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Meaning Behind BTS 'Run' music Video
So this is the original MV of 'I Need U'... we all know that this shows us how each member died except Jin right? Then the Prologue comes out... The prologue as you can guess shows all of the good memories the members had together. and then the new Music video.. Many were trying to think of many theories but I finally figured it out. First things first..The story goes both ways..Meaning The order of importance doesn't matter because it shows parts of what really happened in another video. So let's start it. 1) Jin was actually the only member to die. 2) In the 'Run' MV seeing how the boys were wild and breaking laws and partying Jin was always the one to get them out of trouble, but that ended when he died. 3) In the 'Run' MV it shows V making an outline of Jin and then crossing him out. It also Shows Jin pushing Jimin into the tub pretending to drown him. (keep this in mind) 4) In the 'Prologue' You'll notice how Jin is always the one recording everyone else and never really apart of the fun and that's because he's already Dead and is just watching from a distance. 5) Also in the Prologue it shows V making an outline of Rap Monster just how he did with Jin but since Jin is Dead he does it to Rap Monster. 6) The guys couldn't accept that Jin has died causing them to go out of control 7)In the MV 'I need U' it shows V stabbing his step father or who ever it was. It should then go to the 'Prologue' where V is by himself trying to get the blood off of him and then calls I'm guessing Jin's phone saying "Brother, I want to see you" but Jin is already dead. Causing V to jump into the ocean trying to commit suicide . In the 'Run' MV shows V comes out of the water deciding to live. 8) J-Hope couldn't accept the death so he turned to pills. Taking multiple pills in the 'I need u' MV trying to overdose, but then in the 'Run' MV he was seen in the hospital surviving and trying to get better 9) Jimin remembering how Jin pretended to drown him in the tub actually turned into wanting to commit suicide the same way in the ' I Need U' MV. Only for him to get out while crying out and thrashing around in the tub. 10) Jungkook being the only one to accept Jin's death tried to calm down Suga who became an alcoholic in the 'Run' MV but it caused them to have a fight. Suga pushing Jungkook against the wall then Jungkook punching him trying to hug him to calm down only to get pushed down by Suga. Then Suga throws a chair towards a mirror where you can see some flowers as well. Then goes to the deck of cards falling and Jin's sad reaction. (keep this in mind) 11) That's when Junkook goes out at night still upset about that day and gets beat up and also gets hit by a car in the "I need u" MV but survived. 12) Suga ended up lighting his room on fire but lived that as well. 13) Rap Monster of course lived but was smoking. It doesn't actually show him smoking but it does show him drop his lollipop down but ended up being a cigarette. 14) Multiple times it showed Jin Crying or having a worried expression. That is because of what the other members were doing. He also laid down 6 Petals to represent the other 6 members while crying because they are all going through a tough time because of his death. Remember Junkook's and Suga's fight in the 'Run' MV and the deck of cards falling down and Jin's reaction. It was to represent that Jin's world has finally collapsed because everyone went insane after his death causing Jin to stay in the dark room because he cannot move on with his friends that way. You then notice a flower blooming onto Jin and then opening the curtains that let the light into the dark room in the 'I need u' MV that is because after all the members survived their suicidal attempts he now knows that the other members have finally accepted his death and are now okay. Causing Jin to finally see the light. 15) Lastly in the 'Prologue' it is a mixer of memories and now events. You can see how Jin proposed to go to the beach which they did and all the fun memories they had with one another. Now after Finally accepting his death they all did they same thing they once did with Jin. Like how V drew an outline of Jin in the 'Run' MV he drew an outline of Rap Monster. Going to the beach in a truck with Jin only to see that in the end of the 'Run' MV Jin is not in the picture. After accepting you can also see how Jungkook and Suga became closer in the 'Prologue'. After all of this in the end of the 'Run' MV You can see all the members walking away from some head lights only for Jungkook to turn towards them and smile. Meaning this was his last goodbye to Jin ❤ I Gotta say BigHit entertainment.... You guys did one hell of a job. ❤ It was good. After crying for an hour I downloaded the whole album Hopefully my mom's not mad at me when she finds out Tell me if you think my theory is correct?