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[ i know i said i wouldn't post anything, but i would really love to share this with you all. just wanna say though, this point of view story has killing and a lot of vulgarity. when reading, please make sure to keep these things in mind. i'll also probably write one for every member if i get the inspiration. oh! and the "matoki" word is based on a story on AO3 that i've come to love! it's a gang based story. anyways, enjoy! ] “He's going to wake soon,” a small voice in the back of Yongguk's mind reminded him. “Might as well get up and go pay your pet a visit.” Yongguk couldn't help but agree with his inner self. His current play toy, was leaving prominent marks on his chest, worshipping him like a god. Oh, how much he loved being treated like a king and having his play things' lips on his skin. It made him feel powerful— in just a snap of his fingers, someone was already fondling his body while another was leaving marks. Yongguk slowly and sensually lifted up his slaves' chin and pressed a hot kiss onto their lips. “Master will be back.” Yongguk slipped on a pair of dark jeans with a white t-shirt and matching combat boots. He eyed the weapons sprawled out on his counter and decided to go with his "special" packet. Without paying any mind to the male on his bed, Yongguk went out of the bedroom and downstairs towards the torture room– his favorite room in all of the BAP hideout. The excitement in his bones seemed to only grow bigger and bigger the more steps he took; the closer he got. Chills ran up his spine and a wide sadistic grin slipped past the man's lips. Anyone that can see him, would think that he just won the lottery or something. But in reality, Yongguk was ready to have his body covered in blood and organs. The completely dark room followed by the shrieking sound of the heavy medal door and a loud gasp from inside, were the first things to greet Yongguk. By this time, he had a "hop" to his walking and his grin was now ear to ear. His hand reached out towards the left, feeling around for the light switch (which he was quick to find). With the dim lighting of the room, Yongguk was able to maneuver around the small room with ease. He walked over to the table where a few "toys" were already set up and have been recently cleaned for the next killing. Yongguk set his small package onto the dull table and was quick to open it. Two syringes lay on one side of the package and five different liquids occupied the other side. “How was your sleep?” Yongguk asked the male, a happy tone in his voice. The room was relatively small, but it was big enough to hold twenty people and they would all be comfortably moving around. On the opposite side of the room, was a full wall mirror. It was scratched, had blood, and no longer gave a clear view to those looking into it. It did, however, still provide enough to watch your back and/or watch the show from barely entering. With that being said, Yongguk's eyes - filled with sadistic happiness - never left the man's - filled with fear and anxiety - wide eyes. Oh, how much he loved watching fear in other's eyes. Yongguk finished preparing the syringes, this type deciding to go with two types of poison. His two favorite liquids— acid and strychnine. Yongguk gently placed the syringes down carefully and walked over to the man tied up. He had a cloth in his mouth, making it impossible to speak and his clothing was stained with dried blood from his own wounds. “Tsk, tsk,” Yongguk began as he placed a chair in front of the man, “Did you honestly think you can get away from me? Did you actually think I would let you run that bastard mouth of yours?” Although a smile still rested on Yongguk's lips, just by looking at his eyes, it would make anyone want to simply regret living. “Anyways, I guess I should congratulate you. Why? You made the choice to betray me, and today, is the day I finally get to have your insides on the floor and your blood on my skin.” With those simple words, the man began sobbing hysterically and disgustingly. Muffled cries of “I'm sorry” were barely audible, but Yongguk would have none of it. “Let's get you all prepared, now, shall we?” Yongguk stood up from the wooden chair and made his way to grab the first syringe. It contained the acid, something he loved injecting into the skull. It was both extremely painful, and worked it's way around extremely slowly. Although as much as he wanted to dive right into the brain, he wanted to keep his prey alive for as long as possible. He wanted the other so far gone, that he begged for death. Yongguk walked behind the male and looked at him through the mirror, “Don't worry. You won't feel anything yet.” With those words out, Yongguk plunged the syringe into the man's head and into the skull. He pressed down onto the small handle and further down the tube. He only injected a little, deciding that it was enough for the time being. The strychnine, however, was the one thing he was looking forward to using it. Not only was it the poison that causes the most pain, but it was also the best poison to watch someone on. “You're going to be my little test subject today. Let's see how long it takes you to die. The