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Hey everyone before Talking Body comes to a full end with Jungkook and Ji Su, I thought I could give you guys a gift on what the apartments, store, studio, cabin, and the beach would look like. Sure, I described the places to my best ability but I now some of you have thought what the places would look like. Within this card you will get that along with hints of Jin and Mi Sun’s wedding. So, let’s get started. Images that are being used are not mine. Credit to owners. Ji Su and Mi Sun’s apartment. With the girls’ apartment I designed to how their personality fit. When its Mi Sun’s turn for her own story, you guys get to read or see how the whole apartment came to be. Kitchen Bathroom (their bathroom is very similar, Ji Su with hint of blue, Mi Sun a hint of coral) Livingroom Ji Su’s Bedroom Mi Sun’s room Paris Boutique The character spent a lot of time within this store. When I first created the store, naming it took me ten minutes. I wanted Ji Su’s store to have a unique name to it. Looking at it now I don’t think it does, but the name works. The photos below won’t match but this what I imagined the store to look like. The front door To the Left of the store To the Right of the store Looking forward of the store Changing rooms Back of the store Ji Su’s Office Mi Sun’s Office BTS Dance Studio With the boys even, I didn’t have them as idols within the story, I wanted to try and stay true to who they are. Having dance studios along with music studios for Yoongi, Namjoon, and Hoseok. Photos of the dance studio are random, but the music studios are the true ones that the boys have. Front Desk Lounge area Dance studio looking at Paris Boutique Dance studio #2 Dance Studio #3 Dance studio #4 Yoongi’s studio Namjoon’s Studio Hoseok’s Studio Cabin in Busan Now I have no idea if they have cabins like this in Busan, but it wouldn’t shock me if the they had something similar. Like I wrote in chapter 9 and 10 the cabins had similar floor plan. Mi Sun and Ji Su’s were a bit different. Though they had the something that everyone had, a family area with a tv on one side and a sitting area on the other. Mi Sun and Ji Su’s Cabin Ji Su’s room The left side in all cabins The right side in all cabins Jungkook’s room The beach The Beach House, wasn’t used as much but it will be in Mi Sun’s story. This is a place where Mi Sun could have a vacation or use it for business. Mi Sun’s room Ji Su’s room Guest room Living room Kitchen Hallway Back patio Fit Pit Jin and Mi Sun’s Wedding. So I thought about giving you all hints, but I thought that I should just show you all what the wedding would look like along with the dress and Jin’s suit. Now as you all know sometime this month I will be making a sequel for Talking Body. More details later this week about Jin and Mi Sun’s story. Without further ado here is a look at the wedding. The alter The reception area Table settings The rings Jin’s Suit Ji Su’s Maid of Honor dress Mi Sun’s hair Mi Sun’s Wedding Dress ><><><><><>< There you guys go! I know I have repeated this over and over but I appreciate all the support and love that you guys have given this story. Please look forward to the last chapter this week. I am going to work hard on this chapter to where you guys won’t feel lost once it is done. I hope that makes since. Anyway, thank you guys a bunch!!! Talking Body Tag list (Let me know if you want you want to be tagged) @BAPSBABY @YessicCardenas @KeraDelatorre @BTSxEXO @MaritessSison @jiminakpop @GeniferEskue @divanicola05@weendy @nydasm @JessicaFigueroa @MsLoyalHeart @MaggieHolm @CristinBarnes @chenisbaekasy
Talking Body Chapter 15 (+19)
The smell of food and the sound of it being cooked awoke Jimin who was having a nice dream of Reena. He opened his eyes to see Jungkook cooking away in the small kitchenette within their room at the Sky Hotel. Today was the first day of dance competition that would last today, Friday, and Saturday. “Awe is Jungkook making his hyung breakfast?” Jimin spoke while sitting up in his bed. “Nope, this is for Ji Su. She and Noona are coming down today and I wanted to make her some lunch that we could share before we all get busy.” Jungkook said moving around the kitchen without any issues. Jimin just smiled and went to the bathroom. Remembering how Jungkook didn’t have an idea on how to cook let alone on how the appliances work. Jungkook was making chicken wraps, a small salad, a small thing of veggies, and a chocolate mousse with strawberries for dessert. Arranging the food into something beautiful that Ji Su would just hate to mess it up, Jungkook smiled on the thought of what expression she