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The Korean Script (lesson 3)
Welcome back! This is the 3rd lesson. In the previous two lessons, you already learned a total of 8 letters. In this lesson, you will learn 4 additional basic letters, many new Korean words and you will begin to use your knowledge actively in writing, rather than just reading. The first new letter is the vowel O: ㅗ This is pronounced like theoainboat. Since this vowel is much wider than it is tall (unlike the vowels you have learned so far), it would be difficult to fit it next to a consonant in a little square box. That is why it has to go below the consonant, saving much space this way. As an exercise, try to read the following Korean words that contain the letter O. 오만×××××Arab country 밀라노×××city in Northern Italy 로마÷÷÷÷ capital of Italy 모로니×××capital of Comoros 나이로비××capital of Kenya 일리노이÷×state of the USA {(o-man) Oman} {(mil-la-no) Milan} {(lo-ma) Rome} {(mo-lo-ni) Moroni} {(na-i-lo-bi) Nairobi} {(il-li-no-i) Illinois} Even when the vowel is already below the consonant, it is still possible to add another consonant below that vowel in order to have a syllable that ends in a consonant. Examples: 볼리비아××country in South America 본÷÷÷÷÷÷÷city in Western Germany 바이올린××music instrument 록×××××× style of music {(bo-li-bi-a) Bolivia} {(bon) Bonn} {(ba-i-ol-lin) Violin} {(lok) rock} It is also possible to haveoat the end of a syllable. "Wait a minute! Didn't you say that this consonant is just a placeholder?" When it comes at the beginning of a syllable, it is just a placeholder enabling the syllable to start with a vowel. When it comes at the end of a syllable, it is pronounced like thenginring. Practise reading these words now: 가봉×××country in Western Africa 앙골라× country in Southern Africa 리옹÷××city in France 몽골×××country north of China 볼링×××hobby {(ga-bong) Gabon} {(ang-gol-la) Angola} {(li-ong) Lyon} {(mong-gol) Mongolia} {(bol-ling) bowling} Time for a new consonant: meet Digeut. ㄷ This letter is pronounced like atord. Practise reading: 빌딩××€a house, hall, skyscraper or the like 안도라×€tiny country between France and ÷÷÷÷÷×÷Spain 인도×××big country in Asia, former British ÷÷÷÷÷×÷colony 라디오€×extremely popular before there was ×××××××television 비디오€×now being replaced by DVD {(bil-ding) building} {(an-do-la) Andorra} {(in-do) India} {(la-di-o) radio} {(bi-di-o) video} *remember ㅂ is used for v* And here's Shiot: ㅅ Shiot is pronounced like ans. *When ㅅ is place next to ㅣ(i), (or other letters that will be taught in future lessons), it is pronounced like sh. Here are words to practise with: 사나÷÷÷÷×capital of Yemen 시리아÷÷÷ country in the Middle East 미시간÷÷÷ state of the USA 소말리아÷÷country in Eastern Africa 사담÷÷÷÷÷former Iraqi ruler {(sa-na) Sana'a} {(si-li-a)[shi-li-a] Syria} {(mi-si-gan)[mi-shi-gan] Michigan} {(so-mal-li-a) Somalia} {(sa-dam) Saddam} The last letter for this lesson is: 一 This vowel looks just like an ordinary horizontal line. It is much wider than tall, so it is also written below the preceding consonant rather than next to it. It's pronunciation is a bit strange, somewhat like the Frenchuor the Germanu with 2 dots above it. It's between the Englishooandeesounds. Theuin the English wordmureis probably one of the closest examples of the sound in English. It's hard to describe sounds like this. In words of foreign origin, it is often an in-between sound used to make consonant clusters more pronounceable for the Koreans. (i.e. It is used as a neutral vowel sound; it even sounds like schwa.) It is transcribed aseu. Words for practise: 보스니아÷÷÷÷÷÷Balkan country 아그라÷÷÷÷÷÷÷city whose main attraction is ÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷the Taj Mahal 그리스÷÷×÷÷÷÷×European country 그린란드×××÷÷÷very cold country 아이슬란드××××also very cold country 라오스÷×××÷÷×country in South-East Asia 아디스아바바÷÷capital of Ethiopia 이슬라마바드××capital of Pakistan 리스본÷××××××capital in Europe 마드리드×××××another capital in Europe 오슬로×××××××another European capital 시드니€÷÷÷÷÷÷city in Australia {(bo-seu-ni-a) Bosnia} {(a-geu-la) Agra} {(geu-li-seu) Greece} {(geu-lin-lan-deu) Greenland} {(a-i-seu-lan-deu) Iceland} {(la-o-seu) Laos} {(a-di-seu-a-ba-ba) Addis Ababa} {(i-seul-la-ma-ba-deu) Islamabad} {(li-seu-bon) Lisbon} {(ma-deu-li-deu) Madrid} {(o-seul-lo) Oslo} {(si-seu-ni) [shi-deu-ni] Sydney} Having been able to read all these words, do you think you could guess how to write "Asmara"(the capital of Eritrea) in Korean? Try to write it down. Hint: since syllables can't end in s, this name has four syllables in Korean: a-seu-ma-ra. Here's another one to try to write down: "Madras"(ma-deu-ra-seu). Asmara Madras {(a-seu-ma-la)} [아스마라] {(ma-deu-la-seu) [마드라스] Are you still with me? If you didn't have trouble with this lesson, you are ready to go on tolesson 4, where you will learn the rest of the simple letters and continue practising your writing skills. 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7 Foods That Beat Belly Bloat
Thanks to several beers, a couple burgers, and all those chips and dip you had at the party last night, your pants are feeling a little snug, and zippering them has become the ultimate struggle. Bloating not only looks bad but can also cause a lot of discomfort. The good news is that it can be totally prevented through these 7 foods. 1. Peanut Butter The main ingredient in peanut butter is niacin, which is a huge factor in helping digestion. Stick with an all-natural, organic brand to avoid a ton of sugar and extra fat. 2. Ginger Ginger brings your metabolism up, while helping your body break down foods and using them to get more energy. But, if you aren't the biggest ginger and sushi fan, try drinking ginger tea for similar results. 3. Pineapple This fruit is great for flushing out your system because it contains an enzyme called Bromelain which essentially decreases inflammation and helps digest proteins. 4. Avocado The high percentage of potassium helps reduce bloating by not holding onto excess water. 5. Grapes Grapes keep your acidity levels low and regulates your digestive system, so your body feels flushed out and regular. 6. Peppermint Helps with all digestive properties and tends to calm the muscles in the stomach the most. You can drink peppermint tea, take peppermint oil supplements, and suck on some peppermint candy. 7. Bananas Since bananas are high in potassium, they tend to combat water retention from salty foods and reduce bloating simultaneously.