last person, well, they didn't even last fifteen minutes.” The look on the other male's eyes seemed to only widen in terror, but it still wasn't enough for Yongguk. “Using this baby,” Yongguk motioned to the strychnine poison as he moved to sit down in front of the man, “Using small doses can inflict fear, pain, and hallucinations. Isn't it fun? I mean, you get to go insane right before your life comes to an end.” At the last words, Yongguk let out a low gruff laugh. “But for now though, let us keep you alive for as long as I want. In other words, I decide when you get to die.” Yongguk let out a small sound from his lips and raised his hand to push in the small handle further down the tube. Yongguk leaned back into his chair and watched as the male's body began shaking. “Not enough, it's too... Clean,” Yongguk thought to himself. The Matoki leader stood up from his chair and walked over to the lone table in the corner. He looked at the various "toys" and decided to go with a knife that seemed to be recently sharpened. “This will do.” Playing around with the knife, Yongguk took back his seat in front of the male. Without any signs of hesitance, Yongguk leaned forward and using the knife, ripped open the male's shirt up the middle. Yongguk had to admit, the man had a nice body. But it would look better all cut up and fed to his hounds. “Let's see how strong you truly are,” Yongguk grinned widely. He pressed his knife deep into a nonfatal point, gripping hard at the handle. The man screamed out in agony and if he wasn't crying before, he surely was now. “Where the hell is the bastard that betrayed me? Are you not him? Damn. And I thought you were fucking stronger,” Yongguk felt himself grow colder and angrier. He loved hearing his victims cry, but there were times when he just wanted to chop them up out of anger. “Where's the strong headed asshole that thought he was king of the world because he 'managed to deceive me'? Fucking pussy.” “You piss me off,” Yongguk growled as he pulled the knife out and drove it deeper into a vital point. Leaving the knife there, Yongguk stood up and grabbed the syringe filled with strychnine and plunged it deep into the side of the man's throat. He quickly injected all of the poison and with his free hand, pulled out the knife from the man's stomach and slit his throat wide open. Blood spilled out from the wounds, staining Yongguk. The man coughed on his own blood and within seconds, the room was silent and the man's eyes now held no emotion. Yongguk looked deeply into those and moved forward to press his lips against the other's. Blood coated Yongguk's lips like moss on rocks. The dark haired male pulled away and with a mighty punched, he manage to knock the head off clean from the shoulders. “Bastard,” Yongguk muttered under his breath as he left the torture room— and evidently leaving the man to bleed out and rot. 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Your words in my head, Knives in my heart, You build me up, And then i fall apart, Cause i'm only human. They sat in a circle, not being able to mutter a single word. Their phones kept vibrating on the side, new notifications pouring in every single second that passed. They were scared, scared because the messages held horrendous words, enough to tear a mind apart. The only thing that pained them most, is that even their fans have turned against them, left them in the dark. Is that what this has come to? All their hard work seemed to have fallen down like walls after being bombed, wethered, and having overgrown weeds slipping through the cracks… And all they could do is watch, watch in fear as the most messages were directed at a certain member. The member stood up abruptly, surprising the members, they wanted the other to let out their feelings rather than keeping them locked up. But it wasn't so easy; no, how could they fall anymore when they have reached the ground? They've reached the bottom, but it won't help to just sit around and mourn over the social media- no matter how much it hurt. They were to keep moving forward, hoping that things would to get better. But how can they? How can they keep holding on to hope, when hope seems so out of reach nowadays? But no matter how much they wanted to give up, they couldn't bring themselves to. It doesn't matter how much hate they get because they know… they know that amongst those who want to see them fail… there are those who are telling them that it is going to be okay. But you know what hurts the most? The most that has many idols wondering- why them? They're just trying to live and do what they love… What hurts the most is that some, if not many, thought this was a story about a male idol. News, articles, papers all say what goes on with male idols, but did most know that there's a new girl group that debuted? Or that a few disbanded in the span of four months? It hurts knowing this particular girl group, (most girl groups in this case), have to work harder just to get recognition. But it's okay. They'll get there one day. She turned around from her members and walked towards her room, no one stopped her, no one even dared to move a single muscle. It was torturous to see their fellow friend in such