would have. Placing the food into a basket along with drinks and a small jar of cherries. Double checking if he had everything, Jungkook changed into a buttoned-up shirt and nice pair jeans. Jungkook wanted to make this day special. He was fully recovered and he wanted to celebrate being with her for almost five months. He knew that you’re supposed to do that when it is six months, but he wanted to show her how much he loved and what she means to him. Jimin walked out when there was a knock on their door. “I got it.” Jimin said when he noticed Jungkook styling his hair. Opening the door, he smiled seeing Ji Su. “Sorry Ji Su, but you’ll have to wait until Saturday. Hobi hyung doesn’t want us distracted.” “Oh, really that’s news to me, but you a great friend Jimin, that I am sure you can keep this a secret.” Ji Su sweetly smiled. “I wish I could but I can’t keep secrets.” Jimin said. He didn’t notice Jungkook was walking behind him. “Just this once Jimin?” Ji Su pleaded. “Yeah Jimin just this once.” Jungkook said making Jimin jump. Ji Su giggled and Jimin turned to hit Jungkook for scaring him. Jungkook no mind to Jimin as he was looking at his girl. Ji Su was wearing a plaid shirt the only had the three buttons together and jeans. “Would you two leave already? From the looks of it you’re about to get naked and I really don’t want to see you to get it on.” Jimin yelled when a middle age couple walked out of their room. Their face read the disgust as they hurried down the hall. Jungkook had the picnic basket in one hand and walked out holding Ji Su’s hand in his free hand. They walked in comfortable silence down the hall and on the lift. When they went on the lift a lot of strangers looked at them seeing how in love these two were. It was true that they loved each other and were also each other’s support. Plus, the two lover birds haven’t seen each other since Monday. Ji Su was busy taking care of Mi Sun as the wedding was moved to a later date. Which gave Ji Su more time on the wedding dress. Jungkook was busy getting his dance classes that he taught, taken care of before he left with Hobi, Taehyung, and Jimin. Later today and the next few days they were going to be busy. With the dance competition, this weekend and Ji Su with Fashion Week starting right on Monday they wanted today and part of Sunday to spend before going back to reality. Jungkook drove to one of his favorite parks here in Busan. This was his city and he wanted to show it off to Ji Su. When they arrived at the park Jungkook frowned when Ji Su picked up the basket and started walking. She must think that I am still healing. Jungkook thought as he quickened his pace to catch up with her. Finding a place to sit and take in the beautiful scenery didn’t take long for Ji Su who found a nearby tree and sat down. Jungkook chuckled watching Ji Su taking no time into looking for a spot. Helping her get the blanket out and set up, he sat down pulling Ji Su into his lap. “You know if you’re giving up with the deal that we made I be happy that I won.” Ji Su said leaning back against him. “Well sad to say, but today the deal expires. I am fully healed.” Jungkook said to her as he was opening the basket and unloading the yummy goodness. Ji Su leaned forward and turned to look at him. Jungkook continued with what he was doing while smiling. Ji Su straddled his lap wrapping her arms around his neck. “You’re healed as in fully healed to where if I want to take you right here right now I won’t hurt you?” Ji Su question. Jungkook turned to look at her when he finished unloading the basket. “That would be kinky to have wild sex in a public place.” Jungkook joked while Ji Su groaned. “I am being serious Oppa~.” Jungkook closed his eyes upon hearing the word oppa. If he could he would take her right then and there just for calling him up. “I was being serious too.” Joking some more with her. Ji Su just smiled and looked at the food that he brought. Jungkook explained to her on what he made and how Jimin thought it was breakfast for him. Ji Su didn’t want to mess anything up, but she was hungry. Jungkook smiled how she was acting just like he thought a few minutes ago when he was arranging to food. Each of them took turns feeding each other, mainly Jungkook feeding her letting her taste the food he made. He was slightly nervous how she would like his food. Though he had nothing to worry about as she told him that everything tastes great that she couldn’t really explain how it tasted. When they were finished, Jungkook was holding her again within his lap. He had his chin on her shoulder watching her trace his hands. Watching her small delicate hands on his big