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DIY accessories
DIY glitter party headbands
This is a perfect project for creating some fun headbands that will ad a little extra flair and sparkle to your NYE's fashion ensemble. This DIY tutorial comes from the creative people at Brit + Co. Materials For this project, you will need: -- Plastic prong headband (you can find these in a beauty section of a store or online) -- Pipe cleaners in gold, silver and purple -- Scissors -- Pom poms -- E6000 craft glue (you can find this at a craft store or online) -- Star template (you can print this out) -- Small gold studs -- Needle-nose pliers This DIY project makes three different headbands. If you want to just make one of them, look at the specific directions for just that one. Pom pom headband Take some silver pipe cleaners and form them into large pointed triangles and then wrap them around the headband. Then, wrap some more silver pipe cleaners around the entire top of the headband to make the headband completely silver. Then, use the craft glue to attach colored pom poms to the headband. Star headband Take the star template and make three stars from pipe cleaners: two gold and one silver. Then, take small pieces of pipe cleaner and attach the stars to the headband. Wrap gold pipe cleaners around the top part of the headband and use some craft glue to secure the pipe cleaners. Purple stud headband Take purple pipe cleaners and make small triangles and attach to the headband. Alternate whether they stick out toward the front or the back. Then, take some more purple pipe cleaners and wrap them around the top part of the headband and secure with craft glue. Finally, use the craft glue to attach gold studs to the points and middle section of the purple pipe cleaners. Rock your cute headbands at a NYE party and enjoy! For more DIY projects for fashion items and accessories, check out the "DIY fashion" and "DIY accessories" collections!