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K Dramas
New ScreenShot Game {Random Sexy Edition}
I was inspired by current Screenshot games but mine has a lil twist I guess you could say.. Now you all know by now how to screenshot.. so no need to explain. Below are random sexy actors/idols some you may know and others may be new to you. your mission if you choose to accept it is to, screenshot one of these guys and make a card of that person they all have names so it should be easy. Here's where it gets fun.. There are 2 things that this card must have: 1. 3 of your favorite pics/gifs of them 2. What you find most attractive 3. If you've ever heard of them and if so in what (optional) Don't forget to tag me so I can see what you got! For example here is mine! I got Kim Woo Bin 1.) 3 favorite pics of him Love when he smiles 2.) What I find attractive His eyebrows, they make him look evil but then the smile weakens you 3.) Have I heard of him? Yes..I first saw him in Heirs.. @ninjamidori @taehyungkey @luna1171 @creetheotaku @emilypeacock @staceyholley @kellyoconnor @aimeeh @ligaya @queenlee @annahizaragoza @jiyongixoxo @armystarlight @thepinkprincess @kpopandkimchi @unniecakesali @khouyang @alexisrivers @amandamuska @tashiannabostic @innocenttiashi @nikkitty @eternallyelli @xxxtina @crystalguerra @bulletproofv @vkookie47 @sarsoosoo99 @helixx @babrajan1 @agirlwholovesV @Tleahedwards @sugamint @saraortiz2002 @lizzeh @parktaemi @silentpianist @terratoyashi @sosoaloraine23 @babyluhan @kpossible4250 @briannaN @isoldapazo @Vay754 @jasmineyap108 @lashonda0917 @sugakookies @JasminMartinez @isolate @adetoro @tannyo @yeniyx23 @destinabyrd @naehudall @xxygxx @eliseb @ashleyemmert @stephaniepoore @maddie27 @edwey66 @MaricelvaRomero @mariahmaes @jaiipanda @cristinreynolds @deniseiagardner @jessicaacosta90 @stephanyacevedo @daniellelove @xoxoaudra98 @solodayb1a4 @starbelle808 @amberg171997 @jessicalnichols @panaovang123 @britneyamanda @kaeilshearer @vixenvivi @amytong @nykeaking @mimikawaiigirl @angelalimon @xroyalreisx @kokoronotakara @AimeeH @creetheotaku @amortiz0101 @thepinkprincess @justinamclean @veronicaartino @luna1171 @punkpandabear @thearmycreater @kaijae @elizabethT @jiyongixoxo @aracelijimenez @josecullen @pinkpears405 @kpopfangirl15 @electica @nikkitty @saeda320 @oliviajoseph @nysa @kaylastokes @btsarmygirl @falselove @bekahvires @blancadanica98 @jasminewilliams @shequillearmsby @mahrielle @beniecesuit @crystalblunt @rainac3 @kpopforever @kpopgaby @destiny1419 @anarose @moonchild03 @emelia @kmeier230 @mkbmccann @terratoyasi @staceyholley @lizzeh @jiyongixoxo @carolinacastrane @dianacastaneda @nenegrint14 @stefanitre @kellyoconnor @ercument @glo86 @amandamuska @saravandorn @kpopandkdrama @xtinahsing @jkookie97 @dominiquewhitak @bizzycx @almarangel @kwonofakind @szewwy @kaikaipop @kuri10 @jupiterchen @taehyungkey @yessicacardenas @kookie49044 @cassidyrush @elenap16 @daljiyong @innocentiakishi @thatoneoutcast @elinwyatt @briannaeugene @destiny1419 @shineeinggirl @stevieq @exoexo @uniagel18 @fourstargeneral @otakulover978 @kimikodragon @kristinacaron @tausalaFM @ruizangelofluv @lienleeminho @leeneida @beulasilk1 @elsaruiz @mara1r @lisbt92 @britneyamanda @nylamrehs @yessenialira @neaa @yourinsomnia @kpopis4life @eqa90 @christy @nonabisi @floralissa @kadyahmed @cindystran @heidichiesa @anitaliset16 @sunghoonbang @ugsi @aneezaful @mc1390 @tusarika @dodee @divalycious @dianakim1996 @poojas @mayraruizi Let me know if you would like to be added or removed from future cards
Kim Soohyun: What's You're Favorite Role?