rough hands made him think about many things. Some of it was innocent and the rest would make a nun blush. “We somewhat match today.” Jungkook spoked as he touched her shirt. “We do don’t we.” Ji Su smiled turned her head facing him. They looked at each other and then looked at each other’s lips. Jungkook leaned in and pecked her lips. Ji Su sheepishly looked away. “How is Noona?” Jungkook asked. “She and Jin are doing fine, still ticked about her mother going around and telling everyone that the wedding was canceled.” Ji Su sighed remembering how pissed Mi Sun was when Ji Su told her when one day an email popped up on Ji Su’s inbox telling her that Mi Sun and Jin’s wedding was canceled and ‘Paris Bouquet’ was no longer in need of their service. Ji Su was confused and walked a crossed the way to ask if everything was ok with Jin. When she told Mi Sun the store was closed early and you could hear from outside Mi Sun’s office. That was two weeks ago and Mi Sun was still pissed. “Why does Noona hate her mother so much?” Jungkook asked. “There is just bad blood between her mother and Mi Sun. It all started with how her father had an affair and a kid in the process. Her mother put so much pressure on her that caused Mi Sun to not trust others easily. It took some time for her to trust me, even when my grandmother had her move in with us. However, I am glad that she is in my life now more than ever.” Ji Su shared with Jungkook. “She is a great friend and I can't wait to have her as a part of the family. She is good for Jin hyung.” Jungkook wrapped his arms around Ji Su holding her close. “On Sunday, there is somewhere I want to take you.” When he spoke, he felt Ji Su tense within his arms. “Ok where is this place that you are taking me to?” Ji Su asked trying to relax. She knew being here in Busan meant that she would have to meet his family at some point but she wasn’t too keened at the idea. “I want you to meet my family. I know that you’re scared or worried that they won’t like you. However, you don’t need to worry about that. My mother wants to meet you.” “It’s not that I am scared or worried Jungkook.” Ji Su began to tell him while turned around in his lap to face him. “I don’t remember much of being in a family. The only family that I had was my grandmother and Mi Sun. With my grandmother gone I only have Mi Sun. What I am trying to get at is that I’m not sure if I’ll fit in.” Ji Su looked away feeling hopeless and vital at what she just told him. She was slightly afraid that meeting his family they would see that one she wasn’t good for their son and two she didn’t have a family that they could meet to know who the woman their son was dating. “Babe, my parents don’t judge people based on their past. They look at the person on who they are today. Sure, they will ask questions on who you are and about you parents. You don’t have to tell them how you defended yourself against your uncle. You can tell them how you were raised by you grandmother, the one person who cared about you. Yeah sure that sounds like a white lie, but it is something you can give them. It is up to you on what you want to share with them.” Jungkook brushed a strand of hair from her face and tucked it behind her right ear. Looking in her eyes he saw trust and fear. ><><><><>< When time came for Jungkook and Ji Su had to head back to the hotel, they were attacked by Hoseok who was upset that Jungkook wasn’t there to practice a few more times. Jungkook apologized tell him that he didn’t know he was serious about having no distractions. Everyone laughed when Hoseok did his best to show how upset he was. Ji Su kissed Jungkook goodbye so he could work. She had some unpacking at Mi Sun’s beach house. The beach house was a life saver when it came to Fashion Week. Not knowing when you would have your showcase shown sucked, but it was how Fashion Week was run. Once she was all unpacked, Ji Su went back to the hotel where the dance competition was held. Walking back to where Jungkook was at, Ji Su stopped when she saw a pixy size woman roaming her hands all over him. Ji Su hide herself to hear what was going on. “I’m sorry that you thought that we had a connection. If we did I would remember your name. Plus, I have some that I truly care about.” Jungkook told this woman who kept touching him. “But Oppa~ whomever it is will think you for what I am going to teach you. Plus, who knows you may learn my name and love me back.” The pixy was getting on not just Jungkook’s nerves but also Ji Su’s. Jungkook took the pixies hands and told her to leave. When see wouldn’t leave, Ji Su stepped out of hiding and behind the pixy woman. “I think my man asked