pain, and even then, she bottled it all up inside, not wanting to seem the slightest of weak. A door closing bounced off the walls and the remaining members in the living room let out a breath they didn't know they were holding. The only other sound in the room seemed to be the occasional vibration of the phone resting on the vanity next to where their fellow member sat. They all looked at each other, with hurtful expressions. “I am sorry…,” the leader said after a while as she was the first to break the silence. She should have remained strong, but when a member was in pain because people were just unhappy, she tended to believe it was all her fault. After all, isn't a leader's job to look after their members? To protect them from as much harm as they can? But this is the real and cruel world, the world in which they have come to love, but despise at the same time. The leader asked herself, “Where did i go wrong?” she turned to her members whom all had tears in their eyes, trying to hold back. They all looked up to her to remain the strongest, but it was just too much when she just couldn't help but feeling like utter crap for not realizing sooner. For not protecting her friend. The member stared at her computer, watching as more comments started pouring in. A new article was posted, and just the title was enough to know that she should not open it. But she's already done and numb after reading so many things about her and her friends. The article spoke about her being overweight, her thighs did not have a gap, and apparently her voice sounded different after her throwing up to try to reach the standards she was to follow. And not only that- no, they compared her body to one that is known as; “the perfection of beauty.” She stared at the photo filled with comparisons of her body versus the other, pointing out all of her very visible flaws. A single tear left her eyes involuntarily, as she scrolled down to the comment section, some were defending her, calling her beautiful, perfect, and other words she barely hears. But the majority were horrible, agreeing with the post, suggesting she do plastic surgery, or just pointing out more flaws. I can turn it on, Be a good machine. More tears escaped, but she couldn't cry. She had to remain as strong as possible, and maybe try again tomorrow. But for now, she needed to let out feelings that have been trapped within her soul, and what other way to do it rather than to do what she loves best? Singing. It's how all of her frustrations were let out; her coping with things when they seemed to go terribly wrong. She brought a sleeve up to her eyes and wiped at them before once again, opening her twitter. Amongst the massive hate tweets, one stood out to her. Her cursor grazed over the tweet, slowly clicking it. Three words were written, along with a link and her username tag. “You're a human,” it read. A small smile made its way to her lips, but she couldn't tell whether it was forced or a genuine one. But then again, how many people have actually told her that? Not many… Not knowing what to expect, the female reluctantly clicked on the cursor with the link, leading her to youtube. “Human; Christina Perri, lyrics” read the title. Slowly the song began to play, engulfing the room in the sad yet beautiful tune. Her eyes never left the screen as the singers voice caught her off guard with how beautiful the music is. I can hold my breath I can bite my tongue I can stay awake for days If that’s what you want Be your number one I can fake a smile I can force a laugh I can dance and play the part If that’s what you ask Give you all I am By this time, she could feel her heart dropping down to the floor. Someone understood her? It seems that way… Tears filled in her eyes, but they did not fall. Could she cry? 'Cause I’m only human Even though the line was bound to repeat itself, she couldn't help but finally break down in her room. If she is human, why is it so hard to be treated like one? Is it hard to just show a little appreciation? Or does her body weight determine her worth? Does the way she is treated have to do with the number of views, clicks, and likes? Because if so, then is she considered a human or an artificial robot who is supposed to be a certain way or else she could end up being hurt? And I bleed when I fall down I’m only human And I crash and I break down Your words in my head, knives in my heart You build me up and then I fall apart “H-help me…,” the female choked out more so to herself. She had never heard the song, but she sang the next lyrics to the best of her ability. I can take so much, Until i've had enough. She fell to the floor, whimpering when her body crashed against the rough carpet. She was supposed to be the strongest, but she can't always be like that. She is, after all, a human trying to leave. The song came to an end, giving the girl both a reason to cry, and a newfound strength. But for now, she stayed on the floor, wanting to be left alone to her thoughts. A different video started playing, but it seemed to repeat the previous song. Her sides began to hurt as ugly sobs slipped past her chapped lips, but it was all she could do now. Just a few moments ago, she promised herself not to