I love Kim Soohyun. I don't know how anyone couldn't. LOOK AT THAT FACE. What I really want to know is, What is your favorite Soohyun role? I really can't choose but I listed some great ones below! Leave your answer in the comments~ Dream High Definitely my favorite Dream High character - Song Samdong! The country cutie who actually has a voice of an angel and is just great great great. He's great. Soohyun trained at JYP for three months for the role and got to contribute to the OST! What a BABE! My Love From Another Star This is probably my favorite role for Soohyun because Do Min Joon is such a ridiculous character. He's so snotty and smart and strong but then this crazy woman walks into his life and he's a complete disaster. He's nervous and cute and weak and worried and JUST ADORABLE OKAY. I LOVE THIS DRAMA. The Producers ANOTHER DRAMA I HAVE FAILED TO SEE. BAHHHH. Soohyun plays the role of Baek Seung-chan, a newbie PD who actually wanted to be a prosecutor but chose another career path for the sake of love - this was written by the same writer as My Love From Another Star! @VeronicaArtino @chongx Secretly Greatly I feel like this card will be reported for porn because of this gif hahhhaha ANYWAY, Soohyun plays a spy and spends way too much time working out. He did an amazing job in this role and the ending isn't great but it will definitely make you cry (as explained in my Films That Make You Ugly Sob card) @Kuramariin @CandaceJordan @mistymaity Moon Embracing The Sun I STILL HAVENT SEEN THIS AND I FEEL LIKE A FAILURE. Basically, Soohyun plays a young king Lee Hwon who has a secret, forbidden love affair with a shaman and it broke a TON of records as far as how many people watched it, etc. It is considered a 'national drama' because almost half the Korean population watched it! The Thieves His first time on screen with Jun Jihyun (his romantic interest in My Love From Another Star) and his most popular movie. This film was so much funnier than I expected it to be and I highly recommend! Even though Soohyun isn't in it for two long, its totally worth the watch. He plays one of the members of a gang of thieves that is totally in love with another awesome female thief, played by Jihyun. He's a total bad ass and for a bad guy he turns out to be really good? Anyway, its one of his cutest roles! This film became the second highest grossing movie in Korean film history! @Lov3lyLady3m @melifluosmelodi @CandaceJordan @christy @chongx @PamelaPenaloza @charmander21 @mistymaity @NeetaVilatte @jcatchui @najalong1998 @GoldenV @KatieRussell @shjej5835 @Kamiamon @AsianInvasion97 @deilig @jluma21 @thisismylife @panouvang123 @LiNaHyun @justmeplz1998 @LuisaM221 @SamanthaDuron15 @Allyphernelia @ElsaRuiz @JoybethArquilad @kadyahmed @nylamrehs @Allyphernelia @Nonabisi @hebamaher @maria213 @KpopGirl17 @FarhanaAppiah @aneezaful @mervana @SamanthaDuron15 @syalalalala @mayetrl @turtle03 @saranghae1995 @MYAlpha @ameliasantos10 @MnosaMony @amelia @serbshavemofun @lili @jannatd93 @Kuramariin @AprilFoley @Kaylathechamp @LinnyOk @chandnip804 @TashaBitner @netchtiBates @SakuraBlossom96 @bvvue @veselovskayavic @KiKi29 @montha91 @MaryannLee @SashaLove @glostick @IlseJimenez @jannatd93 @SharayahTodd @caitlind9898 @camidoll @YvonJerzak @yaka89 @AnnahiZaragoza @CleoHoney @MYAlpha @AngelJoong86 @drummergirl691 @JennieKarlsson @themuse @carenabobo @DanitaOkasa @StevanDesmonda @felicityclaire @LizaNightshade @shannawi @CoralCastillo @crystalordorica @ItsmkayYang @vianeygalindo29 @maria213 @Cree4Tia @camcam16 @NiktaIrin @veeyang5 @kpopis4life @alonb @Ilikepancakes @Brinicole171 @misskurmet82