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all things kpop
Oh uh.. Hi Leo, thank you for uhm... Yeah thanks for coming, I know these things aren't your favorite. We're just gonna start with some basic facts alright? Okay Leo is a main vocalist in VIXX Real name: Jung Taekwoon Birthday: November 10th, 1990 Height: 183 cm (6'0) Am I doing well? Can I just... Can you nod your head maybe?.... No... Okay uh well.. We'll just continue Aish... Don't look at me like that.. Hehe.. *fans self* Lets just get some more facts okay? Member of the National Youth Soccer Players from 2004 to 2007 Knows Tae Kwon Do He is ambidextrous (able to write with both hands) Won various championships in swimming and boxing His ideal type is someone who he falls in love with at first sight, but not based on looks, but on the feeling His charm is his effort He likes the words “You can do it" He was moved when a fan tweeted, “It’s been hard but listening to Leo’s song my heart feels at ease" Though he sometimes appears cold and uncaring, the members often state how he is very grateful and touched by their fans. He got his stage name “Leo” from his company CEO who named him that because he resembles a lion. He also named him that in hopes that he will someday rule the music industry like Leo from “King of the Jungle“. He would have been an athlete or composer if he had not become a singer. He trained for about 3 and a half years before finally debuting. He sleeps in a hooded t-shirt and training wear He would be a lion if he were an animal He would dye his hair black, white, and blue because those are his favorite colors He wouldn’t go out with any of the members if he were a girl He would go to a cafe where the coffee is good with the girl he liked His valuable belonging is the MP3 and the rosary his mother gave him. When he’s having a hard time, he takes his rosary and feels comforted Leo... Please.. Stop looking at me like that. I'm trying to focus on making you happy with my work Lets give all these lovely people something special okay? Okay... I'm not... I'm not crying... At all.. *hides in sweater* Ahem... Thank you Leo for erm.. Joining me today.. It was a pleasure. Very honored to work with such beautiful, talented men today. Thank you my lo-erm.... Leo. Thank you. I hope I made you proud! Group of the week taglist: @Helixx @catchyacrayon @KwonOfAKind @lovetop @ESwee @Kieuseru @EliseB