Grading On-Air Dramas (Korean Dramas)
There are variety of on air dramas currently and each one has their own unique plots. From an alien that has live on Earth for 300 years to a plot about food! So what grade would you give these on-air dramas? 1) My Love From Another Stars/You Who Came From the Stars: Receives an A + Reasons: It has a fresh plot that makes it exciting for each episode, with comedy, suspense, and romance tie into the storyline it gives an eagerness that can't be sedate without watching the next episode. Plus as bonuses it has an alien that is beyond this world hottie and it has an extremely awesome OST. 2) Let's Eat: Receives an A Reasons: Well despite the food cravings while watching the drama, it has a comedic side to it that leaves you LOLing a lot. Then of course it also has it's suspicious side of who can be the man that is doing these random attacks. And who can resist Yoon Doo Joon? Plus it has a cute dog that is really smart! Now these next two dramas are just recently dramas so the grading isn't exactly a final grade, but this is the grading for how it is so far. 3)Inspiring Generation: Receives an A- Reasons: It seems to have a really well story-line to it so far and the only reason it receive a minus is because it was a little confusing and I wasn't sure what was occurring; but it seems highly interesting and I can't wait to see what the future episodes bring. Plus we get to see KHJ on-screen again! 4) I Need Romance 3: Receives an A Reasons: The plot seems like a very steamy one and I'm sure that in the near future episodes there will be a lot of twists to them. Although seem people may find her character annoying she portrays a woman that has been hurt and is trying to protect herself. There is most likely going to be a lot of romance occurring in this drama for sure! I know there are other on-air dramas that I have not mention, but it's quite difficult to keep up with all of them. So what would you grade these dramas? Thank you for reading, Peace :)