Who's your K-Drama male lead?
If you were ever the female lead in a K-drama, who would your male lead be? Put aside your biases and let us know who your match is! Find your lead (based on your zodiac sign)! Both of you are enthusiastic and outgoing. Look forward to many adventures like the ones in Coffee Prince! Both of you are determined but also like to enjoy life to the fullest. Look forward to some amazing chemistry like that in It's Okay, It's Love! Both of you are extroverted and adventurous. No two days will be alike when Lee Min Ho is your main lead! Both of you are compassionate and sensitive. Kim Woo Bin will always look out for you like he did for Park Shin Hye in Heirs (minus the pushing you into a pool)! Both of you are optimistic and confident. Look forward to Choi Jin Hyuk's gentleman quirks like you've seen in Fated to Love You! Both of you are caring and down-to-earth. Kim Soo Hyun will charm you with his endearing nature like he does in My Love from the Star! Both of you are charming and cheerful. Ji Sung will make you swoon with both his dashing looks and playful personality like he did in Kill Me, Heal Me! Both of you are resilient and passionate. So Ji Sub might be sassy at first, but he'll make sure to watch out for you like he always does in Master's Sun! Both of you are honest and optimistic! Look forward to a wonderful romance with Lee Seung Gi! Both of you are ambitious and down-to-earth. Seo In Guk will always be by your side like he was in Master's Sun! Both of you are outgoing and loyal. Kim Bum will charm you with his humor and wits like he does in That Winter the Wind Blows! Both of you are mysterious and sensitive. Lee Jong Suk is the perfect K-drama match for you and he'll charm you with all of his aegyo! Was your match your bias or was it someone unexpected?