you to leave. So, leave or nothing good will come out of this.” Ji Su spoke warning the pixy in front of her. The pixy size woman turned around and glared at Ji Su. When she left Ji Su heard the pixy say that she would get what was coming to her along with being called a bitch. Ji Su chuckled when the pixy threated her. Ji Su didn’t care if the pixy came after her. Ji Su was going to protect and keep what was hers. “That was hot.” Jungkook growled in Ji Su’s left ear when he wrapped his arms around her. “Seeing you get mad protecting me is a major turn on for me.” His breath tickled the hair behind her ear sending shivers down her back. Nibbling on her earlobe and working his way down made her moan. Ji Su felt Jungkook smile as he took her hand leading her back to his room. Ji Su was about to ask him if it was ok for him to leave, but she didn’t care as her need for his touch and much more clouded her mind. Flying by the many hallways just to get to his room was a blur. They didn’t wait for the door to close as articles of clothing were thrown in different directions. Feeling each other’s skin intensified the need to feel even closer. Not caring if they made to the bed, Jungkook laid Ji Su gently on the floor as one hand moved down her body and the other playing with her breast. Inserting one finger without warning caused Ji Su to moan loudly. Adding two more only made her moan louder. Moving in and out of her with intense speed that Ji Su came within seconds. Not waiting for to recover, Jungkook flipped her over on her knees as his member entered roughly. Ji Su was on cloud nine as Jungkook fucked her slowly and then fast making her whimper. Grabbing her arms, Jungkook had Ji Su kneel with her back touch his chest as he went deeper in her. Each time he went in the deeper her went, he was hitting her spots that made her not care if the neighbors heard as the louder she went. Ji Su took her right hand pulled him down kissing him. Her hand gripped his hair as she was coming close to her climax. He could feel her come close so was he. When they both hit their climax together they laid down to catch their breaths to come down for the high. Jungkook removed himself as he turned over to his back. Ji Su looked at him and climbed on top of him. She wanted more. “Now who is the horny one?” Jungkook joked taking in the view of Ji Su slowly lower herself on his member that was still standing up. “Well that would make two of us since you seem to be ready for another round.” Ji Su bit her lip as she slowly began to ride him. Rocking back and forth her hips, she quickens her pace and then going slow. Jungkook was on the verge of coming again. Ji Su leaned down placing her hands on either side of Jungkook. He placed his hands on her hip and moved his hips faster making Ji Su moan louder the faster he went. The climax was so powerful that both stay connected not wanting to move. “Well I take it this makes up for the time we couldn’t have sex?” Jungkook questioned while trying to control his breathing. Ji Su just nodded closing her eyes. “Babe we can’t sleep yet. I have to get back before Hobi Hyung freaks out again.” That made her giggle as she slowly got up walking to the shower. Jungkook followed in after. Once they were both showered and dressed, both walked back hand in hand. When they got back to behind the stage, they saw Jimin who was pacing back and forth. Jungkook went up to him and asked him was wrong and Jimin told him that Reena hadn’t contacted him at all today and that he shouldn’t be worried, but he was. Ji Su and Jungkook comforted Jimin tell him that when they were done he could go and check on her or Ji Su could. Jimin told Ji Su was Reena was at and to contacted him if there was anything wrong. “Jimin don’t worry I am sure she is fine. Go break a leg and come right after.” Ji Su assured him. JI Su kissed Jungkook good big before walking out. Jimin told Ji Su that she was visiting her family and that he would give her some space to spend time with them. However, Jimin shared that lately Reena was having issues with her family. Blaming her for not wanting to spend time with them. Reena was fragile and from Jimin’s look within his eyes that there was something that he was hiding. Hiding something that He promised that he would tell now one unless Reena was ready to share. ><><><><>< Ji Su took Jungkook’s car and drove around looking for the house address that Jimin gave her. after an hour and a half Ji Su found the house. Parking the car, she got out and walked over to door bell. Buzzing it once, two, and at the third time now one answered. Ji Su didn’t like that something was wrong. Ji Su walked around