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Vingle's Taiwanese Dramas Directory
Hello, not sure if everyone notice but there is a Taiwanese Drama Community on Vingle. We're a small but fun group who's looking to share our passion of Taiwanese Dramas. =) After discussing with the T-Drama crew, we thought it would be a great idea to compile our favorite T-dramas into a directory so everyone can easily discover new series to watch. Thanks to our awesome community contributors we already have a few drama reviews floating around on Vingle. We're planning to slowly add more as we go. We hope everyone finds this helpful. This will be a sticky card! So, feel free to recommend a drama or write a short review. Simply tagged me in your card or link it in the comments and it will be added on here! That's all! Thanks everyone for supporting our teeny tiny community and Happy browsing! ♥ The T-Drama Crew (@cindystran @biancadanica98, @AimeeH, @petname83) A Absolute Boyfriend (2012) Autumn's Concerto (2009) B Because of You (2012) Better Man (2015) | @cindystran's Review Boss and Me (2014) | @biancadanica98's Review Bromance (2015) | @biancadanica98's Review Bull Fighting (2007) C Corner with Love (2007) D Deja Vu (2013) Devil Beside You (2005) Down With Love (2010) | @biancadanica98's Review Drunken To Love You (2011) E Endless Love (2010) F Fabulous Boys (2013) Fall in Love with Me (2014) | @biancadanica98's Review Fated to Love You (2008) Fondant Garden (2012) G H Hayate the Combat Butler (2011) Heaven's Wedding Gown (2004) Hi, My Sweetheart (2009) I In Time With You (2011) It Started With a Kiss (2005) J Just You (2013) | @biancadanica98's Review K King Flower (2013) L Let's Go Watch the Meteor Shower (2009) Love at Seventeen (2016) | Review Love Contract (2004) Love Forward (2012) Love Keeps Going (2011) Love Now (2012) M Material Queen (2011) Miss No Good (2008) Miss Rose (2012) Momo Love (2009) Moon River (2015) | @cindystran's Review My Queen (2009) Murphy's Law of Love (2014) N O Office Girls (2011) P Pleasantly Surprised (2014) Pursuit of Happiness (2013) Q Queen of SOP (2012) R Refresh Man ( 2016) | @cindystran's Review Romantic Princess (2007) S Smiling Pasta (2006) T The Way We Were (2014) The Fierce Wife (2010) U V W When I See You Again (2015) When Love Walked In (2012) | @CatherineWYou's Review Why Why Love (2007) Prince of Wolf (2016) X Y Z Zhong Wu Yen (2010)