MCM is Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita. I had no idea this anime was even categorized as a harem or should I say reverse harem... I always thought of it as just a rom-com, fantasy anime because in reality there was no competition when it came to love in this anime. I understand now why it is a reverse harem though. I forgot about the other love rivals for Nanami. There are like 5 other guys that like Nanami.. XD BTW it took me about 20 mins. just to decide who my favorite male harem character is. This was really tough because I have so many favorite reverse harem male characters. Some other favorites: Tamaki - Ouran High School Host Club Tokiya - Uta No Prince Sama Hak - Akatsuki No Yona Shin - Amnesia Hayate - Pretear Takuma - Hiiro No Kakera I'm sure there's more but still, it was so tough to choose just one. But Tomoe has always been in my heart above these ones. Oh yeah if you didn't know I'm a big fan of gray/white/silver haired male anime characters. Most of my top favorite characters have white/gray hair. My #1 favorite character of all time is Inuyasha. Not only is he extremely handsome but... He's extremely ADORABLE as well! (I just want to pinch his cheeks!) I wish he would get shy more often, he's so cute when he blushes >.< He can be so sweet but also be the devil. Well he is a yokai (demon) after all. Tomoe get's scared not from other yokai but from Nanami. Tomoe is a beautiful creature and looks amazing with both long and short hair. I love the long more but he's hot with both! And most of all, he's caring. <3 There you have it. I have a strong love for this fox demon! Who is your Harem MCM? The Anime Mod Crew: @AimeBolanos @AmazingAshley @OtakuDemon10 The Rest Of My Anime Lovers! @AimeBolanos @AnimeFan4Evr @DamianWalker @ThiaLightleaf @kouvarisb @AlexisCortez @Colonellinguis @ZethZetsway @Tylor619 @CarolinaSmith @funspot @earthly @pirateking47 @Esthela @AdrianDean @cecily1ylicec @TinaDang @hantam97 @SymoneBelcher @KatieSaldivar @ButterflyBlu @poojas @NerukaWong @SunnyV @merryjayne13 @RosePark @DanRodriguez @JessicaChaney @JustinaNguyen @AdiaJasinski @LayLayPoe @AkiraCondry @VixenViVi @Arellano1052 @animelord @RaquelArredondo @corinazurk @KhrystinaLee @ashleykpop @VinMcCarthy @BambiGray @bribarbour99 @ASatterley @Yuki136989 @MarkKibe @amberpuck95 @Namrow @Namrow @NinaBina12 @FaithSchild @chris98vamg @JessicaChaney @WilsonRivera @Akberg @shantalcamara @sherrysahar @BluBear07 @littlemaryk @CheniseLewis @KennyJohnson @shannonl5 @XavierLopez @Rosezavala @MaribelMota @jasminetimple @mymi @CassondraSteven @MidnightBeauty @PrincessRosey09 @KassiIverson @Crosszeriazess @Jak91 @NikkiT92 @amberpuck95 @kimberlyr @CosmicCassidy @JadeTejada @Queensweets @Osakasmallfry @Remeleen @assasingod @hikaymm @Gibbous1992 @KurosakiJess @hanetama @ToniPyoGibbons @trustfundkid @alexcattura @BlackoutZJ @AliceTetsuya