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Asian Love
Ordering Cosplays From Taobao is SO Cheap!
I've posted quite a few times now about the cosplays I'm preparing for Katsucon 2015, but now that I finally ordered my cosplays, I thought I'd share just how inexpensive Taobao is for ordering from! Let's take a look :) 1. Nozomi's Pajamas! - $46.95 I couldn't find this item on Ebay or other English sites. 2. Nozomi's Purple Dress - $67.95. I found the exact same item (by the same manufacturer) for $118 on Ebay. 3. Nozomi Fairytale Cosplay - $92.95 This price includes all accessories (no wig). There was a cheaper version of this available via ebay, but it wasn't the same seller and the accuracy/quality really suffered in comparison to this one. 4. Nozomi Hoodie - $26.95 The cheapest (not as nice) one I could find on ebay was $35. 5. Nozomi's Tarot Cards - $13.95 I got the full 78 set, which would cost at least $20 on ebay or other sites. 6. Two Wigs - $25.90 TOTAL Already posted about these, but so cheap!!! How great is this! I also ordered a petticoat, and all in all the order was UNDER $300!!! I got basically 3 full cosplays, half of another cosplay, two wigs for that price. It's amazing, really! I bought three of the items from a shop called Fantasy Sheep, which my friends have ordered from before so I know they'll be great. I can review the service I'm using once I complete my process with them, but really its been great so far and my friends have done it many times. I recommend looking at using a shopping service to order from Taobao because it's great!!