and climbed over the wall. Smiling as she didn’t, Ji Su couldn’t help but think that some habits just don’t die after a while. Walking up to the door, Ji Su raised her fist to knock when she heard glass break. Not caring if the cops where called as she walked in through the front door. Ji Su was not expecting to see an elderly male standing over Reena who had blood mixed with tears sliding down her face. The man smelt of alcohol and smoke, when he changed toward Ji Su. Ji Su dodged barley and he came back around knocking her on her back. Lifting her feet, Ji Su kicked him in the gut knocking him to the ground. As quick as Ji Su could manage, she grabbed Reena and ran. The man staggered a bit losing his balance. By the time he was out of the door, Ji Su and Reena were in the car and gone. With adenine pumping through her veins, Ji Su looked over at Reena who was struggling to keep her eyes opened. “Reena, I know that it hard but you need to stay awake for me.” Ji Su repeated as she did her best not to speed to the nearest hospital. When she pulled up at the emergency entrance a nurse came out to tell she couldn’t park there. Though the nurse couldn’t finish want she was saying as she ran back to grab a stretcher and a doctor. They rushed Reena in without a second glance at Ji Su. Taking a deep breath, Ji Su got back into the car to find the parking lot before walking in. Ji Su grabbed her phone and called Jungkook and told him where she was. “Are you ok?” He asked her to know that she may have seen something that would trigger her past. “I’m fine. I’m heading in now to where she is and to place myself as her guardian.” Ji Su assured him. “Alright I’ll be there shortly with everyone tagging along.” “Alright see you when you get here.” “Ji Su, I love you.” “I love you too.” ><><<>><>< Hey everyone, I am back with chapter 15. I know that I the updating is being slow but don’t worry I am trying to get back ok track to where before you know I will be back to updating more often. I want to say thank you again. You guys are great support to me and this story. A few announcements. 1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR BABY BUNNY, JUNGKOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! 2.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @BAPSBABY !!!!!!!!!!!!! 3. Update on the playlist a. Freaking Cute – BEAST b. Dance with U – BEAST c. 2U – Jungkook’s Cover (will be used in later chapters ^^) d. That’s What I like – Bruno Mars e. There’s Nothing Holding Me Back – Shawn Mendes f. That Girl – Yonghwa g. BABE – Hyuna h. Hopeless Romantic – Megan Trainor i. Lipstick – Dan&Shay j. How Not To – Dan&Shay k. Champine&Sunshine – PLVTINUM Talking Body Tag list (Let me know if you want you want to be tagged) @BAPSBABY @YessicCardenas @KeraDelatorre @BTSxEXO @MaritessSison @jiminakpop @GeniferEskue @divanicola05 @weendy @nydasm @JessicaFigueroa @MsLoyalHeart @MaggieHolm @CristinBarnes @chenisbaekasy
BTS Most to Least Likely to want to cuddle
Suga He may not seem like it but he’s extremely intimate behind closed doors. The both of you just like to laze around and cuddle on your days off. Jungkook This boi is so aegyo he will beg for a cuddle no matter how demeaning it will make him. The both of you cuddle almost on a daily basis. Rap Monster He has a lot of stress and with the new album coming out it’s been almost everyday for him. The poor baby thinks that you’re going to your own way and is scared to lose you, so you cuddle and spoon with him at night to make sure he doesn’t worry any more. J-Hope He has so many insecurities and to make him feel better you always put him as your first priority. You make him his favorite dinner and a glass of wine and afterward you set up a little nest in the living room and binge watch his top most favorite shows and movies while cuddling. Jin He’s not super into cuddling, he loves being up and moving, but on those days he’s been working really hard, the two of you have a chill bit and just cuddle while watching Netflix. Taehyung He’s isn’t as into cuddle as much, he likes to show off his love for you in public and like to flaunt it as well. You always tell him not to but he insists. “But baby, people need to know you’re mine​... “ Jimin He’s too intimate for that kind of stuff. He’s rather likely be in bed with you, doing only god know what [   (   ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) ] If you want me to expand on one or all of these I'll be more than happy to make a little fanfic of it! Tag List: @AlexisJ15 @BAPSBABY @chenisbaekasy @micahsaysnihao @SarahHibbs @SerenaArthurs @thekpoprealm @YessicaCardenas Let me know if you want to be tagged!