cry. Her actions completely contradicted against her wants, and now she's on the floor, wondering where she went wrong to deserve all of this. She has always been told that people's words should not get into her, for they could be very deadly. But it's hard to listen when everything one hears, is what they've been hearing for far too long and from far too many people. Is this the effect of doing what she loves? Because if so, she just doesn't know how much longer she could go on. Nevertheless, she sat up, looking up at the now vacant screen of her computer. A million tabs still lay open, but she knew that they were not going to be opened; at least not now. Tears still left her glassy eyes, but she knew that she isn't about to break down. “Ill cry tomorrow,” she whispered to herself, her voice a raspy low tone. The sentence was one she would tell herself everyday to keep her going forward. It was a simple sentence, but it gave her courage to keep moving, and strength to stand up and keep moving. Not today; no, today she doesn't fall down. Because tomorrow is a new day, and tomorrow is the day she goes on stage with people screaming her name and telling her she maters. Today is just the day her demons took over body even if it was for mere moments. But not tomorrow; tomorrow she is to come back stronger no matter how many people love to see her go down. Because when the new day comes, a new person is taking over. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A knock was heard from outside the dressing room, the manager coming in to give the girls a small pep talk before it was officially time for their concert to begin. A sold out concert, he said, a wide goofy grin on his lips and the little creases in his eyes practically glowing. He was so happy- after all, it's their first concert in a foreign land. The manager fist pumped the air before shutting the door and disappearing to who knows where. The girls all looked at each other, each one having their own wide grin on their lips. A concert was definitely something worth looking forward to, and no way were they regretting a single moment. They may have gotten to the arena a few minutes late, but some members were hard to wake up after staying up late to learn a new song. The girls stood up and huddled around each other, their arms wrapping around the others in a group hug. “I am so proud of each and one of you,” the leader started as she made eye contact with each member, “You guys are my best friends, my sisters, my everything. And through everything, you've all remained strong. I truly am grateful to you girls.” The members awed, each one giving her their own hug. “Now, let's go out there and do what we love most!” The leader did her own type of fist pump and ran out of the dressing room, followed by the rest and equally excited members. They all stood next to each other on the stage, the stage being bigger than anything they have ever performed in. They all looked at each other as millions of fans chanted their name in a single beautiful melody. They all felt the same way, each thinking the same thing; we made it, haters we’re ready for you. The crowd seemed to quiet down as a foreign yet well known song began playing. The member that seemed the weakest just the day before, moved forward, her eyes scaling the crowd, looking for that one person who just so happened to tweet she was going. Their eyes met, and with a single tear and a single smile, she began to sing the lyrics that already meant so much to her, to the single fan who gave her the strength to move forward. It only takes one person, one moment, for everything to be alright.
I'll Be Good {Re-Post} 【WINNER; Taehyun & Mino】
Something happened to the previous posting of this story... So I have to re-upload it. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ I thought I saw the devil this morning Looking in the mirror, drop of rum on my tongue With the warning To help me see myself clearer I never meant to start a fire I never meant to make you bleed I'll be a better man today ~ Taehyun laughed to himself as he looked outside into the snow covered pavement. He woke up again, covered in broken glass, and a broken heart that seemed to hammer in his chest for it still wants to live; still wants to heal. His bloodshot eyes trailed back to his living room, his Christmas tree seemed to have its happiness sucked out of it. It no longer shone brightly; no, it was dimly lit as if it too was struggling to live. Taehyun's eyes traveled down to his own body, blood covered his bruised knuckles, and broken glass surrounded him like there was no tomorrow. His eyes slowly trailed to in front of him, he stared back at himself through a shattered mirror. The item describing perfectly how broken he was on this Christmas Eve. He slowly stood up; his body ached and screamed at him to stop. His tired limbs didn't want to cooperate, but he forced them nevertheless. Memories of the night before flooded his mind; he was not very kind. "I'll be good, I'll be good for you!" he yelled at the only other soul in the room; Mino. The one person who kept him from truly losing his mind. However, that didn't mean that Taehyun took him for granted. Mino shook his