Big Bang
Big Bang
I don't know why I posted this card, but here it is!!!!! G Dragon everyone!!!! You guys most likely already saw these if (yourastalkerlikemeandlookupeverythingonyourbiases) you like watching these kinds of videos! If you had already seen these you're (astalkerlikeme) watching them again! BABY JIYONG!!!!!! PICTURES OF JIYONG!!!! OML HIS TONGUE!!!!! Tags. Tell me if you want to be (un)tagged! (Sorry if you didn't get tagged or didn't want to be tagged) @aliendestina @ItsMari @Emealia @adorably @KpopGaby @mjenifferjm9 @Ercurrent @OliviaZenger @Kpossible4250 @reyestiny93 @Zyxzj @Dabaesaplayer @KarlythePanda66 @FannyWard @MadAndrea @merryjayne13 @CheyenneJessee @Starbell808 @katiems @JustinaNguyen @Alyessiazavala @MayraCastro @AimeeH @Kieuseru @sarahdarwish @VKookie47 @VIPFreak2NE1 @Ticasensei @JessAS @ToppDogg @Lexxcisco @Meeshell @SunnaWalo @RebeccaLondon @moonchild03 @BBxGD @jimin21abs @blackirishawk @Msrayray95 @ElleHolley @CallMeMsDragon @lovetop @MichelleIbarra @kpopandkimchi @Gladness @Helixx @MirandaStephens @AnnahiZaragoza @MandyNoona @ChaErica @morhilge1441 @MirandaStephens @JaxomB @resavalencia @twistedPuppy @JohnEvans @LizaNightshade @EliStacy87 @KDluvR1999 @christianliu @Bwolfgirl @MsLoyalHeart @SatinSkies @jojojordy2324 @JewelsLouise1 @pharmgirlerin @BekiKunstman @shadowCYRMBBCL @krin @ReynadeKpop @ESwee @TiffanyBibian @ninjamidori @AdriannaFletc @Tamaki1618 @SerenityThao @Katherina2078 @Miss148 @VictoriaRose217 @VIPFreak2NE1 @KellyOConnor @4dalientae @JasminMartinez @Xoxojessica12 @SofiaFifi @tayunnie @BabySheep @nell03 @JamiMilsap @xxwriter389xx @MagicBananas @Kyokeo @MonAnnahiX @lopleaf19 @JadeOwens @RKA916 @AbbyRoscoe @elizabeth1234 @Miju00 @MelissaGarza @EmmaJolie @SamanthaAcosta @lmoee @tinathellama @DeniseNishikawa
Taeyang is a main vocalist and main dancer in BigBang Real name: Dong Yong Bae Birthday: May 18, 1988 Height: 174 cm (5’8) •”TaeYang“ is the korean word for sun. •Does his best in everything, and is said to be an over achiever. •He doesn’t like to fight, and would much rather talk his problem out. •He listens to people well and thinks before he says anything. •Some musicians he likes are Usher, Omarion, Justin Timberlake. •His first kiss was in the MV for his first solo single “My Girl“. •When he was in 5th grade TaeYang was a child actor. He was recruited to play the part of mini Sean in JinuSean’s A–Yo MV. Being inspired by JinuSean, he later auditioned to join YG Entertainment. •He and G–Dragon were originally going to debut in a duo hip–hop group “GDYB“, but Yang Hyun Suk canceled their debut because he wanted to instead create a 4 to 6 member group (Which is now BIGBANG). •After the members of BIGBANG were finalized, Yang Hyun Suk gave each of the members pendants. TaeYang’s has his initials “YB” with a crown over it. It means:“To become the best in the music industry”. •Though TaeYang is known for his impressive vocal abilities, he was actually trained to be a rapper but debuted in BIGBANG as a singer. •He is known for his kind hearted attitude and for his faith in God. •In 2010, TaeYang released his first solo album “SOLAR“ that dominated the music charts and even won him “Best Male Artist of 2010“.