head, "You said that last time." Taehyun's hands went up to his head as if he was in a battle with himself. "No, I'll be good! I've been cold, I've been merciless, but I'll be good! I'll love the world like I should! I promise... Just don't leave me..." He fell onto his knees, as he sobbed into his hands. Mino stood in front of him; he too was in a battle with himself, he just wasn't very apparent. He remembered all the times Taehyun accused him of cheating; all the times Taehyun got arrested, when Taehyun got drunk and trashed a whole place. He knew, he knew that Taehyun would not change. It was never about him; he would be given dirty glances because everyone knew Taehyun was one who doubted innocence; Taehyun was known to start fires, breaking down everything he touched. He couldn't do it anymore, Mino couldn't handle it. Taehyun was like a storm with no sight in ending. And Mino was tired of walking through the torrents, and flying items, his body covered in enough bruises, he didn't need anymore. "No," he started, "I'm tired Taehyun. You shut out every peaceful and happy thing. You've turned yourself into a monster. I don't even know who you are anymore. You're not the Taehyun I fell in love with." Taehyun shook his head side to side, hoping that he just imagined Mino saying that. However, when Mino started walking away, he lost it. He clung to him, asking for one more chance. But Mino wouldn't give in. "Kiss me... Just one last time," Taehyun looked up at Mino. His eyes practically begging Mino. Mino sighed, he nodded slightly as Taehyun stood up. Their lips molded roughly against each others, the kiss was no longer sweet; it was sour and tasted of Vodka, desperation, and broken hearts. Mino pulled away from the heated kiss, and without a single word, he was out of there never to return. Taehyun lost it and things were flying once more all around, things hitting and breaking, it was like a tornado had formed and destroyed everything in its wake. Taehyun clutched his a broken glass in his hand, blood reached his nostrils, but he couldn't seem to care. He looked at the one item he didn't destroy; the Christmas tree. ~ "It's bad luck to open or peak into the presents the day before Christmas!" Mino laughed as he held Taehyun's hands. He smiled lightly before wrapping his arms around the younger's body. Taehyun pouted, but he couldn't keep the sly grin coming to his face. He giggled as he wrapped his own arms around Mino. "I'm not going to have bad luck. Having you in my arms, and in my life, is more than enough luck for me," Taehyun whispered as he leaned into Mino. They both looked at each other's eyes before their faces moved closer. Their lips touched each other's lightly, silently telling the other how much they love each other. ~ Taehyun walked over to the single present that lay under the Christmas tree. He picked up the medium sized box, and held it carefully in his hands. He walked over to the withered couch and sat down, staring at the box. After a while, he began unwrapping it. Once the paper was off, he opened the brown box. He was met with a drawing Mino drew around the time they met. He chuckled lightly as he felt tears brimming his eyes. His eyes skimmed the drawing before placing it on the spot next to him. He looked back at the box and bit his lip harshly. It was Mino's song book. Taehyun had wanted to read it for so long, and now it was here... in his broken hands. With shaky fingers, he opened to the first page, "To my love." Taehyun burst out crying, he held the book closer to him. “I'll be good, I'll be good…” he whispered once more. He looked out at the snow covered pavement, where he believed Mino stood. However, the moment Mino's eyes met Taehyun's, Taehyun knew that he wasn't daydreaming. And that day, on Christmas Eve, Taehyun promised himself that he'll care about the world, that he will no longer doubt the beautiful and innocent items. He promised to be good, for all of the times he never could. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ If you would like to be tagged or removed from this List, then let me know! @LeslieJeon @KristinaCaronb @MarrickeJ33 @katyng52 @Kpossible4250 @narutobandgeek @ParkHwaYoung @ninjamidori @SimplyAwkward @Jiyongixoxo @clstap1 @Kpopfangirl15 @Tamaki1618 @PrettieeEmm @TiffanyBibian @ReynadeKpop @KaeliShearer @Kpopfangirl15 @merryjayne13 @MadAndrea @swarrier16 @Mightmuffin @Princess2328 @Gaarita100 @Msrayray95 @saraortiz2002 @VKookie47 @Roxy1903 @PatriciaS @jessicaacosta90 @PrincessUnicorn @DekaraMiller @SugalessJams @Ercurrent @terenailyn @HuonTreeRoo @MsLoyalHeart @sarahdarwish @TaehyungV @Moose1998 @MeghanJorgina @Allyson3333 @SarahVanDorn @DOislifeExoL @TesneemElAlami @DanaMichelle @MonAnnahiX @Stefany17 @punkpandabear @JadeOwens @KellyOConnor @VeronicaArtino @Mikim000 @CallMeMsDragon @tiffany1922 @KpopQueenaBee @bbyitskatie @Mandubum @twistedPuppy @micahirene @AimeeH @Emealia @lmoee @aliendestina @sugakookies95 @KendraReeve @VKookie47 @LaurenStrayhorn @MrsJungHoseok @kimnam94 @VatcheeAfandi99 @AmberRelynn @JessicaJudy @ShelbyHusband @Kayto4 @raenel @amberg171997 @tiffany1922 @KenyaMendoza @resavalencia @AshleiRyals @MaelstromVIP
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